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Economy Energy, who are they?

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  • i did the same & got email but it did not say anything about paying anything but i did look at the daily standing charge & it said £26.00p i hope this is rong.
    This is for the gas.
  • you dont need a quote to leave a supplyer but the supplyer you want to switch to can do a quote based on your meter readings that you can supply.
  • sarahhalksarahhalk Forumite
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    please to all who read this, DO NOT go with economy energy, 2-3 years ago I was stopped by a rep, I told her I would need to speak to my partner about changing as he pays the bills, two weeks later BG wrote saying sorry I had left their company, she had put me on EE without my consent. I got it sorted and went back to BG. I received a letter today from EE stating my fixed term contract was due for renewal, their system states my gas has been with them for a whole year and I didn't even know about it. am taking this further as they have never had my permission to change my gas supplier. now having to wait to go back to BG. PLEASE STAY WELL CLEAR OF ECONOMY ENERGY.
  • Surely if she's had a positive experience that's just as valid as a negative one or am I missing something?AND IF CAPITAL LETTERS WIND PEOPLE UP THEY NEED HELP.Anyway just about to top up with EE & if I spend less than £40 a month I'm happy
  • WelliXLWelliXL Forumite
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    Signed up with these guys for gas a few months ago.
    switched from edf (pay as you go meter)
    £20 now lasts me an entire month.
    will be swapping my electric over as edf's prices are ridiculous. (£92 a month -even though i have solar panels)

    no problems so far - friends have signed up for pay as you go electric seems to be a similar story with savings.
  • t0rt0iset0rt0ise Forumite
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    I see this company now does credit meters as well as prepayment. Anyone tried them? They come out as the cheapest for me on one comparison site, although uSwitch site doesn't include them at all.
  • SAHSAH46SAHSAH46 Forumite
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    I have been with Economy energy for about 3 years, my bills have reduced by almost half compared to my last supplier. When i have contacted them they have been extremly helpful and my issues were dealt with straight away. I am a very happy customer.
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    Scruff2015Scruff2015 Forumite
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    BE CAREFUL of ECONOMY ENERGY and E-UK (e . org or e - uk . com) if:

    1. If you are a potential customer

    If you are a customer (or potential one) - then why would you want to go to a company like this? Do they offer anything different from a more established Energy Supplier? I don't think so. Even if they were to be cheaper, is it worth the risk of being with such a company?

    Do a quick Google and you will see what they are all about. Fined £250k by Ofgem for MISSELLING and BAD CUSTOMER SERVICES.

    2. You are an employee / potential employee / been offered a Job

    I hear that this company (Economy Energy) and E-UK, have treated so many of its staff badly since their short time of being in existence. Apparently, quite a few people have been taken on, mistreated, then unexpectedly and suddenly being done away with citing bogus and next to nothing reasons (do your research on LinkedIn).

    All I am saying is if you are at the company, or considering a job offer from Economy Energy or E-UK, then be extremely CAREFUL.

    3. Other

    If you are also approached by a company called E-UK, then also be equally careful. Do your research (Companies House, Ofgem etc.), join the dots and you will ask questions ...

    I'm not saying do not go with them, I am saying BE CAREFUL, DO YOUR RESEARCH and BE 100% before doing anything. If anything doesn't seem right, do not be afraid to report to the Police, the Companies House or Ofgem.
  • All the companies I've been with charge extra for using emergency credit. For example use £5 and have to pay back £7:(
  • SwanJonSwanJon Forumite
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    juliajue21 wrote: »
    All the companies I've been with charge extra for using emergency credit. For example use £5 and have to pay back £7:(

    This is a common misconception - I will happily donate £10 to a charity of your choice if you can find one supplier that does.

    The (non-Smart) meters work on very similar mechanisms (need to learn more about exactly how the Smart meters do it but imagine it will be similar too)If you choose to use Emergency Credit, then the meter will change how it runs that credit down - most commonly it will stop recovering standing charges (but also any payments towards a bill), but this will still be payable once the 'emergency' is over.
    So if you accept the £5 emergency credit and it takes you 4 days to use it you've missed 4 days of standing charges so you need to pay back these on top of the £5.

    Emergency credit is there to help out on those odd occasions when you can't top up, but I wouldn't want to think that anyone was going without because they thought that they'd get charged more for using it than normal.
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