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Economy Energy, who are they?

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  • gsmlnxgsmlnx Forumite
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    Please go and see your local Citizens Advice Bureau for help.
  • Quick Update on the E E 'phantom change over'...!!

    My daughter had a letter drop through the door thismorning.... Welcome to E E. You have been with us since 30th November and the transfer process will now commence. You have 14 days to change your mind, this option expires 14TH DECEMBER.

    You will be getting a 'Welcome Pack' in about 14 Days......

    So then :-

    28days to get this letter.. ?
    No sign of a Welcome Pack [yet...!]
    Addressed correctly to her and with the correct Post Code. ??

    Just to reaffirm this...... She didn't even know of the existence of E E & has never heard of them/spoken/been emailed or texted or seen a clipboarder.

    I have advised she presses Utilita to make E E give a proof of change/contract..... as advised above.

    ... this is Orwellian....

  • Hi guys I've just signed up to these guys as a knock on the door and thought why not sold me with no standing day charge and prices ain't to bad so if your after prices here ya go guys.

    Tarriff- Value (pay as you go)
    Electric 16.11p no standing charge
    Gas 4.36p no standing charge
    Price garanteed till July 2017
    Tariff ends: Jan18
    No exits fees.
  • azzadleazzadle Forumite
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    Because you don't work for them at all, do you?
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    Scruff2015Scruff2015 Forumite
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    edited 21 February 2017 at 11:32AM
    Azzadle - this is a typical trend on this forum ... newbies signing up with positive reviews. Why would anyone do that? People generally only come here to complain. It must be some employee or director or owner ... unfortunately, they aren't bright enough to figure out what they are doing is so obvious!

    Look at my post: 02-12-2016, 9:47 PM - a newbie called ddcoll came and started firing expletives because I highlighted the above. It was later removed of course, but proves someone with a vested interest patrols this forum.

    The company think they are clever with their marketing - in reality they are anything but. Miss-selling, cheap marketing and screwing people is their name and game - needs no explaining.

    They are boasting a £4m new call centre - I mean how silly is that - why would anyone spend £4m on a call centre with about 200 employees and a profit of less than £1m? Maybe its £4m spread over 5 million years? Its all silly marketing and silly ideas from a classic cowboy and unprofessional outfit. Always trying to falsely magnify things that in reality have no substance just to gain some brownie points! If only they could get the basic rights and treat all humans how they should be.

    Nothing surprises me about this company. Complete cowboy company who treat their customers (see the internet reviews - loads of them, ofgem investigations), employees (see glassdoor website) and former directors very badly.

    Many have realized the constant revolving door at the company ... BE CAREFUL if you get offered a supply contract or job at this place.
  • Scruff2015

    you think you are so smart don't you huh Mr I only got 12 posts...didn't you have one post once before

    you are basically saying everyone here should be singing the same song and complain...why can't there be a few people that find these guys useful. There are people that hate mcdonals because they think there is rubbish in it and there are people who love it, are you going to say the people loving it are retarded or get paid by mcdonals to say that.

    it is unfortunate that a lot of people have huge problems with EE, but there HAS to be some that like them, even though they know the bad side of the company and those people are sharing the most important information with you...the price. We can complain that they are a bad company, but if they appear to be cheaper than most then why not jump on them...end of the day we are all looking for a deal and some have found it. Don't holla at people with one post they just sharing their view brah
  • I have just had a letter from SSE who my dual fuel contract is currently with. It runs out 4 May and they want me to go to their website and choose a new fixed tariff for next year. I looked at their prices and then went to USwitch to get some comparisons and see how much I can save (I switch every year).

    The biggest saving comes from Economy Energy who I had never heard of so a quick search online came up with this thread which I have read from beginning to end.

    Thanks for enlightening me. I will not be trying this company and am now moving on to the next company listed. Anyone know anything about IRESA?
  • Our fixed rate deal with Scottish Power was expiring and so we did a search online and the price with Economy Energy seemed good and so we jumped. How we wish we hadn't. They have a website that is absolutely useless. If you try to log on to your account, all you get is promises of what they are going to do. There is no way of entering your readings on the site. You have to just email them. Your account balance and bills are not available to view. Chocolate fireguard comes to mind. What a shambolic company. Our deal ends on 23 Nov. 2017. I can't wait!:(
  • K.S.K.S. Forumite
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    cold called by these earlier, 20 minutes on the phone before the rep told me the unit price and standing charge and my jaw dropped, so much more expensive... no thank you, good bye
  • jackie1988jackie1988 Forumite
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    Joined Economy Energy few months ago, they said we would save money wish was a lie.
    Change over thinking it was a good deal as being a single mum. Our Gas meter was broken they said they be out within 3 hrs which was 5 hrs late , having a child under 5 i found this disgusting. They had to reset and put a new meter in but only leaving me with £13:00 pound on the gas , i did not have a card to top up...... I had to bath my daughter at my mates and have food cooked else where. Phoned them up about all the money was put on ,which was took off " There's not much we can do as we are moving back to you're suppler"
    Am moving back to my old suppler

    When the guy come out i truly think he didn't do anything as he should of known the meter was a right off , Economy Energy just takes people money not caring about people health

    i would not wish this on any one eles , so please do not join
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