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Economy Energy, who are they?

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  • kialorekialore Forumite
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    Just had a call from this company, she was talking about the savings I could get, and I was waiting for the "would you like to sign up" question when all of a sudden she starts going on about having so many days to change my mind after the welcome pack arrives and alarm bells start ringing - as far as i'm aware I haven't agreed to switch at this point, and I say that to her, she then keeps going on about the saving and the cancelation time and I decided that I really didn't like where this was going, so I said I don't want to carry on with this I've changed my mind, she then says she cant understand why when I can save xx amount per year and I said the timing is wrong (i'm going away next week) this isn't convenient and I want it cancelled (even tho I didn't agree to switch) she kept going on about the saving and I could have it all sorted before I go away bla bla bla and talking over me at which point I said your being very pushy and I want it cancelled. After a few moments of this with me repeating that she is being pushy and I want it cancelled (getting firmer and louder the more she tried to talk over me) she finally said that she had done it then said goodbye and hung up. I'm now waiting to see if I get anything further from them - when I called the number back it was just an answer phone message but it did have the option of leaving my name and number if I wanted to be removed from their list
  • LindagreenacreLindagreenacre Forumite
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    We switched to Economy Energy as a result of a search on a comparison site, which showed that Economy Energy would save us money. That still has to be proved. However, I wish that we had never moved. It has been a complete disaster. We signed up on 25 Nov. 2016 and went "live" on 22 Dec. They do not have a website that is fit for purpose. You cannot see your account and all it has is promises of what is to come. Phone calls are not picked up, emails receive auto reply, but often no actual reply. There are promises that the website is being tested and would be up and running soon. Months later, no improvement. We received a statement for our electricity usage (estimated), but they had not included one of the direct debit payments. We received the gas statement several months later. I had been telling them that they had only started taking payments in February - not soon enough. We then got an email in May to say that they would take an extra payment on 31 May. They then took the regular monthly payment one day later on 1 June. We still have no website of any use, no idea what is happening and it is a complete shambles. Avoid at all costs if you value your sanity. We will jump ship at the earliest opportunity.
  • kieran1985kieran1985 Forumite
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    Their website still shows no signs of ever being finished.

  • I was with economy energy and tried to switch to another company a week or too ago. I since found out EE have objected to the switch, I am not sure why, I have heard nothing from EE about it.
    According to my latest statement I still owe them about £82 however they set the direct debit payments and if I owe them money they should adjust accordingly or just take what I owe one switching.
    I have heard nothing from them about it, granted I only find out about the problem yesterday when I read an email from the supplier I hope to switch to telling me about EE's objection, it is up to me to find out why apparently.
    I have switched many times, every year really and never had this problem.
    I am not happy about it.
  • Terrible service and customer service all round. Received a phone call after a year of being with economy energy stating we had not made a payment for over 6 months. After asking how this was possible it turned out they had deleted our direct debit details without realising resulting in £107 payment being due.
    I was able to arrange payments to spread over the next 6 months by increasing the monthly amount in order to clear the extra owed.
    After this I received a phone call every couple of days asking me to pay amount in full. After the 5th phone call I asked to speak to the manager, I was told he did not speak on the phone and the only resolution was to pay the amount we owed.
    Obviously I wasn’t happy with this service so refused and instead decided to email the complaints department. This was over a month ago and I have still not received any sort of response apart from the harassing phone calls have continued. Final attempt was via social media complaint and still nothing.
    Would urge anyone considering selecting economy energy as their supplier to think again. Worst customer service I have ever dealt with.
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    andy_poultonandy_poulton Forumite
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    What on earth is going on at EE.

    So many posts on TrustPilot like mine.
    I am really worried now.
    Especially the random increase in the direct debits for NO reason and when challeged you get so much misinformation/rubbish.
    Also told I CANNOT change the direct debit??
    I was about to write to the CEO [see CEO website got all the details]
    However, I am just staying quiet and pay when bills are due.

    I have spent ages on the phone and chat lines trying to sort out errors.
    1] Readings for electricity not being saved.
    2] Advised no bills for first 3 months then quarterly.
    3] Bill received for electricity only after a month. Estimated.
    4] Advised will get the gas shortly after.
    5] Got notified a new direct debit for gas 35% higher.
    6] Estimated yet I am still £72 in credit for gas.
    7] Advised new DDR was due to high usage, cold snap [EH! must have missed that] higher than expected bills. Old supplier informed them of my higher than normal usage
    8] All completely rubbish and made up.
    9] Advised to forget this???
    10 ] Advised that EE or I CANNOT CHANGE direct debit. It HAS to stay as it is
    10] Advised to wait until bills re produced 25th September.
    11] Advised that these will be produced 3 months after I joined as normal.
    I am still HUGELY in credit after all this so cancelled DR's until it catches up pay up right away if in debit, then ask for them to be reinstated.
    I have now GIVEN UP chats and calls to them as they make it up waste time and do not do anything.
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    timdf911timdf911 Forumite
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    I hope not as an ex customer they owe me nearly £800 but they seem to be completely unresponsive to any form of communication apart from TrustPilot - but even then only get stock replies and no real response / resolution.

    They've also shut down their FaceBook page most likely due to all the complaints they were getting.

    I switched to EE just under 2 years ago based on a recommendation from MSE, what a mistake they are truly hopeless when it comes to accurate billing (despite submitting readings each month).
    I suspect they got my gas and elec direct debits switched as my gas was £800 in credit but elec was £800 in debit.
    They had no way of applying my gas credit to my elec so I had to pay the £800 elec debit.
    I paid the £50 early termination fee and switched to Bulb.
    They have created my final gas bill showing I'm £768.47 in credit but it seems next to impossible to get them to refund.

    The whole situation stinks - steer well clear of EE
  • SterlingtimesSterlingtimes Forumite
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    My opinion is that normal methods of communication with Economy Energy will not work. The front office is inconsistent with its responses indicating that its people are either not suitably trained or they are responding to the hour-to-hour whims of their managers.

    For my part, I have reached an impasse with its normal customer services frontline operation who refuse to escalate to more senior personnel. I have gone down a formal complaints route, but I am pursuring other measures to seek redress.
    Solar installed 21 November 2014 > Centre of England > 3,780 Wp > 14 *270 Watt Trina panels > 14 * Enphase micro-inverters > managed by Enlighten Envoy Hub > 19° west of south > 35° pitch > tree shading to east > iBoost > Wattson Anywhere monitoring > Schneider Electric (Drayton) MiGenie smart thermostat.
  • Hi Sterlingtimes

    would you sharing which formal complaint route you've gone down ?

    I'm thinking of using the Resolver website because as you say normal channels just don't work.
    Regards Tim
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    FullForceFullForce Forumite
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    timdf911 wrote: »
    Hi Sterlingtimes

    would you sharing which formal complaint route you've gone down ?

    I'm thinking of using the Resolver website because as you say normal channels just don't work.
    Regards Tim

    Here is the Economy Energy complaint procedure

    It is, in the first instance, the only procedure you should follow.

    Resolver is simply an agent that will take the information you supply and then follow this same procedure, and report back as and when a response from the supplier is received by them.
    They will also keep a timetable, so that you are aware when you should consider escalation.
    If you are not good at formulating a complaint, resolver have some templates to assist you.
    If you are not good at keeping records of what you have actually complained about and when, and the responses reveived, if any, Resolver may be of assistence should it ultimately be necessary to take the matter to the ombudsman, as Resolver makes the history available to you online. i.e. all in one place

    Some find Resolver useful; others find it simply a third party that causes additional delays in resolving your complaint against the supplier.
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