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Flight delay and cancellation compensation, Easyjet ONLY

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  • Has anyone got advice on contacting easyjet?

    I've been emailing them using their web contact us but it takes ages to get a reply and they don't have any record of past conversations so often you end up back at square 1. If people have had success with a postal address please do advise/alternative email addresses.
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    Hi Centipede,I am slightly confused as to whether I can make a claim or not. During the ash cloud problems my husband and I waited for our flight only to be told when our departure time arrived and left it had been canceled due to the ash cloud. Easyjet did not provide a refund or any compensation at this time, however when I spoke to them they rearranged our tickets for a couple of weeks later. Can compensation be claimed for the tickets because they gave us another flight although it was some weeks later?
  • Got 250 euros each for two passengers after re-opening a flight delay claim for an Easyjet flight in 2010 back from Ibiza.

    My intial claim (in 2010) was knocked back on account of pending EU court judgements but at the time they stated it was due to crew sickness (also confirmed by easyjet staff on the day).

    After re-opening my claim just before Christmas, Easyjet initially knocked it back again citing crew sickness and "technical issues". I fired back an email with my 2010 response attached (which had no mention of technical issues) and eventually they agreed to compensate me!
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    Back in September 2012 an EJ flight I was booked on left Sofia to go back to Gatwick 8 hours late. Reason given (by the pilot) was on the outbound flight, one of the flight deck crew received an electric shock from faulty equipment. The outbound flight had to make an emergency land in Vienna, another crew had to be flown from Gatwick to then take the plane to Sofia & form the booked flight back. The delay was longer due to lack of gate space in Vienna.

    I claimed for the €400 as I saw the reason for the outbound flight delay was EJ's fault. Unless of course we got told the wrong facts by the pilot. I disputed with EJ that it was a "medical emergency beyond their control". However, they sood by their guns on that topic. I also went down the path that EJ always had the option of alternative means to get the passengers back rather than just sticking to the planned scheduling arrangements. They could have found an plane flew it empty to Sofia to pick up the passengers or chartered one locally. Clearly they don't do that, but that would be a commercial decision within EJ's control.

    EJ refused to payout despite several emails back & forth. They handled it rather badly and at one point I insisted the complaint be dealt with by a senior member of staff. Also to my luck the European Court decision last October was overturned part-way through this.

    I then I took it to the CAA in Bulgaria. Annoyingly they stood on EJ's side on this and said I wasn't entitled to compensation under EU261 as "It was a medical emergency". They said my only option was then to take it to court.

    At that point I gave up.

  • Hi
    just after some advice please. We were booked to fly with Easyjest Alicante to Stansted 16/11/2011 departing at 10.30am flight number 3168. When we got to the airport we found out our flight time had been changed. We hadn't received any email notification to tell us of the change. I think they put two flights together because of low bookings but I can't be sure. I've checked the flight stats website and the flight status show as landed. Do we have any grounds to claim? I don't think we can claim for a delay as the new flight departed at 12.15pm less than a two hour delay. Can we claim under a cancelled flight?

  • Easyjet emailed stating..... . Regrettably this was due to an earlier incidentaffecting the routing of your aircraft.

    A vague statement. Is there a valid claim?
  • Centipede, I am suing Easyjet for a 3 hr + delay. My case was stayed pending the outcome of the Tui case and has now been reinstated. I tend to believe that suing companies is the only way to get them to treat things seriously! The issue I have is that in looking at the logs of all 6 flights my particular plane took that day, culminating in mine, it appears that the majority of the 3 hour plus delay arose from previous flights due to non exceptional circumstances whereas only about an hour of the delay was caused by air traffic control issues. What are your thoughts on whether it is worth me arguing that as the majority of the delay was due to non exceptional issues, I should still win? Have you ever heard of any other cases like this? I know I cant rely on your advice but your view would be useful. S
  • Hi,
    I got bumped from a flight New Years day 2007. I tried several times to claim compensation shortly after from Easy Jet, but no-one responded to my letters and I thought that I couldn't claim after two years had gone by...

    Do I still have the right to chase up this claim, or has the 6 yr window of opportunity just closed for me last month?

    Appreciate any advice - thanks!
  • 3168 operated on that date so it wasn't cancelled. It landed at 1.35pm some 25 minutes early so it wasn't delayed either.

    It didn't arrive early? The flight I booked was due to depart at 10.30am and arrive at 12.15pm. It was changed without any notification. I think they combined two flights. Is that allowed?
  • Hi Centipede - I was delayed in 2010 for three hours going man-pfo and then almost 246 mins from pfo-man on the return can i make a claim? and which template letter do i need to use...easyjet has put this on the flightstas website as we never knew what the delay was - Arrival Flight Notes:
    Arrival delay calculation based on comparing actual gate time with scheduled gate time.
    Do we have a case do you think?
    Thanks , emily
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