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Flight delay and cancellation compensation, ONLY

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  • Hi looking for some advise please. My family were stopped from boarding a flight and had 2 endure a 3 hour taxi ride and overnight stay to fly with another airline 24 hours later. With very little correspondence from Jet2.comI received a cheque in the post explaining it was all I was getting basically. I don't think there payment is anything like the compensation I should of received and they haven't allowed me to send receipts for out of pocket expenses I had like a taxi from the airport to my hotel as I missed my coach on the previous flight. I want to send this cheque back and refuse the compensation can I do this, thanks for reading.
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    Firstly what was the reason given for your family not being allowed to board? How many families missed the coach and had to take a taxi? 3 hours to a hotel, did Jet2 arrange that. Did they say why the hotel was 3 hours away? They should have given you an earlier flight. They owe you a duty of care so they should have given you the hotel at their expense. Also, breakfast lunch and evening meals for all. if it was impossible to make the coach they will have to pay for your taxi. How did they get you back to the Airport the following day Was the original flight cancelled or did it take off, if it did take off you were denied probably due to overbooking if that was the case you will all be entitled to either €250 or €400 each due to the length of the flight. If you believe you are due more call them up and decline the payment. Fill in the compensation form and expenses form on their website.
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    lallybarry, you need to give us a lot more information, like.
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  • Lea28 wrote: »
    I’ve just received a letter to say:
    ‘On investigation the aircraft due to operate your flight was unable to do so as scheduled as a result of air traffic management restrictions which delayed the operation of the immediately preceding restrictions. We believe that the above reason constitutes an extraordinary circumstance.’

    What are my options now? There is no mention of the plane returning to the stand after an electrical outage to be checked by engineers either. We were also told the delay was operational reasons initially and there was no mention of air traffic control.

    How can I even check if this is true with regards to the ATC?

    Hi Lea28, I was also on that flight and after contacting via their online claims facility, I have received the same response back from I was also wondering how to find out about the ATC, can you update me on whether you were able to find out the cause please?
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    Once again, J2 are being disingenuous, to say the least. Clearly your aircraft was late arriving, for whatever reason, then suffered a substantial technical fault. J2 have chosen to forget/ignore the main cause of the delay and are throwing you a red herring.
    Time for an LBA then court. You could try making a complaint/claim via CAA as J2 ahave refused to sign up to an ADR, but I won't hold my breath for a response.
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    I have claimed compensation for a flight from Lanzarote to the UK which occurred in March 2014.  Initially, and on 3 separate occasions, this was rejected.  However, I recently claimed once again sending the same information again mindful of the six year deadline....
    last week, we received £300+ each for each passenger.
    There does not appear to be any rhyme or reason for they changing their minds on the most recent application though.

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