Flight delay and cancellation compensation, Tui/Thomson ONLY

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    Hi mishypink,

    Can you check your PM's, I sent you one a few days ago.

    Please read Vaubans superb guide. To find it Google and then download 'vaubans guide'.
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    Hi I've checked, only got the one you sent saying you had made a start, nothing else received.
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    thank you, got 2 messages now. I'm not sure what document you refer to in your message, i cant see anything relating to a document?
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    Tyzap wrote: »
    Hi MP,

    Received two PM,s so working okay.

    Can you copy a paste into a PM, you may have to split it into two different ones tho.

    My email address contains my personal details so cannot do on this forum.

    Having a busy day so will get back to you ASAP.

    Good luck.

    Hi, I can't see what document you are referring to, which document would you like me to send you?
  • Following much helpful advice on here I took my claim to CEDR and ‘won’ my compensation claim.
    The problem now is that Tui were given until 29/7/19 to pay. Nothing happened. CEDR contacted them again and this time they came back with ‘payment in 10 working days’.
    That expired on 8/8/19 but still no payment. Maybe the postman will call today?
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    TUI will pay in their own good time unless you take action.
    You should complain both to CEDR and to the CAA trekking them that TUI have (yet again) failed to comply with a CEDR decision. Although the CAA won't do anything you should still tell them
    As TUI have missed two deadlines you could simply sue them now but if they pay in the meantime there might be an issue in getting the Court fee back. I suggest sending them a 7 day LBA giving them a deadline of 12 noon on a specific date. This means that if they don't pay by then, you can issue your claim that afternoon. If you do sue them, keep it brief and refer to the CEDR award. And remember to claim interest at 8% backdated to the date of the flight.
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    like he says above.
    If you're new. read The FAQ and Vauban's Guide

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  • Wondering can anyone help. I submitted claim with TUI on 03.07.19. Other family members I travelled with have received their compensation 2 weeks ago. I have rang few times to get update on my own claim but told different information each time I ring for example first time I rang was told I would be receiving my payment within a week. Other occasions when I have rang been told its still being investigated and then its with the Compliance Team. Wondering if there is anything I can do at this stage to move the matter or is it just a matter of patiently waiting?
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    See my post above (9327) . They will take as long as you let them. You can be patient but in this game those who shout the loudest get heard. So send them a 14 day letter before action.
  • Hi Guys,

    I recently went on a TUI holiday to Cape Verde and was delayed on the trip out, I don't know the exact times frustratingly but I am fairly confident it was at least 3 and a half hours in total.
    TUI has rejected it today saying it arrived 2 hours 57 mins late - exaact wording is:
    I’ve checked our flight logs and I can see that your flight was originally scheduled to arrive at
    11:15 GMT, but it actually arrived at 14:12 GMT with a delay of 2 hours 57 minutes

    Now I don't know of a way to double check this, but assuming the flight did actually land at 14:12 that would mean the delay was obviously longer as it would have been impossible to get the doors open in 3 minutes even if there wasn't a taxi time.

    Can anyone provide clarity of if I have a case here or if I am just wasting my time?
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