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  • I too am going through the motions with Thomson relating to delays in 2010. At the time they said that they were awaiting the referred case to the ECJ - which is probably reasonable if frustrating - but like others I have had to chase to finally get the form to fill out.

    I also don't have the boarding cards, but do have emails from them at the time when they apologised for delay, etc, which to me is a clear acceptance that we were affected. (I also have my booking ref and correspondence refs from the time). I am also looking in to credit card activity to see if I can establish that way that I was overseas at the relevant time. (For once I am hoping that my wife spent a bomb on duty free on the way back as that would establish date, time and location).

    I'm going to be reasonable again and say that the request for boarding cards, etc, may just be to assist with the processing rather than a delaying tactic per se. The easier you can make it for them to confirm your (delayed) travel the easier and quicker they can deal with things.

    If they do stall over the boarding cards then (hopefully) we all have an ace up our sleeves - the Data Protection Act. That gives individuals what is known as a Subject Access Right. For the payment of no more than £10, they are required to provide you with copies of all records they hold that relate to you. If they get a mass of such applications they may then re-think their stance.
  • In October, we flew to Holguin, Cuba from Gatwick, paying the extra for premium economy. We were due to take off at 10:00, but when checking in, we were informed that there was a short delay of 30 mins due to a technical fault. Breakfast came and went.

    Eventually, the information desk provided £7 food vouchers, the reason being that it was taking longer to repair the fault (a compressor) but little else in the way of a possible departure time. We were then informed that we were due to depart at 18:00 as a replacement plane was being flown in from Manchester. At 16:50 we took off in a plane that had no premium economy configuration.

    A very appologetic pilot came out of the cockpit to pacify everyone and inform those denied their upgrade that Thomson would be refunding the cost (indeed we received a letter of apology, indicating that the reason for the plane switch was due to a technical issue). An auspicious start to a holiday which was to take another turn later on, courtesy of Hurricane Sandy.

    On return, we received the claim forms mentioned by others and duly filled them in, without boarding card stub, to claim the refund for the lack of cabin plus the compensation for the delay, sent by recorded delivery.

    Received a reply this morning:

    "After investigating your claim for compensation, I can see from our internal airline reports that your flight was affected by a delay as a result of adverse weather conditions due to a hurricane.
    However as I am sure you can appreciate, the reason for your delay was the result of an event beyond our control. As the delay to the flight was caused by extraordinary circumstances, the Regulation does not require us to make a payment."

    Strangely, two further claim forms were included with the letter.

    This excuse is of course utter rubbish since (a) I have the letter explaining the delay was caused by a technical issue with the aircraft, and (b) Hurricane Sandy hit the resort three days later.

    I have replied this afternoon pointing out the contradiction of their explanation plus the fact that the hurricane occurred after the event.

    I await their next excuse for not paying.

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    jignap wrote: »
    I’ve just come back from holiday. The thomsons caused a big ol mess and to cut a long story short I didn’t have my suitcase for the entire trip.
    My insurance company say that they will pay £50 per day for a max of £300. 7days without my case makes £350. Also there is the money spent on replacement clothes etc.
    My question is am I able to claim the replacement items from the airline separately as I won’t get that from the insurance company due to the max of £300. Is there another way to claim for this? Any advice would be appreciated

    How long was your delay?
  • I cannot find an address for Thomson to send my claim for a 13 hour delay back in 2008. Thomson websites show various addresses. One is Fleming Way, Crawley - another is Wigmore Lane, Luton. Any help would be appreciated.
  • Just to say that I've had a letter from Thomson this morning (after writing to them on 27th December!) enclosing these forms and asking for flight ticket and boarding passes.

    I have written on the boarding pass bit "no longer have boarding passes - please see attached flight confirmation which has seat numbers on". Am hopeful this will suffice, but we'll see!

    I'm claiming for an August 2011 6 hour delay to Sharm el Sheikh, and have asked for the maximum amount. I don't post very often, but wanted to say a big thank you to Centipede100 for all the extremely helpful information I've found here on MSE, you're a star! :T
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    Having used solicitors through house insurances they issued the court papers on TUI Fri. Thomson have just totally ignored all contact from them since the ruling late last year. Solicitor seems confident they'll pay up when they receive them but I won't hold my breath!!
  • I am just about to fill out the Thomson EU Passenger Delay Forms for my delay TOM374 BHX to CUN in 2010. I too do not have boarding passes but as we booked online I have the CC details and Booking confirmation online. Has anyone had any joy with getting money back from Thomson? The letter they sent with the form say '...we will let you know whether your delay falls into one of the few categories for which we will be paying compensation...' Is this just a scare tactic??

    Thanks for all of your help on this thread it has been really useful
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    Yes, a scare tactic, carlyflower.
    Posts are not advice and must not be relied upon.
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    As anybody been lucky in getting compensation off them. I posted the claim form off on 27th December & have not heard anything since. I did send it recorded delivery. The form did state it could take up to 56 days.
  • How long was your delay?

    Im not quite sure if it counts as a delay. The flight was re routed to Tenarrife for 2 days. Thomsons at the time offered a refund of those two days but I haven't heard anything as yet.

    The issue with my luggage I guess is separate. Essentially they could have got it to me but couldnt manage to organise themselves to sort it out.
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