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Has anyone tried Onspeed?

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  • Well of course they'll charge VAT, you're purchasing the service in the UK.
  • I buy many items from the internet, UK and EU. All other sites are able to automatically detect your location and deduct VAT if you are outside the UK and EU.
  • Wary345Wary345 Forumite
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    I tried Onspeed in Dec 07, didn't like it and requested refund. I was sent an email promising refund on 16 Dec 07. It didn't happen. I asked again in their online chat window on 16 Feb 08 why I had not received refund. They promised to refund within 24 hours and I should expect it in 4-5 days. It didn't happen. Today (03 March 08) I had another online chat window and tackled them again. They denied they promised refund. However I still have the email and took full screen dumps of the 16 Feb conversation (and today's). They then promised me a refund in 4-5 days. We shall see.
  • Had much the same experience - apart from an automated reply to an email I've had no joy getting my refund (their 14 day money back guarantee...). Keep away from Onspeed is my advice. :exclamati
  • I've had broadband since 2002 but prior to that had dial up 56k from freeserve, starting in 1998. Freeserve was the first company not to charge you a yearly fee for the isp. And BT, Virgin etc. moaned about at the time too!
    Do you know that in 1997 the isps not only charged you per minute at 1p above BTs national call rate but also £15 to £25 per month and with yearly contracts payable up front?

    Now my point is that broadband has now become much cheaper and is less than the dial up. The dial up from freeserve, virgin, BT, demon, etc at the time certainly for webpage loading seems pretty much the same to me as the new broadband does today. The big difference I see is in the downloads. A 100mega byte file would have had to been downloaded in stages every night for a week. Now you can do the same in less than 20 minutes.

    Now I have thought for some how is that webpages and emails don't seem that much faster than when I was with freeserve, I assumed BT were somehow throttling the webpages, the answer maybe instead that back in 1998 they were compressing the email and webpages as Onspeed do today.

    Perhaps someone can tell us.

    By the way folks if you can get broadband ... go for it, there are good deals out there I'm currently on Talk Talk ( though I have been on quite a few companies) and for £5.89 a month more than what I was paying with BT without broadband, (by the time you take BTs phone charges it's less) The only downside is that you can't use 18866 and 18185.

    Sorry if this seems a bit muddled, definitely go for B Band though, don't waste your money on Onspeed.

  • skill_2skill_2 Forumite
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    I to tried onspeed, thought it was rubbish and requested a refund within the 14 day period. The first reply just asked for details of why I didnt want it and all subsequent emails have been ignored. I paid via paypal so then tried putting a complaint in via there system and this got no responce either.
    It seems once they have your money there's no way there giving it back.
  • I've used ONspeed for several years with no issues and found the service to be excellent.

    I have also recommended it and the people that I recommended it to also use it and love it.

    It compresses the vast amounts of text that makeup your webpages and uncompresses them when it reached you.

    There is also the option to squish image sizes but that does have an effect on quality, but to be honest there are several settings and you just pick what is best for you and it can be changed minute to minute if you want to just move the slider.

    It obviously can't compress what is ALREADY compressed such as ZIP files, etc.

    But for average web browsing it's great. Remember and clear your cache if your comparing download speeds of web pages so it's a fair comparison!

    Great if your on dialup, low speed ADSL, mobile broadband or GPRS connections, not much use on standard ADSL above 1.5Mbps lets say.

    Remember it's only £1.60ish a month, I mean come on, thats nothing in todays money is it, well it's a lot less than your ISP would charge for it :-)
  • datlexdatlex Forumite
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    Onspeed do help with data usage when you are using a mobile dongle or have other restricted usage allowance.

    However, be careful as they will automatically renew you as a default option and you don't get a warning your account is going to be automatically renewed a few days in advance. I found this out to my cost recently. Also inspite of "offers" being notified by the Onspeed program eg renew now for £17.99 etc, they will renew you at their standard rate of £24.99.
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  • spannerzonespannerzone Forumite
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    Timetravellers take note.

    Never trust information given by strangers on internet forums
  • kwikbreakskwikbreaks Forumite
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    Timetravellers take note.
    Well it's always possible that the OP is still mulling it over..
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