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    What is the problem with the privacy policy?

    They use personal information for contractual contact with the customer. So do all company/customer relationships.

    They collect information on visitors to their own website, that is used to improve the performance of that site - not unusual; millions of sites do this.

    They collect aggregated statistics on usage, none of which can be used to identify individual customers. Again millions do this. How do you think the companies that publish info on which sites are the most popular get the info - from ISPs possibly?

    The Guardian website mentioned has 3 cookies and 3 ad serving links that infringe my privacy policy and are blocked; others are shown; this info will have been sent to their advertisers. Onspeed's site does not do this. Perhaps that journalist is protesting too much.

    There are no grounds whatsoever for an implication above that Onspeed is serving advertising on visited websites. All ISPs have the same type of info on visited sites, and do not do this either.

    I am a satisfied customer. I like to see informed discussion about its merits or otherwise and suitability for different types of customers, not distorted and misleading interpretations of half-absorbed third-party articles, from people who are too lazy to form their own opinion

    As I've said before, it compresses text-based pages like this, and emails, by a factor of 15 to 25. A 30-post 200k page from MSE takes about 3 seconds.

    People who do extensive downloads of video and audio would experience little advantage, but it seems highly likely that such people will have been on broadband for a long time and are hardly the target customers.
  • I have tried onspeed and was not very happy with it. It would keep losing connection with the server, and when that happens it stops you from using the internet. For the extra cost you get a much more pleasureable internet experience using Tiscali's 1Mb Broadband at just £15.99 per month.
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    I used the 30 day demo of on speed on a dial up connection whilst I was between ADSL suppliers and needed to be able to surf the web with 2 or 3 home networked PC's using 1 modem.

    I had cancelled my BT ADSL and was migrating to www.cpbb.co.uk ADSL for their 1p signup £18.99 a month uncapped deal with a free static IP (v pleased with cpbb btw) To achive this I removed my ADSL router for the duration (5 weeks due to BT cancellation probs) and set up ICS Internet Connection Sharing, which allowed my two other PC's to surf the web.

    On speed demo was then set up on each of the PC's in the house (to keep their individual bandwidth to a minimum)


    2 to 3 (3 at a push!) home pcs can simultaneously surf the web,

    1 pc = approaches the "appearance" of ADSL speed

    2 pc = appears to be 50% to 70% of ADSL speed

    3 pc = appears to be up to double modem speed

    However I am only talking about basic use of web browsing i.e.

    html sites or similar with pictures on and the use of text only email wothout attachments.

    These things will expose its modem limitations instantly are:

    File sharing





    Emails with attachments

    online games

    any transfer of stream or file data particularly if the file type includes its own compression like mpeg zips rar jpeg, this is because on speed cannot further compress a file that is already compressed.

    it made the window between ADSL suppliers very bearable indeed and was perfectly usable by 2 pc's most of the time


    Great for bridging a gap in ADSL supply and I would also use it if I was a non adsl area, or with ISDN, proviso just use basic web surfing and text email with no attachments or the "on speed" turns into "off speed"

    Not sure it makes sense when some capped ADSL packages are £12 a month now when a cheap anytime dial up plus on speed is likely to be around £9 , personally I would spend the .75p and get the real deal ADSL.

    Best regards

  • scurrier wrote:
    Secondly, if a web page is loaded at full speed and it contains a picture that I would like to be of better quality, I haven't found a way of achieving this. If I reset the speed setting to "original" and reload the page, the quality doesn't improve. I've tried deleting the page from my Web Page History, but this doesn't seem to work either.
    Anybody know if there is a way around this?

    In Internet Explorer, I think you might be able to force a fresh reload by pressing Control+F5 (or maybe Shift+F5).

    Hope that helps,

    If less is more, think how much "more" more would be.
  • I have tried and tried to make Onspeed work on my computer but it still crashes every time - complete waste of money and time. Maybe it's XP Pro which is the problem - I dont know. Dont risk it.
  • Tried this for 6 months, and I have to say the difference is barely perceptible.

    The acid test was when I downloaded upgrades from trusted sites (MS, etc).
    OnSpeed said it was downloading at 40KBs, but the actual transfer was nearer 4KBs - as proved by the time it took the file to download.

    Just not worth the (admittedly small amount of) money - and like many other of your correspondents, I'm heading towards Homecall's Broadband offer of £24.99 for Broadband + unlimited landline phonecalls.
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    nevinward wrote:
    The acid test was when I downloaded upgrades from trusted sites (MS, etc).
    OnSpeed said it was downloading at 40KBs, but the actual transfer was nearer 4KBs - as proved by the time it took the file to download.
    As people have already said, it does not operate on all material, such as already compressed audio and video, nor secure sites for privacy reasons.

    It does not claim to compress WindowsUpdate. You are probably confusing kilobits (Onspeed's quote ie 48 kbps) and kilobytes ie 5.62 kBps.

    It compresses MSE pages about 20 times, which is directly comparable to broadband.
  • I have had broadband for sometime, moved house and couldn't get broadband any more. My connection speed never goes above 24kbps so somewhat slower then the 1Mbps (1000kbps) I used to have.
    Since using Onspeed which by the way is £25 per Year not per month as some people keep mistaking, I have dramatically improved my surfing experience.
    A few points:

    1. It doesn't work for secure sites https
    2. It doesn't speed up downloads
    3. It does reduce the quality of images and shockwave
    4. Its only £2 per month
    5. If you use Mozilla Firefox, there is an extension called switchproxy tool, this enables you to switch off onspeed to get maximum image quality and does refresh the images, so no deleting cache history or other suggestions I have heard.
    6. Its not required for broadband as for basic surfing anyspeed broadband should suffice.
    7. Shockwave is much quicker with onspeed enabled.
    8. It is free from BT Yahoo if you are a subscriber

    I have swithed the app on and off and spent some time playing, this really does noticably work for those users that can't get broadband.

    My machine is XP Home and have tested with Opera, Firefox, Netscape and IE.
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    I had onspeed for 9 months until I went on to broadband. It was very good provided you did not want pictures, when you have to alter the speed to no increase (which is like saying do not have it on). I was very impressed with the help line (online) the two or three problems I had, they solved. If anyone is short of cash and uses dialup by the minute, it is definately worth the money. And they helped me to uninstall when I discontinued using it.
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    iargent wrote:
    My connection speed never goes above 24kbps so somewhat slower then the 1Mbps (1000kbps) I used to have.
    You can ask BT to turn up the gain on the line, which may improve the speed. I can't remember the number to call, but the ISP gave it to me or BT CS probably can.

    Or it may be a modem compatibility problem (though 28.8 would be more likely); can you ask neighbours what speeds they get?
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