Has anyone tried Onspeed?



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    An updated version of Onspeed has been available for a couple of days (I think the servers must have been busy earlier today).

    They've added a Privacy Manager (delete cache, cookies and history) to the Ad blocker and Pop-up blocker; rather counter to earlier nonsense here about privacy issues.
  • johnny5a
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    No major strings attached.


    From their site:
    "How much does it cost?
    Unlike other UK providers, we do not charge a set up or monthly fee for this service. The only costs incurred are your usual 0845 charges - usually about a 1p a minute off-peak but please check with your telephone line provider how much they charge you for making 0845 calls"
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    Ive read all articles on dial up & onspeed & Im thinking its about 50/50 if I should go for it or not.

    My ancient laptop needs all the help it can get but as I already have had 'DLL/unable to connect...' errors when switching from Tiscali to Wanadoo, I dont really want more probs if poss.

  • Hello there, i'm a fresher to this site, but i do along with the rest of my family look at it regularly for updates and signed up to the emails. NE way I'm thinking of using the ONSpeed dial up connection for £25 as we do not have access to Broadband as BT haven't placed a Copper wire in our area - bit of a long story.
    Apart form the £25 do i have to pay telephone charges? Hope someone can help me out.

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    Onspeed is just a way of speeding up an existing connection, so you would pay in addition whatever you'd usually pay, eg payg or anytime subscriptions
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    ASA Adjudication

    Printer Friendly View Turbodial Ltd t/a OnSpeed
    The Glass Mill
    1 Battersea Bridge Road
    SW11 3BZ
    Complaints upheld in last 12 months: 1
    Date: 8th March 2006
    Media: National press
    Sector: Computers and telecommunications

    Public Complaint From: London


    Objection to a national press ad headlined "Broadband Speeds for only £24.99 a Year". Text stated "Simple software download that dramatically speeds up all Internet connections anywhere in the world ... ONSPEED speeds up all Dial-up, Broadband and GPRS connections and it works on PC, MAC and Pocket PC. Its award-winning technology compresses data, meaning there's less data to download. Less to download means faster - much faster".

    The complainant challenged whether:

    1. the ad was misleading because it did not make clear that many common file types were already compressed and would not benefit from further compression and

    2. the claim "Broadband Speeds for only £24.99 a Year" misleadingly implied ONSPEED could make dial-up connections as fast as broadband connections.

    Codes Section: 3.1, 7.1 (Ed 11)


    Complaint upheld
    Turbodial said the purchase page on their website stated that all potential customers must read the information regarding ONSPEED's limitations before purchase. That document stated "ONSPEED speeds up your web browsing and sending and receiving of e-mails ... ONSPEED will not accelerate browsing over HTTPS (secure websites), file downloads such as Quicktime files, MP3, AVI, MPEG, exes or streaming media content (over FTP or file sharing programs)". They sent results of a test they had undertaken that demonstrated that, when ONSPEED was used with a 56K Dial-up connection, it reduced the download size of a webpage by at least 920%. They said the decrease would result in customers experiencing broadband speeds.

    The ASA noted the limitations of ONSPEED were stated on a document linked to the purchase page. We also noted the tests demonstrated that ONSPEED decreased the size of webpages by at least 920%. We considered, however, that the ad did not make clear that ONSPEED would only increase the speed of web browsing and the sending and receiving of e-mails and that consumers might infer from the ad that all aspects of their internet connection would benefit from an increase in speed. We told Turbodial to ensure that future advertising for ONSPEED made clear that it would only speed up web browsing and the sending and receiving of e-mails.

    The ad breached CAP Code clauses 3.1 (Substantiation) and 7.1 (Truthfulness).
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  • I had consider Onspeed a good product, hence using it for 3 years. Today my opinion changed when I downloaded the new version.

    Onspeed had always given the option of installing the Yahoo toolbar, which I have always declined, as I use Google and want some say over my computer. Unfortunately this time there was no option to accept or decline and I found the Yahoo toolbar installed and sitting on my computer and also a 'Best Loans' button. I tried to uninstall it and eventually found it could only be hidden.

    I contacted Onspeed informing of my annoyance and the invasion of my computer with unsolicited software. I was told "its part of the Onspeed software...you cannot uninstall it...just hide it".

    I have since discovered that the new version of the Yahoo browser will not allow you to upgrade without also installing Norton Anti Virus so it's not just On Speed using such a policy.

    At approximately R300 per annum it is only fair to warn users prior to downloading and therefore I will not renew my subscription.
  • Avoid, avoid, AVOID! A complete waste of money.
  • ONSPEED are rubbish for dialup and took money without permission from my account!!!!!
    Their homepage says no tie-in and no contract and it's a LIE!!!!!
    As I have learnt from these postings on moneysavingexpert Onspeed have been reprimanded and had complaints upheld against them for false claims. SPREAD THE WORD MARTIN!
    Still trying to get my refund....
  • I live in China! They claim it will work anywhere, but it's not stable here and keeps disconnecting.


    ONSPEED charges VAT irrespective of where you live!
    It's remarkable that a company who claims to have developed a unique software program cannot automatically detect your location (As other Internet software vender's do) and remove the VAT from the purchase price!

    I took this up with them (I still have all the e-mails) and they offered two months extra to compensate for charging VAT. However, they never kept their word. They automatically renewed my subscription early and I objected. I tried to cancel my account! They said I could cancel providing I give them my credit card number. I obeyed the Internet cardinal rule: NEVER GIVE YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER TO ANYONE! and refused! They claim that they cannot refund your money without your credit card number. Their excuse is that their record of your credit card number is heavily encrypted and they cannot extract it.
    During online dialogue with them about cancellation and refund I quoted from emails I had previously had from them. I was tartly told that whoever sent those emails "Did not know what they were talking about".

    I am in the process of setting up a website to address my difficulties with ONSPEED. http://www.onspeed-vat-ripoff.com I have registered the name and hope to have the site up and running shortly.

    Neville Morris.
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