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    Good to hear!
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  • After 6 years of hitting our collective heads against a brick wall, we have finally been offered 500 euros compensation. We have accepted, although our original claim was for £900.00, this included tickets for a rugby game in Toulouse, hotel rooms, and restaurant booking. We can never go back to our son's 18th birthday, this was to be his present, but this, at least goes someway towards compensating my husband.
  • Thomas Cook Airlines are stalling. TCX 2026 Manchester to Paphos on 16 October 2012 delayed from 0700 to 1450 because of a "technical problem" and replacement aircraft and crew eventually summoned. This turned out to be a Thompson aircraft and the pilot took great care to explain that the delay was entirely the fault of Thomas Cook as they had been on standby and had only been requested 2 hours earlier. Using the flightstats website suggested by MSE it is clear that Thomas Cook were aware of the problem prior to 0124hrs when they changed the estimated departure time.
    They failed to offer any of the regulated support until 5 hours after our scheduled departure when they made us queue for an hour to get a £10 refreshment voucher which was totally inadequate at airport prices. As we boarded the plane they annnounced that we would not be getting our prebooked inflight meals! Too late to buy anything to eat at the airport prior to a 5 hour flight so we were effectively forced to pay for the stodgy "snacks" on the flight.
    Thomas Cook have refused to pay compensation - likening their responsibilities for the breakdown of their commercial airplane to that of the breakdown of our personal car - how bizarre!
    I have referred my complaint to the CAA and await their response.
  • does anyone have the link to download a claim form for monarch flight delay compensation please? i am sure there was 1 on here but cant find it. our party of 9 was delayed in june 2012 from manchester to sanford, delay of 11 hours. we wrote to monarch but they said to contact again after eu ruling. read that you have to fill in forms so hoping that we can just fill in 1 form for all of us as it was booked all together. thanks
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    read that you have to fill in forms so hoping that we can just fill in 1 form for all of us as it was booked all together
    The legislation does not allow airlines to mandate the completion of a form in order to receive compensation. You can send your claim to an airline in any reasonable format.

    However, if an airline offers a web-based form, then that is going to be your fastest route to a payment, as it has the potential to automate the processing of your claim.
  • hi, thanks for the reply. i posted a question on a social networking site which monarch has a page on and they said to email them and then they will send a claim form out but just thought if there was 1 i could download it would be quicker as i have heard monarch seem to be dragging their heels in paying out.
  • the lead passenger already sent a letter claiming the compensation before the eu ruling but was told to contact again after the court hearing. so dont know if our claim is on hold or not, there were 9 of us but others have said that monarch are asking for each passenger to fill out a form not just 1 for the group
  • We were on the same flight! We have also been knocked back by Thomas Cook after the 32 hr delay+awful service from them. We have now taken it to the small claims court so we will let you know how we get on. I believe we should legally hear from Thomas Cook within the next 14 days.
  • Me and my wife were delayed for 8 hours by Monarch in August 2009 from Gatwick to Paphos. I can't find any booking numbers at all, but i've managed to find flight numbers. Will this make any difference or should i just write to them anyway? From previous posts it sounds like Monarch don't want to pay out!
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    I see that a few of you have had success in claiming, i cannot even find out the length of my delay, im sure it was just over three hours, but the site that is recommended on mse indicates that it only shows delays for N America. If anyone has used a site that cant tell historically how long the delay was for each flight, i would be most pleased to hear about it.
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