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After completing 16 weeks of consecutive packed lunches I can confirm that my bank balance is better for it – less money withdrawn and more for the OP pot! What started as a self-imposed, personal challenge was developed by Edinburgher into a group challenge and thread idea. I know many of you are already avid packed lunch-ers and that Radish72 is proud to have avoided her work canteen for over 2 years!

Sometimes it’s a struggle to make something in the evening/morning and (having eaten a few odd lunches over the last 16 weeks) sometimes there’s little edible inspiration in the fridge!

So… who’s on board, how much are you saving and, most importantly, what's in your packed lunch?
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    edinburgheredinburgher Forumite
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    I'm in :)

    I can't come close to MRN's achievements for this year, I think my record was 7 consecutive weeks.

    Can't say I'm particularly imaginative when it comes to packed lunches - typically porridge, some wholemeal rolls with ham and a bit of fruit. That said, I tend to buy exactly the same when I buy lunch at work, so what the heck am I paying more for?

    If I buy lunches, I spend £15 a week.

    My first target is to spend no more than £7.50/week for 12 weeks starting from the new year :T
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    Hi I'll join in too. 2012 was the year for sorting ourselves out and doing all the 'big stuff'. Now we're of the mfw mindset, 2013 is the year for tackling the little things that make a big difference.

    I spend £13.65 per week on lunch including a cheeky treat from the vending machine twice weekly. This totals £655.20 for 48 working weeks. So I'm definitely in :T
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  • unhappy_shopperunhappy_shopper Forumite
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    MRN, glad you set up this thread here rather than in OS board as I am sure it'll get swallowed there. I have been a packed-luncher :D for quite sometime now. I like to have my lunch at my desk anytime I feel hungry - so packed-lunch is handy. Not only does it save money, it saves time too :-)
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  • For my last packed lunch of the year I had: a cheese and HM pickle sandwich, a pack of mini cheddars, a banana, two satsumas, a pack of raisins and a raspberry yoghurt.

    Next packed lunch on 7th January!
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    Me, me! I'm in. Been doing packed lunches for 3 years now and only had a handful of missed days. On those days I have bought from the work cafe I've felt so bloated and sleepy in the afternoon - too much bread. I usually make lots of something on a Monday (day off) and take one portion in a food flask each day:

    Lentil dhal
    Barley and veg soup
    Red pepper soup
    Pasta salad
    Cous cous salad
    Thai chicken rice salady thing

    Husband gets proper lunches at work - free! Kids get packed lunches for school but they prefer simple rolls and wraps etc.

    Saves a fortune. Sometimes I have to force myself to make them but it's worth it.

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  • I'll join you all starting the 2nd Jan. I spend 85p most days for a cup of tea!!!
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    I've been doing it for years, this week has been bad, we've had no Ham or Salami or Haslet or other cheap meat products, and I've been stealing the kids dairylea triangles (well the aldi equivalent), it's been a bad week!!!!
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    i also already a pack up girl. the girls I allow 1 bought meal a week (as a compromise as they enjoy) but apart from that its always soggy cheese sarnies for us...

    Today I had batch cooked pasta for lunch, with a cup a soup for tea.
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  • Radish72Radish72 Forumite
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    Subscribed :j

    My lunches are really boring so I'm going to pinch all your ideas
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    Radish72 wrote: »
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    My lunches are really boring so I'm going to pinch all your ideas

    The liquid lunch you've turned up with today is pretty inspired :D.
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