Got an email I won a trip to Barcelona, but...



  • Daphne01
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    edited 16 November 2012 at 5:14PM
    garageburt wrote: »
    just wondering if the £10 worth of boots points is a £10 to spend or the amount of points you would get if you had spent £10 in boots. a big difference. has anyone had the points put onto their balance yet?

    They are giving each entrant 1000 points which are worth £10 to spend in Boots :)
    Can you donate boots points?
    As in - to a charity?

    I am quite happy with a more personal apology and would rather they'd give the £90,000 to a well deserving charity.

    It would do a lot more good than a £10 worth of smellies each.

    If I can't donate the points i'll buy something nice and take it into a charity shop for them to raffle or something

    From what Boots have said you have to take the points, if you don't have a card you can nominate a friend to receive them.
    I'm with you and Vanpoppl though, I would prefer to donate if that option was available, although I don't agree peeps are greedy in accepting them. I am as the charity donation option isnt' there:)
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  • LizB62
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    Why not just spend the points in Boots, then give a tenner to the charity of your choice ?
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  • brian_723
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    90 thousand pound it will cost them ,you cannot buy publicity this cheap. Maybe it was not a mistake .Also when people go to spend the voucher boots will be quids in as many will buy a lot more than 10 pound worth so perhaps boots should have been more generous imho .

    Anyway there are more important things going on in the world right now to worry about .
  • kaizen99
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    I got one of these emails but I don't mind now that they have announced that I shall get a tenner to spend instore.

    I was in Barcelona last November and it was so warm and welcoming. If Boots change their mind, I will happily go to help to re-establish their credibility. :beer:
  • smartt21
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    Can we stop this Now PLEASE!! Boots made a mistake & everyone has been given £10 in compensation & an entry to another comp. Am happy. ENOUGH PLEASE!!
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  • lindsey3uk
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    I fully intend to spend my £10 in store and donate £10 to children in need in their behalf. No monumental f**k up in my eyes and I think it is a grand gesture to offer every single person 1000 points. Well resolved boots, I happily spent £30 in there last night xx
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    I don't do holidays, but i can understand people being disappointed.
  • photome
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    adorabelle wrote: »
    i told them the apology was not good enough. They ignored people for two hours before responding. not only that but they have encouraged hundreds of non winners to go and look at V05 through the email after thinking they are a winner - bit of unfair advertising there

    Get over it!!!

    You didnt win.

    You have got £10 for nothing.

    No one deserves compensation as no one lost anything.

    the attitude of some on
  • brian_723
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    I did not get any email nor enter the competition but I do think people should be compensated better for the misuse of their emails .This will cost boots nothing when you factor everything in .

    Anyway back to other more important things ,any sign of a cease fire in Syria yet ?
  • Ms_Chocaholic
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    I got the email but luckily I opened the second apologetic email before opening the first. Mistakes do happen and it will be nice to receive the £10 bonus points as consolation.

    I wonder who won the holiday tho?
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