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    Morning All :)

    EeeeKKKK :eek: at it being November already, this year for me has whizzed by!

    I may aswell let it be known now, i am not a fan of christmas:xmastree:, infact i find it all rather depressing, so im now actually counting down the days for the new year :D

    Well after checking online banking this morning after all DDs have come out im actually doing pretty well :D £70 left in dd account, £82 in savings account and £94 in paypal, so i make that £246 oh and i have £10 in my purse so £256 :T all thanks to ebay!! Thats a pretty good foundation to build upon, so im feeling chuffed :beer:
    I had an excellent buy for my DYMC, I bought a sterling silver picture frame for £1.50 from the carboot on sunday having checked ebay the same item is £120 B.I.N and one that went to auction sold for £59, so its a clear win/ win situation ;)
    the seller obviously didn't realise it was sterling silver, she was selling a lot of wedding type stuff so i imagine she had recieved it as a gift and didn't rate it, its not been used and was still in its box :T

    Talking of the DYMC, i really need to get some stuff listed on ebay today, my plan is to use all my 99p listings this month :D
    Although i have planned to use them all before but soon get side tracked once free listing days kick in :rotfl: i think i'll list things i would'nt normally bother listing using the 99p freebies.

    Action plan for the month :
    Keep ebay ticking over nicely, this is my cash cow at the moment so must keep on top of all things ebay related :D

    Make every penny a prisioner, seriously keep any spends to a minimum.

    Get around to sorting out paper work for life insurance so i can cancel the policy and dd @ £10.70 per month :mad: should of done this ages ago, but i've no idea were the paper work has got too!

    Check out free trails via TCB for netflixs, NOWtv and love film, i've held out on taking up these trails and thought using them over the wintery months would be more to our benefit ;) i will of course on run one trail at a time :)

    I've finally got the right sort of gloss for the hall way, so i will get that finished this month!! i do hate decorating so this for me is a real chore that i need to gear myself up for :rotfl:

    Happy November to all, make this month count :D
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    Not a fan of Christmas!!!! OMG! LOL! Its ok, Christmas isnt for everybody ;)

    Glad to hear the ebay thing is going well, i would imagine that on the run up to Christmas ebay will be popular.
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    I've been Money Tipped! Debt-free and Proud!
    Hi Alterego, you have gone quiet, i hope you are doing OK still :)
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