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    :coffee::coffee: Morning My lovelies :D

    Its looking like a grim day here, its very dull and cold.

    Another terrible nights sleep last night, so not feeling very energetic this morning!!

    So far i've not recieved that damn parcel back yet, if it doesn't turn up today, i'll have to contact the buyer and see whats going on, i want to get that loose end tied up and move on.

    I've got a few things to do today other than the usual cleaning and cooking, the girls are off camping at the weekend with cadets so have to make sure they have everything they need, really wish i could join, they get up to alsorts of stuff. So if your reading this and you have kids, i'd recommend looking into letting them join, its done my 2 the world of good :D

    Good money making news : My brother has a cabin (shoplike) and sells garden equiptment, well he has asked me if i can look after it and open up for him for 2 days while he's away for a few days, of course i will and he's giving me £100 :T

    I've not had a look on the jobcentre website today yet, i'll do that in a minute, i'm going to try and get some info/advice on temping agencies, maybe thats a better route back into work ?

    I think i read on Frugalsavers diary that she's started using lists to help her focus on her plans, i might have to take this on board myself, i do suffer from Paralysis by analysis sometimes :o

    Oh yeah i saw about 25 mins of martins money programme last night, got to say i was really proud of myself because i knew all of his tips already :money:

    Right best get on, be back soon x
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    Crikey, its just taken me around 2 hours to list 7 items on ebay :o
    well that does included sorting the items out, taking pictures and measurements, making sure i get correct weights for postage and writing an enticing disciption for each :rotfl:

    All that and i hear whispers of a free listing weekend coming this weekend, well i've got plenty of other stuff to list yet, so looks like its going to be a busy week!!

    Ebay scheduling : Did you know if you prepare your listing now and schedule them for the longest amount of time possible, by the time free listing comes around, if you edit the listing and make them go live during free listing it costs you nothing to "get them ready" by using schedule :D
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    I've been Money Tipped! Debt-free and Proud!
    Hi :)

    thanks for the heads up about the free listing preperation, i have a Laura Ashley coat to put on, but dont want to start it as 99p.

    I normally upload my listings via my phone, so will have to work out how to do it where i can prepare them :)
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    AlTeREgO wrote: »

    Good money making news : My brother has a cabin (shoplike) and sells garden equiptment, well he has asked me if i can look after it and open up for him for 2 days while he's away for a few days, of course i will and he's giving me £100 :T

    :( Had a phone call this morning, he's now decided to close the Cabin for the days he's away, so this isn't happening :(

    Starting to feel a bit fed up, i don't seem to be making much progress with the money making or Job hunting!

    I have £5 and a few pennies in my purse :o and no signs of any money coming in. i suppose at least with phase 1 complete i don't have to worry about covering Direct debits.

    All i can think of doing to make some extra cash is Ebay.

    I think i'll use today to get the shed sorted out, there is loads of stuff in there, surely theres something that will sell :o

    Certainly will have to get my thinking cap on to get some funds together, i really don't want to have to touch the DD funds...Oh Carp!! just remembered i'm going to need petrol very soon, im just about on fumes :mad:
    £15 a week in petrol see me through my running about and the school runs, the school bus fares alone would come to £20 a week, so its actually cheaper on petrol than buses, so its not like i can just do without the car for a week or two. BF point blank refuses to have anything to do with car expenses, he doesnt drive, yet its handy for him to get a lift to work if its raining.

    yet another depressing post from me :rotfl:SORRY!
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    dont give up - your post sounds exactly like mine - getting nowhere, this all takes so much time and it feels like im getting nowhere .... and so on :)

    I'm sending you a virtual kick up the a** to keep you going and expect one by return - we will do this its just a case of keeping on doing the same thing over and over, and yes im bored silly of it as well but the alternative is even worse.

    sending you hugs and positive thoughts :)
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    I've been Money Tipped! Debt-free and Proud!
    Alterego- have you looked to see if you can reduce your DDs at all?
    If you are in credit with your bills, they sometmes will reduce them. BT did this for me, and have even given me 3 month break from paying my DDs.
    This may free up some cash.
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    Wow, it seems like forever since i last posted!!

    The Girls had a great time at the Cadet camp, but said it was very cold in the night, they both arrived home looking very tired.

    With the Girls out of the way i decided to have "The talk" with BF...
    Firstly he was very suprised has he said he thought we had already "sorted" this when we spoke briefly last weekend while out :(
    Anyway, i told him im unhappy with the way thing are and that we have over the years discussed some of the issues previously and yet nothing has changed. Told him im not prepared to carry on with the way things are and either we get a plan of action on the go or call it a day :(

    As expected he doesn't want us to split, but does agree that things need to change and that we have become stuck in a rut.
    BF is the type to bury his head in the sand, and ignore problems for as long as possible, this tends to be until i bring them up.

    So after much discussion, heres the out come so far:

    He has put a (FREE) K9 BLOCK on the laptop, this disables access to any type of gambling sites. This was at my request.

    He has accepted i want to get a job, and says he will support me in this ~ He actually said he thinks its a good idea i get out the house a lot more. either by getting a Job or just getting out and about doing stuff in general.

    By that he means, i tend to take the kids to school come home get house work and cooking done and by the time i've finished my usual routine theres only a hour or so before the kids come home, so i dont see much point in going anywhere for a hour, hes saying leave out some chores a couple of days a week and do "something" else.

    We also have a plan for "date night" , which is as the name suggest a night out as a couple every 2 weeks when the girls go to their dads.

    I feel pretty pleased with the outcome so far, of course we'll have to see how it actually pans out over the next couple of months, but at least it is a plan of action this time :)

    In other News :

    Im really skint :( had to use some of the cash from DD account for petrol and other stuff, Ive got 16 items listed on Ebay but i need to make £40 before i'll see any of the cash :eek: £40 will cover ebay fees for this last month, having to refund for that damaged parcel and postage costs incurred really messed up my paypal balance.

    :o Also because i Smoke i needed to buy some Tabacco, i really need to quit smoking.
    Im going to book an appointment with Newleaf (AGAIN!) and see what support i can get to quit.

    Carboot bargain ALERT!!
    Picked up a lovely smart winter coat yesterday, better still it had recently been Dry cleaned, it still had the cleaning note and plastic cover on it :) only cost me £2 :T why anyone would pay for dry cleaning and then sell so cheaply is beyond me but im chuffed :D although i do need to find some nicer buttons for it and get them replaced.

    WTBSE ~ Thanks for the reminder on DD's. I have one dd for life insurance (£10.70 per month ) that my bank forced me to take out when i needed my overdraft increasing a few years back :mad: i was desperate at the time, but now i have no overdraft so i will see how i can cancel this. I will have to hunt out the paperwork because the policy has since changed companies at least twice. Other than that DD the rest are as low as they can be.
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    I've been Money Tipped! Debt-free and Proud!

    i am really pleased for you that you managed to have 'The Talk' with your BF, well done :) It sounds like you are happy with the outcome so far, which is excellent :)

    The idea of 'Date Night' sounds like a great one, and one that quite a few people use in long term relationships to keep the 'us' feeling, if you know what i mean?

    If you want to quit smoking (no pressure!), have you read the Allen Carr 'Easyway to stop smoking' book? It's a great book, and the reason its worked for millions of people around the world is that it is loosely based on NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming).
    I wasnt even sure i wanted to quit when i started to read it. I got less than half way through the book, and just didnt want to smoke ever again. so i havent! That was just over 2 years ago now.
    Sorry, i know i sound like i work for them, lol, but honest i dont! I just KNOW it works. Here is the link:

    Excellent varboot bargain, well done you!! I love getting bargains like that!
  • How weird is this!!?

    I actually have that book sat on my bookcase unread!
    another carboot bargain :D (20p) its still sealed and has a CD with it, i'll set to reading it tonight. Thanks for the reminder, cant quite believe i have it but had forgot about owing it :rotfl:
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    I've been Money Tipped! Debt-free and Proud!
    You see, its fate!!!
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