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    Well yesterday took an unexpected turn!

    It suddenly occured to me that my Depo Jab was about due so i phoned the doctors to check my appointment ~ its overdue by 3 weeks :eek: i had to get an emegancy appointment and emergancy contriception, even though the chance of being pregnant are very slim :o

    I can't believe i forgot my appointment, i have never done that in almost 11 years!!

    I've been kicking myself a bit for forgetting but today is a new day :)

    Ebay items have bids of around £20 atm, still need another £20 worth of bids to break even with ebay fees.

    Damaged parcel still hasn't arrived back here, hopefully it will turn up today?

    My mission for today is to get at least 10 items listed on ebay :(
    The frown is simply because im struggling to think of other ways to make some actual cash! Im planning on doing an emergancy carboot sale on Thursday, but so far the weather isn't looking very promising. Just having the chance to make £20/£30 pounds will really help.

    Nothing much happening on the Job search front, will take a look on Job sites in a minute just incase anything has been added this morning :)

    Anyone still bothering to read? :rotfl: How are you doing?

    WTBSE : Didn't get chance to start that book last night, i had a very early night 8pm :o.....Its definetly on my todo list though :)
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    OOOOOuuuucccchhhh!! that hurt :eek:
    Parcel finally arrived back to me and I have just issued the refund ~ £129.60 in total :( that seems like a fortune at the moment!!
    Well i knew it was coming but it still stings :rotfl:

    Fingers are now crossed for an agreement to cancel the transaction so i can get ebay fees refunded & either she decides to leave no feedback or at a positive, i think i've handled the refund process very well and not many private sellers would fork out the return postage aswell :o will just have to wait and see now.
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    I've been Money Tipped! Debt-free and Proud!
    ooooh lovely coat :)
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    WTBSE has been giving me lessons on how to upload pictures to posts :)

    The coat above is my £2 bargain from sundays carboot :D

    Now i just have to find out how to resize pictures to make them a bit smaller!
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    Hmmmm pleased to say ive noticed a big difference in BF behaviour since i laid it on the line :)

    He's being more "chatty" in general, asking about my daily plans ect, any luck with the Job hunting and making more of an effort overall, so that feels better :D sounds so basic and it is, but it makes all the diffence when someone, especially your partner takes an interest in your day!

    I've tried to relax a bit today, instead of racking my brains and thinking, i've just took today in my stride and actually feel better for it :T
    I've still done my usual cooking, cleaning, check jobsites, been mooching around the MSE threads, and so on :rotfl:

    I've also now got 17 items listed on ebay, £23 odd worth of bids so far :) 1 sale of £10 today, although they haven't paid yet. I've also got a few more items sorted out to list over the next couple of days.

    I also found out today that the local community centre run a Job seekers workshop every wednesday morning, missed this weeks session but looks promising for next week.
    They give help and advice on CVs, writing letters to possible employers, interview tips all that sort of thing, so i'll be checking it out next week. They also run basic courses in conjuction with a couple of colleges. Food hygiene, maths and english basics, nothing major but will also take a look at whats on offer, although i don't qualify for free courses :( i think they may be subsidised (sp) a little. Its not run by the jobcentre, its more of a community project type thing.

    The House smells delicious, i have a BIG pot of chicken stew on the hob simmering away, so will be filling my belly with a bowl of that for Tea and some crusty bread :D
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    *de lurk*
    Just dropped in to say have you thought of volunteering as a way into the job market? Looks good on a CV and if its somewhere like a charity shop you get retail experience and heads up on any job that comes up with the charity - its how a friend of mine got back into work and she is now area 'whatnot' for the charity she volunteered with. Its also great for networking generally - maybe try WRVS or a local school may well want parent volunteers as helping hands. Just a thought

    *back to lurk-dome*
    Be the change you want to see -with apologies to Gandhi :o
    In gardens, beauty is a by-product. The main business is sex and death. ~Sam Llewelyn
    'On the internet no one knows you are a cat' :) ;)
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    Ha Ha...I must admit to lurking on quite a few threads and diaries.

    I must remember that more people read this although they don't all decide to delurk and post :rotfl:

    Hello any other Lurkers :wave::D

    Thanks for your input Igmogen, i have thought about Volunteering, and still think this is a great idea, it been pushed to the sidelines of my thoughts lately though making way for other "stuff"

    Im a bit :eek::mad: i've just tried to sign up to some Survey site, inboxpounds i think it was, i hate surveys, and never seem to qualify but thought what the hell i give it another go, went through the sign up process and it promptly got picked up by K9 website blocker for being related to gambling, now when BF uses the lappy it will tell him access has been declined to a gambling site :(...its no biggy, but could do without having to explain myself when i wasn't trying to gamble in the first instance
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  • Morning :D

    Just a quickie because i've got a banging headache at the moment :( but i've seen a couple of posts suggesting we are in for another free listing weekend, this weekend :j so just wanted to give you all a heads up :D

    * Don't forget to use the scheduling tip, you can starting getting listings prepared NOW and then just make them go live during the free listing days and it wont charge you :D

    Right back to work ~ Daughters have tidied their bedrooms and left me with a mountain of washing to get through :mad:
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    Morning! :D

    Seems like longer than 4 days since my last update, pleased to say i managed to tackle the mountain of washing in that time :)

    Well i've finally got some money coming in :j
    Decided to carboot yesterday, Brrrrr it was freezing but sold £36 worth after pitch fee so pleased with that start.:)

    Then Ebay came good last night and i now have another £121.55 sat in paypal :D

    I make that £157.55, i need to take ebay fees of that, and having just checked they are around £50 from last month and with what sold last night, and i need to bank £30 into Direct Debit account to cover what i had to use :o.

    So i have £77 ish.
    I've been reading a couple of challenges about doubling your money and think i may give this a go -use £10 to buy stuff and see if i can get it to double up, sounds simple enough :rotfl: i'll keep you posted when i get started.

    I've got 16 items listed on Ebay at the moment, i plan to keep this ticking over so i've hope got a bit of cash coming in each week.

    Other than my bit of money making i've not got much to add, i slipped down some steps on friday and bruised my elbow and have hurt my wrist when i tried to cushion my fall, so have been nursing those :o

    Plans for today are quite simple:

    Post ebay stuff, WITH EXTRA STUFFING!;) DONE!

    Pay some cash into the bank, DD start to come out on 26th.:(

    Have a mooch in charity shops while im out and about for Double your money challenge, which from here on in shall be know has DYMC :)

    Catch up with all thing MSE :coffee: WORK IN PROGRESS!!

    Check out jobsites :A DONE!
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