What would you do with a dodgy note?

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    I didnt get an email. What do u mean your not some random member of the Uk pop. Well what are u then. Cant see what your problem is. If I received a dodgy note and passed it on then so did the next person and so on etc. No one is out of pocket really are they. No one died Marhy lighten up mate.:rotfl:
    Er, yes. The first person who doesn't identify it as fraudulent, and tries to bank it, is going to lose out. Why should you steal from them when it was YOUR mistake in accepting it in the first place? :confused:
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    Tough luck they should have gone Tesco :rotfl:
  • Having read all the posts so far, I can't help feeling that people are just being honest. Nobody wants to be ripped of through no fault of their own and it's clear that £20 is a significant amount of money to a lot of people.

    There is the logical question, what were you buying to get £20 as change, it implies you had a £50 which I believe is more likely to be a fake than a £20.

    First port of call, if you can dentify where it came from, take it straight back and demand a replacement, that's what I'd do. Well done to the guy with the doddgy note from the cash point. I think being publically accused of being the couterfeiter would possibly have made me reach for the phone to call the police, that's no small accusation there!

    If the business who gave you the fake doens't replace it then again, the police should be involved, they might consider police involvement less appealing than handing out £20... The law must be on you side in this scenario, right?

    If you don't know where it came from then you unless plan to make a false accusation against someone you have to take the loss on the nose or find a way to pass it on. It's very hard to prove you knew it was a fake as someone has pointed out. I'm afraid I would in that situation probably do what most people would do, use it in the hope it flies under the radar and choose the occasion to maximise the chance of it going undetected. A pub would probably not be a bad place to try, one up from a taxi?!!!
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    If banks are so concerned about getting counterfeit money off the streets then they will have to start trading fake money for real money as a matter of policy. It is evident by this survey that the majority of people can not afford or don't want to throw away 20 pounds. In my opinion if police aren't able to keep such notes out of the system and the banks aren't willing to help keep them out of circulation than why should I as an individual take the fall? I've never received what I've known to be a dodgy note, but lots of pound coins. I passed them all on.
  • Not sure what I'll do next time I get a dodgy note.

    Last year - when I was a final year mature nursing student and as skint as I've ever been in my life - I drew £40.00 from a local cash machine. As I put the two £20.00 notes in my purse it was obvious that they were made of the wrong type of paper - they were far to thick. As the cash machine was part of the Royal Bank of Scotland I immediately took the notes in there. The notes were examined and I was told it was nothing to do with them as they were Clydesdale Bank's notes. Therefore I immediately walked over to the Clydesdale Bank and presented them there with the honest explanation of how I had come by these notes. My name and address were taken and about ten days later I received a very curt letter saying that as the notes were fakes they had been destroyed.

    All well and good for everyone except me who had lost what amounted to two week's food budget for myself and my son.

    Who said honesty pays? Would I be so honest in the future? ........... ?????????
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    I was given a fake £10 in my works canteen in change. How it got there I would love to know as they put every note under a UV light at the till to check it. I only noticed it that night when my wife asked if I had a £10.00 note to give to our daughter to get some shopping the following day. It was a good forgery. I have seen a few in my previous job dealing with large amounts of money on a daily basis.

    That weekend I went and spent it in Tesco something very strange for me as I always pay by Credit Card.

    I would do the same agian anyday without thinking twice.
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    I'm shocked that cash machines sometimes give out fake notes. I'm going to have to be a lot more vigilant in future!


    Last year - when I was a final year mature nursing student and as skint as I've ever been in my life - I drew £40.00 from a local cash machine. As I put the two £20.00 notes in my purse it was obvious that they were made of the wrong type of paper - they were far to thick.
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    I was once given a £5 note as change in a Costcutter near my old place of work which didn't look quite right, but I couldn't figure out what was wrong with it.

    Later that day I gave it to a colleague as payment of a debt and she tried to use it in Thorntons to buy ice cream. The guy in Thorntons wouldn't accept it as it was an old one!

    I was going to take it to the Bank of England but in the end couldn't be bothered so I went back to Costcutter and spent it.

    I'd feel gutted if I got passed a fake note so probably would try and get rid of it. I thought the tip about taxis was a good one - if I go out after work there aren't any buses running when I come home so I have to get a taxi - a 1.8-mile journey costs £5 after midnight. I'm sure they'd make the £20 back somewhere along the line charging that much for two minutes' work.

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  • This actually happened to me a few years ago. We were on our way back from holiday and stopped at a roadside food van for some lunch - at the same time as the local police were getting theirs!

    I handed over a £20 note (got from a cashpoint that morning) and the van man said it was a fake. The PC next to me pointed out that the silver strip wasn't genuine, and then handed the note back to me.:D I'm afraid I spent it in the supermarket a couple of days later. I just couldn't afford to lose the money....
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    I never look at my notes! Touch wood, nobody has ever refused one from me, or given me one back yet. If I did pass one on, it would be in all innocence!

    I hope I haven't put a jinx on me now lol.
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