What would you do with a dodgy note?

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    to me, £20 is a reasonable amount of cash...

    so pass it on... more than likely to a shop.. any shop.. as long as i got rid...

    ive never had a dodgy note (knowingly)

    but isnt this the same with notes that have writing on them... its illegal to be in possesion of a note thats defaced.. albeit more acceptable..
  • I received a dodgy £20 from a cashpoint at a high street bank. Didn't notice til i tried to spend it. Took it back to the bank i got it from & they accused me of being the forger in front of a queue of people. I was so embarrassed, but refused to budge. I demanded they look at security footage & they backed down. It was HSBC in farnham.
  • I don't think I've ever been in a situation where I've received a £20 note in my change, fake or otherwise!! If I were to receive a fake one however, I would definately pass it on. Okay, it is illegal to knowingly pass on a forged note but then the law has to prove that you knew it was a forgery in the first place. It's highly unlikely that a shop would have you arrested for giving them "funny money", they'd simply refuse to take it, in that case I'd try elsewhere.
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    Given that Tesco have a policy of deliberately destroying small local businesses, they would seem to be a suitable recipient.
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  • I unknowingly tried to use a forged £20 note in Tesco and the cashier must have noticed the difference, the test with the special pen confirmed that it was forged. I still have it but wouldn't pass it on even though I know it was passed on to me. Two wrongs don't make a right and although I'm not loaded I'm honest and have a clear conscience.
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    I find taxis the easiest place to pass off phony money.

    I can't believe you had the gaul to post this:mad: :angry: :shocked: :naughty:
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    MarkymarkD get down off your soap box. If i new u thats who id give it to. Just so u could go off on one again.
    Fact of the matter i wouldnt be £20 down for anything if i could help it.
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    I don't think you understand the term "going off on one", TITEASCRAMP. All I've done is explained my view.

    As for MSE Martin's comments, I stand by mine - whilst the e-mail goes to a lot of people, the number of regular site users is far smaller and therefore the results of a poll are more indicative of regular site users than of the population as a whole.

    I responded to the poll becase I visited the site anyway (as a regular user), not because I received the e-mail and not because I'm some random member of the UK population.

    Anyway (reason for edit) MSE Martin is missing the point I was trying to make - I should make it more clearly! It's a sad indictment of those answering the poll, that over 50% of them think defrauding someone is OK just because you have been defrauded. If that's a sad statement on the UK population, rather than just MSE users, then so be it. It's still sad.
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    I didnt get an email. What do u mean your not some random member of the Uk pop. Well what are u then. Cant see what your problem is. If I received a dodgy note and passed it on then so did the next person and so on etc. No one is out of pocket really are they. No one died Marhy lighten up mate.:rotfl:
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    I don't see why some people feel that their dodgy notes should go to taxis drivers.Taxi drivers have bills to pay and children to feed aswell and they work extremely hard at all hours to make ends meet and to earn an honest crust- I know that nowadays alot of the younger taxi drievrs do tend to rip customers off but that is just a few people as there are in any job really who like to take advantage.Its not easy being up allnight having to go through abuse, being worried about being robbed and attacked or accused of anything else.Its not nice having to clean up other peoples sick in the morning after or having to escort drunk woemn home at nioght without being accused of attack & its not nice counting your money next morning to find a dodgy banknote which will probably cost you a days petrol.
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