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Is anyone starting from scratch???

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    davenport151davenport151 Forumite
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    :hello:Hi and welcome to all newcomers.
    This is our safe little haven where we share our efforts of saving (no matter how small)! Pass on tips that work for us and (hopefully) share our successes.

    I had a look on the 'how much can you save' board (under budgeting and bank accounts) when browsing - this is scary stuff. People talking about saving hundreds a month! Mind you if you go back a few pages on that thread just gaze in awe at the earlier mentioned saving rates!

    We are starting from scratch on this board, literally £00.00p. trying to get a 'buffer' behind us. Occasionally we arise above that then set another goal towards our next target. We are all saving for different reasons. Some for a particular thing others just for peace of mind.

    I've come a small way but still feel like its from scratch as I am trying really hard not to touch this amount. It gets dipped into occasionally but gets put back again!

    Good luck. Please continue to share your successes (and failures) here.
    Back on the trains again!

  • Congratulations Davenport on getting your £1000 up.Hopefully should have my £1000 this time next wk!Then my target will be 1500 after I pay the house ins at the end of June.Still gonna try and get as close to my £6000 target as I can.Onwards and Upwards as the saying goes!
  • davenport151davenport151 Forumite
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    Thanks Broke. And congrats to you too.
    You will see on my next target I have not specified a date to complete by. This is deliberate.
    Back on the trains again!

  • davenport151davenport151 Forumite
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    I must be doing something right! Payday friday and at this point I don't usually have much left. Although its 1/2 term and a trip out is budgeted for I am not as brassic as usual. I can see where my new system has worked.
    I still have some cash left in the bank plus I even used an extra £20 for petrol top up.

    Will post exact stats at the end of the week. Well done me!:D
    Back on the trains again!

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    davenport151davenport151 Forumite
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    Mmm. Seem to be a small amount less than last month.
    As mentioned I did use a little extra for petrol. It also looks like I had £50 in the savings that is not there now!
    Need to look into this but once again its been a hard few months.

    Update; Think i've figured it out. Oh's birthday so i figured it was extra money.

    Still learning!
    Back on the trains again!

  • Put money into credit union today.Now have 1037/6000 so happy with myself for finally getting over the £1000.I also have the £5000 from earlier so eventually aiming to get as close to £11000 for my extension next May as I can!
  • ShootForTheMoonShootForTheMoon Forumite
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    Hi Guys!
    So, it’s my first time posting on a site like this after a year-or-so of lurking!! Hope everyone is well - you guys are really inspirational!!! :A
    I have mainly been lurking on the DFW boards as it seems like a friendly, supportive place… where every penny is an achievement... As others have said in this thread, the savings threads are somewhat more daunting...!

    So, a little about me.
    I’m 25, and have been in my current job for nearly four years after graduating from uni… Last year, after meeting my amazing partner and moving in together I finally screwed my head on and decided it was time to grow up and look to the future. This coincided with the time I came across this forum… Funny that!! :money:

    So, I’ve knuckled down, paid off my car loan and student overdraft with Halifax and moved my banking to a fee-free Vantage account with Lloyds. :j
    In April this year, I paid off my Student Loan early – I know the general advice is not to do this – but this was the last debt hanging over me and I wanted to start completely from scratch.

    And here we are!! I feel like my whole mindset has changed when it comes to money and I don’t ever want to live beyond my means again…
    I’d like to think we’re pretty sensible with money, but we do enjoy ourselves with weekends away, occasional meals out etc. and I refuse to feel guilty for these things!! Life is for living after all – the difference is now I’m not getting into debt to do it!

    Essay over!! Thanks for reading and hope I can tag along for the ride!
    "I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul"
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    davenport151davenport151 Forumite
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    Hi ShootForTheMoon :wave: and welcome.
    Funnily enough I certainly spent a year or so lurking before posting. Also wish i had found this site years earlier.

    Well done to Broke! excellent stats!

    Wow! What a great age to get your Mse head on! Though as I said before its all a learning curve.

    Stats are just about the same. Extra due in pay tomorrow for hours worked last month - this will form some of my holiday spends. Have already begun to top petrol up as we are driving down to south coast.

    Other expenses for summer - (train mad 14 year old son)! Some of these have been paid for already in the form of advanced tickets!

    Still trying to suss where 'extra' amounts go though!

    Edit - I think that was the petrol amount!
    Back on the trains again!

  • LaLa_22 wrote: »

    I've been reading a lot of savings diaries on here over the weekend but it has daunted me a a lot of them already have a large amount of savings to start with!

    Is anyone starting saving from scratch, literally £0? Because thats where I am at the moment and I feel a little useless now haha!

    Im 23 and rent with my boyfriend so I'm not left with a huge amount after bills etc...

    Would love to hear anyone thats in a similar situation

    Thanks guys!


    In 2004 i had £0, in 2006 i had £800, 2006 oct £4000, 2010 £15000

    i am now on the ladder but there are 2 things you need to do, work, and stay at home
  • Hi :wave: Hope you don't mind joining you on here!!

    I've been a member (different usernames) for a while on mse - I seem to start off on the right track and then wander off and get into a bit of a mess...

    Trying to stay on the right track now!!

    Right so I'm 23 (nearly 24 eek), just started living with my partner of 4 years this past christmas and well, this year has been ridiculous so far, left teaching for good (bad for my health) and now work part time in a supermarket so money is not exactly flowing. I'm lucky that the oh can keep us alive and well on his wages but we're just not saving very much. Oh - and I'm much happier :beer:

    However, we're desperate to start looking to buy a house and although we have some money from an inheritance, we really need some savings as a buffer for day to day expenses (3 cars to run - oh has his lovely classic beetle) so we don't ever dip into our deposit money.

    So - 2 months ago, I started saving every last penny I could after giving my oh a little contribution to rent. Managed to get a fair bit of overtime coming up which I should see the money from in a month but in the mean time have just under £600 in my rubbish 0.1% savings account :T - must look at opening an isa tomorrow. Which is just about enough to cover my insurance :mad: so.. pretty much starting from scratch and I'm aiming for £1500 on top of that by the end of the year.

    Will run off and update my signature. At least working for a supermarket means I can come home with some cheap reduced food at the end of the night.. :rotfl: every little helps!
    July Grocery Challenge - £0/£140
    No more buying DVDs in 2013 - 0/0
    2013 Savings aim - £582/£1500 39% :j
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