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repair double glazing

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  • Has anyone had their double glazing units repaired rather than replaced. I saw an advert in the lacal paper...

    Has your double glazing become foggy or have you got condensation problems due to the effects of the sun, time or poor sealing!
    Is it time for new windows?NOT SO
    This revloutionary new process can clear the mist away in no time and save you £000s! and all the work is done outside the house without removing the glazing

    wondered if it works or if it's just a waste of money?

    seen this advertised recently

    the comments in the thread don't suggest it is good

    but the post says it was included in Martin's email

    so *confused*
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    This thread seems to be a Spam magnet
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    If one pane is removed and is siliconed back on, what if the air leak of the failed unit was between the other piece of glass and the seal? I guess it'll be only a matter of time before it mists up again.

    Having said that, I'm going to try this too - nothing to loose (apart from fingers, temper, plot :) )
  • I had a number of misty / steamed up windows, I tried to get my windows fixed at first but soon realised that this cant be done and any one who says it can, is to be honest a total lier. I ended up having the glass replaced which wasn't as expensive as I thought. Use a company here in the north west called "replacement double glazed windows. com" I thought glass was glass but my god there are about 30 different types of glass. You can even have glass with blinds built in to it!!! but when you see the price you wont be having it :rotfl:

  • @ willhay99
    This company does just the replacement glass : but they only cover the north west
  • I replace sealed units for a living and have been a glazier since 1972. It is well known in the trade that drilling holes in annealed glass weakens the glass.I have replaced 10 of these so called repairs . Thankfully my job is safe
  • Has anyone tried these people?

    w w w

    Do you reckon it would work?
  • Hi have been reading this thread and I don't know what to think.

    Our windows are really steamed up in the mornings and are starting to make the plaster on the top and side of the window go mouldy which I am very worried about as we have a newborn.

    Now I rang Safestyle for a quote. Bloke came round and I have never met such a pushy salesman. I stupidly decided to go for 8 windows and 2 doors. Started off at £10,000!!!!!!!!!!!!! 20 mins later he get it down to £4100! Amazing! I aggreed. That night I checked reviews (which I know I should have done before they came). The reviews were awful. I have cancelled them now.

    So do I try for double glazing repair or continue to find maybe this time a local window company to repair? I have left the windows open for 30 mins when they steam up and they are fine. Do I pay or just open them up then put heating back on?
  • glazier wrote: »
    I replace sealed units for a living and have been a glazier since 1972. It is well known in the trade that drilling holes in annealed glass weakens the glass.I have replaced 10 of these so called repairs . Thankfully my job is safe

    Iv'e got 'Georgian effect' double glazing (over 30 years old ) and most of the imitation bars/strips are falling off. On inspection they a seem to have been stuck on with a type of double sided tape. My neighbour (who has same problem) and I have enquired at many D.G. firms between us and none of them know what was used to stick these imitation bars/strips on with (or it's a trade secret and they won't say). I don't want to experiment with any old glue or tape that might just fall off with the first drop of rain, frost or hot day. There are about a hundred of these bars to fit totalling about a hundred feet. I want to do it right first time and once only. Can anybody please tell me what is the correct trade stuff to do this job and where I can get. Thank you.
  • CPT wrote: »
    Hi Guys,

    I have read with huge interest and there seems to be some confusion with regards to the window repair system. Replacing double glazed units is now a thing of the past! How do i know?? I have been going out everyday for the last 6 years repairing failed steamed up, misty double glazed units! Ive also assisted with the training of other glaziers from all around the country and provide them with any technical assistance should they require it.

    It doesnt matter if your window frames are wooden, aliminium or upvc all the repair work is done whilst the window remains in situ. Windows can also be repaired from either the inside or the outside.

    I have now personally repaired 1000's of double glazed units in the north west area and have an advanced knowledge of how the system performs and works.

    I would be more than happy to answer any of your questions so please do feel free



    Hi Craig
    Would you be willing to post your step by step instructions for repairing misty windows to help us DIY people?
    Thankinng you in anticipation. clive7625.
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