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repair double glazing

Has anyone had their double glazing units repaired rather than replaced. I saw an advert in the lacal paper...

Has your double glazing become foggy or have you got condensation problems due to the effects of the sun, time or poor sealing!
Is it time for new windows?NOT SO
This revloutionary new process can clear the mist away in no time and save you £000s! and all the work is done outside the house without removing the glazing

wondered if it works or if it's just a waste of money?



  • OH has said he doesnt think this will work because if the units have gone misty/foggy you will have to take the units out to try and clear them, OH said he would advise just replacing the glass units rather than the whole lot if you are still happy with the surrounding window frames. hope this helps
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  • alanobrienalanobrien Forumite
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    OH has said he doesnt think this will work because if the units have gone misty/foggy you will have to take the units out to try and clear them,

    Not so, i believe they drill the glass then heat the unit in place thus evaporating the trapped water. Quite what they do next i am not sure but somehow they need to plug the drill hole(s).

    The other thing that bothers me a bit is how the breach in the seal is fixed because if it isnt the glass will mist again sooner or later.

    The questions that matter are ; what is the repair cost vs getting a new sealed unit ? and how long is the guarentee and who backs it ?.

    If its cost effective and the guarentee has solid backing then its a good money saving option so i would not dismiss it out of hand.
  • Thrifty_sister_2Thrifty_sister_2 Forumite
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    They say they have special tools to clean and dry the insides of the windows and make them streak free.

    the cost is half - a third cheaper than replacing.

    gonna check out the guarentee now. I neek to speak to someone that has expierenced it first hand.
  • CardewCardew Forumite
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    Has anyone any experience yet of this company or seen an independant review of their service - cost - guarantee etc etc.

    Conventional thinking is that once the seal has gone, replacement units are the only solution. Yet these people say that they fit a 'one way' valve that expells moisture but will not let it in.

    My house is coming up for 20 years old and the DG is starting to mist on several windows - I have replaced a couple at huge cost.

    I tend to be wary of the guarantee with new companies. They tend to go out of business every few years and re-appear with a similar name, same people, sane vans etc but "the company you dealt with has gone out of business Sir and the guarantee is no longer valid"
  • I a,m also interested as I have a very large downstairs window that needs safety glass, so is even more expensive to replace.

    Without the safety glass the quotes I have received have not been that bad.
    Most sealed units only have a ten year guarantee if the company lasts that long.
  • ffymffym Forumite
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    Interesting, I would love it if this works - but somehow I don't think it will :(
  • lardy2lardy2 Forumite
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    had quote today for one sealed unit ( 38" by 31") sorry old school
    cost of £60 pounds plus vat will get him out in next 2 weeks to do the repair i will watch him and let ya know how he does it and if it works.
  • wadgewadge Forumite
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    I charge not much more than that for a new unit. That's Midlands pricing though. Where abouts in the country are you?
  • lardy2lardy2 Forumite
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  • gravitytollsgravitytolls Forumite
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    Some of our units are gone. I've spoken to various people re. drilling, and they all say replacement is the only option; as even if drilling worked, the problem will return as it doesn't cure the underlying problem.

    On the upside, fitting replacement units is dead easy, so just buy the units, and fit 'em yourself.
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