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repair double glazing

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  • cheer's i just come across this ,similar idea but i dont fancy the idea of drilling the glass.
    Thats a job on its own if i thought i could do it without breaking the glass maybe i would have a go, as it'll be a costly job for a replacement 1-8mtr x 0-9mtr £150-00 ish, i guess.
  • pjsmith2pjsmith2 Forumite
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    Could you go into a little more detail about how you removed your units? I've searched on the web but cannot find any details and I've never seen it done. Looking at the windows we have, there is a black sealing strip around the inside and outside of the windows. Do you just remove this and the unit falls out? Can the strip be re-used? Any tips for removing the units?

  • jud1255jud1255 Forumite
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    depends if yours are internal or external beads. iether way yes it is very easy , insert a couple of flat knife blades in the joint where the strip is about 1/2 inch wide and meets the main window frame,
    its best to start on the widest part of the window and then in the centre of that part of the frame , once you make a start the rest is easy and yes thats all that holds the glass inso i leave the top one till last
    and yes they are reusable so be carefulnot to mark them .theres normally plastic packers under the window try and take note where they are before you actually lift the glass out
    Hope this helps
  • wadgewadge Forumite
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    Good luck in splitting units made with two part rather than hot melt.
  • Jeez,can't believe some of the stuff i am reading on this thread.A lot of it is misinformed and some of it dangerous.Just get someone to come out and change your units.It isn't that expensive and a decent company will give you a long guarantee.
  • harryhoundharryhound Forumite
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    I thought most tradesmen charge at least 100 GBP just to ring your door bell?
    (Now the credit crunch is biting we might see this figure falling).
  • I dont.Never have.All my quotes and advice are free.

    I just rip you off when i get the job;)
  • wadgewadge Forumite
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    ^ not just dangerous, but false economy also.
  • webwizwebwiz Forumite
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    One point not yet mentioned. The pay back time for double glazing is over 10 years. So if the units need replacing after 10 years DG (sealed unit type) can never pay for itself in heating costs saved. May be an argument for secondary double glazing.
  • pthetaptheta Forumite
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    My double glazing is quite old and the glass is in fine condition but several of the windows have faulty locks/handle mechanisms. Can anyone tell me if I could replace them or if I need to replace the windows themselves?

    I think they're fairly standard. They certainly look the same as just about every other double glazing window handle with a lock in them that I've seen elsewhere.

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