January 2012 Grocery Challenge



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    have had a horrible last few days with our little old jacksy being put to sleep yesterday so i'm not going to mention the budget to him :(.

    Awwwww hun, so sorry to hear this (((hugs))) I lost my old boy in November and know how devasting it is
    Had bad news yesterday that my Auntie has passed away-it was imminent-we knew but sad all the same. At least MIL and hubby are not still in hospital!Glad I am fairly organised for next week now but its a hectic one with exams, dental apps and taking hubby for chemo. I do hope the funeral doesnt clash with the chemo!

    So sorry Angela, as has been mention whether expected or not, it doesn't hurt any less (((hugs)))

    Well, have managed a grocery NSD at least (but not a total one as had to get petrol) - I did get DM eggs (and some for me too) at the farm shop on the way down but she gave me the money for mine for going!:)
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  • mumsiemum
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    Another £7.17 yesterday at Mr S
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    March 2021 GC £266.41 / £280.00
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  • 123budget
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    I haven't had time to keep up with the thread as having hectic time at work. Are there other teachers out there being made to feel that they've actually signed up to slave labour?

    Not a teacher but a TA - have worked in schools for many years and have family members who are teachers. When anyone has asked about teaching as a career I have always told them to stay well clear unless it really is a vocation. Never mind the school holidays - I don't know any teacher that doesnt work to at least 9-10 at night is in school by 7.30 - 8am often not leaving till 6 ish and then still working when they get home. School holidays spent planning for the next half term. Being a TA is great being a teacher NO THANKS!! - The pay is rubbish for the amount of effort put in - so I applaud you all:T:T:T
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  • Enjoy the piccies tonight Spiggle. My Dad has just been round and said that he saw it on Friday night and said it was a good film.

    Hugs to you angelatgraceland & dobs & anyone else who needs them at the moment. :grouphug:

    Sounds like my day totallybored. I love pottering in my kitchen & being productive! It makes me feel good. It's even better on a Sunday when you can sip at the sherry at the same time! :rotfl:

    Thank you gailey, Spiggle, Suffolk lass & PennyGrabber (hope I haven't missed anyone). I have made the spaghetti bolognaise. It is cooking in the oven and smells lovely. I loosely use a Jamie Oliver recipe. I doubled everything in the recipe except for the meat. I used 1 measure of British Steak mince (500g - which I bought when it was £1.34 in Lidl) & then instead of the extra measure of meat I used 2 large handfuls of red lentils & the same of oats (thanks for that never knew you could do that). The recipe calls for pancetta & pureed sun dried tomatoes! I have used about 1/3-1/2 of a pack of cooking bacon, normal tomato puree & a good shake of oregano & rosemary. I substituted one of the tins of chopped tomatoes for a carton of passata. I always put a good glass of red wine in my bolognaise but I have to say that it still looks slightly less rich/dark than usual. Won't tell DH or DDs of changes/swaps & see what they all think :rotfl:!

    Also made my savoury bread (with cooking bacon, cheddar & onion in). It looks like I will get 2 loaves out of the mixture as had far too much for one tin. Maybe I will make rolls with the remainder? Never made it before so will see what it's like.

    Thanks everyone & enjoy the rest of your day :)
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  • p-pincher
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    Hi everyone

    Hope everyone's well and having a good weekend

    Spent £34.50 over the last 2 days and also had 2 NSD, think my totals 5 so far, doesnt leave me much til the end of the month, 26th Jan is Dh's payday but all dinners sorted as well as breakfasts and pack ups so will only need to buy milk, fresh fruit and veg and maybe a loaf of bread. Absolutely determined to stick to budget this month xx
    March 2014 Grocery challenge £250.00
  • C0stc0 deals.....sorry got a bit Sidetracked lol. Valid from 16th Jan - 5th Feb
    Just in case your c0stco is a bit far away and you cant just pop in to see if theres anything - This is their new special offers mag

    I've only added the Grocery/food stuff let me know if you want the electrical/home deals and i'll post them too
    £2 off Per pack of British Cut Leg of Pork
    £5 off Per Pack of Whole Scotch Roasting Joint/Scotch Silverside
    £3 off Per Pack British/Welsh Boneless Lamb Shoulder
    £2.99 for A Kirkland Signature Rotisserie Chicken
    Buy 2 Huggies Nappies Gigapack (I've added how many nappies per box) for £32 - Size 3(192), 4(160), 4+(148) 5(132) and 6 (102)
    2 Packs of 6x250ml's of Carex Handwash for £9.00
    2 for £11.99 SMA Follow on Milk/Toddler Milk
    Kenco Really Smooth Coffee 750g - £12.49
    24x 330ml Cans of Fanta or Dr Pepper £5.94
    6x80's (480) Tetley Extra Strong Teas Bags £6.59
    3 pack of 6 Walkers Crinkles Crisps (18 bags) £2.89
    24 3pack snack pack Jaffa cakes £6.67
    Skittles/Skittles Crazy Cores 36 pack - £8.08
    Kettle Chips 3x150g £2.40
    Quaker Oats so Simple 40 Sachets (original) or 32 Sachets (syrup) - £3.37
    20kg Long Grain Rice £12.99
    2x850g Dorset Cereals Simpl Delicious Muesli £2.92
    Starbucks Ready Brew Coffee 2x12 pack £4.99
    Cif Power Cream 3x750ml £5.11
    Fairy Non Bio Tabs 168 £15.58
    Persil Small and Mighty 2x1.89ltr (108 washes) £11.38 (think this is £5 per bottle in Mr T at the moment though)
    Domestos 5ltr £3.36
    Cilit Bang Active Foam 2x600ml £3.58
    Daz (90 wash) powder £11.38
    10x2 pack Velvet Kitchen roll £10.78
    Ariel Stain Remover 2 ltr £3.20
    Ariel Actilift 45 pack £7.22
    Lenor Infusions Fuschia 4.5ltr £6.42
    2x84 (168 tablets) Finish All in One Powerball Dishwasher tablets £14.74
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    Another NSD here.
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  • Well I went shopping today to Ald! and c00p - I was planning to spend around £20 of £25 budget but ended up spending a lot more - around £40. My monthly total is now £70.33 of a £75 budget so far - I was running at a large underspend till today but I saw lots of things we use on offer - yoghurts, shampoo and conditioner and shower gel, freezer fillers and diet pepsi... so I decided to stock up. I'm still under budget overall for the month so far and am confident that I will keep within budget this month. It's such a good feeling to know my stockpile is bulging and I'm still within budget, so thanks to all posters for keeping me motivated.

    Have a good week all

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    £47.00 in MrAs today..more milk:eek::eek:..and stuff for pack ups..pop etc.
    £4.50in I**land ..kievs and 2 packs of fishcakes as they were on offer.

    Took Ds2 for new PE clothes and trainers yesterday and spent about a tenner in town

    Off to update sig now

    Hugs to everyone who needs one xx
    Feeding 6 Adults 1 Teen a 8 year old with hollow legs and a very fussy 5 year old. Also 3 cats and 3 fishies
    To include all Food,Toiletries and Petfood.
  • Just updated my signature, not as bad as it looks. Pay day on Friday and enough food for dinners for the entire week. Will only need milk I think. Out of my £149 spend, £32.25 was to stock DS1 up on food for Uni, so actually would have come in under budget. Plus I have stocked up on toiletries at Boots and bought some bits today that wont get used for a few weeks. Today's bargains includes 500g Tilda easy cook rice reduced in Mr T's from £2+ to 57p though not many left now, a 500g pack of organic chicken breast reduced to £2.68 from £7+ and a pack of 4 Warburtons tea cakes reduced from 80p to 48p (DH's favourite). So hoping for some NSD's this week. Doing a basic spreadsheet does highlight how items are going up at the moment, 7p on Tesco Passata this week (39p to 46p)! Wishing everyone a good week!
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    March: £176.71/£150
    (payday 22nd) NSD 3/10
    Feb: £138.93/£150 NSD:11/10 :j
    Jan: £171.13/£150:(
    Nectar rewards: £18.55, Boots £13.82
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