January 2012 Grocery Challenge

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    Hello all hope all is well :)

    Well after 12 NSD I went shopping and got a huge list with coupons and gift vouchers I spent a huge 2p :rotfl::rotfl: I should be done for the month now other than baby milk which I have vouchers to cover.

    Im such a boring member of this challenge :o
  • Hello all hope all is well :)

    Well after 12 NSD I went shopping and got a huge list with coupons and gift vouchers I spent a huge 2p :rotfl::rotfl: I should be done for the month now other than baby milk which I have vouchers to cover.

    Im such a boring member of this challenge :o

    Thats not boring, thats blooming brilliant!!!
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    Would love to see your shopping list hidden :p
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    zebbeddee wrote: »
    Thats not boring, thats blooming brilliant!!!

    Here here amazing :j:j:j
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  • I've spent another £4.24 today. Decided to do Sunday lunch but didn't have the appropriate veg so walked to c0-0p with ds. Got the veg, reduced bread and rolls to freeze and a leg of pork reduced from £7 to £3. I definitely don't need much more food this month now - just the really fresh stuff like milk. Still crossing fingers I'll come in under budget (payday still 2 weeks away).
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    majjak wrote: »
    Would love to see your shopping list hidden :p

    8 comfort pure
    Persil no bio 54 wash
    Oats so simple (20 portions x2)
    6 x Huggies pure wipes
    Value sponges
    Value Bread
    Value Shampoo/conditioner/shampoo/Baby bath
    Value mince
    Cooking bacon
    2 x Value noodles
    5kg Value potatoes
    2kg Carrots
    1kg Onions
    Value Apples/Oranges & Bananas
    Frozen Brocoli
    Frozen Mixed Veg
    2 x Baby Milk
    Using coupons, £10 Tesco gift card £6 Luncheon vouchers and Healthy start vouchers

    Nappies Amazon using Amazon gift card :)

    Boring really :rotfl:
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    angelatgraceland sending my deepest condolences and i did hope your husband is feeling as bit better and his appt doesnt clash

    after blowing the weekly budget yesterday made leek and mushroom tarts followed by cherry pie for dinner today. had cherry pie mix pack and jar of cherries in cupboard for ages so they needed using. next sundays afters will be lemon meringue as ive found a mix for that in the black hole.
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    Well I have added £19.99 to my sig. Went to the butchers near me for the first time and got a "family pack". It had:

    1 steak pie
    1 whole chicken
    1lb diced beef
    1lb minced beef
    1lb link sausages
    1lb black pudding
    3 pork chops (got the chinese ones)
    frying steak (never had this before so open to ideas of what to do with it plz)
    6 eggs
    1lb of penguin biscuits
    2 packs of streaky bacon.

    Thought that was loads so will see how we do, does that seem a good deal to you? Got everything in so shouldn't need to go to the shops til the end of the week for f & v, barring the milk run but have some pennies in my purse already for that!

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    Had bad news yesterday that my Auntie has passed away-it was imminent-we knew but sad all the same. At least MIL and hubby are not still in hospital!Glad I am fairly organised for next week now but its a hectic one with exams, dental apps and taking hubby for chemo. I do hope the funeral doesnt clash with the chemo!
    Backup plan in motion if t does!
    I have a Mr A delivery tonight so no shopping next week at least! All of my appps were unplanned when I booked it so Im glad I am reasonably organised!
    So sorry for your loss. If by any chance the funeral did clash with the chemo, I'm sure that no-one would be offended if you missed the funeral. I know it would be hard for you not to go but your Auntie will always be in your heart.
    Many hugs to you and your family.
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  • I haven't had time to keep up with the thread as having hectic time at work. Are there other teachers out there being made to feel that they've actually signed up to slave labour?
    Monday I spent £4.35 in the co-op on reduced eggs and salami. Weds it was £3.33 for 7 pork steaks in sainsbobs and strawberries and spuds both for 20p each, so £3.73. The pork was down to £3 a kilo so it would have been rude to leave it there.
    Then yesterday we spent 15.50 on the market for fruit, veg, cheese and eggs and £20 in sainsbobs on everything else we needed. Also went to B&M but only got a box of Dorset cereal for £1.39. So I'm pretty well within the groceries budget.
    Kitty food however.... bought 6 400g bags of royal Canin from Just for Pets last weekend and had a free bag of proplan, down to one bag by yesterday. I'm sure they're hoarding it like squirrels:D
    I was off to conquer the world but I got distracted by something sparkly :D

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