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January 2012 Grocery Challenge

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  • Thanks everyone going to declare a budget of £60 for this week NSD toiday but shopping tomorrow X:)
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  • Out of interest people have mentioned a £5 off £25 spend in M&S, is this something that can be printed out or did it come through the post?

    They were handing them out at the tills in my local the week between Christmas and New Year. Booklet of vouchers for the month, one per week. I love shopping in M&S anyway, but I've definitely been making the most of them by combining them with offers!
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    been a bit lax with my tracking but just done it now - so far for this month have spent 178.48 on shopping out £400. budget so I think I'm doing well and I get paid on 27th and have plenty in so hopefully wont need to get much next week so will be well under target for the month
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  • Popping in quickly to report a tiny spend in Mr T. My local actually had proper whoopsies tonight! Iced buns for 6p, Finest potato salad for 14p and rice noodles for 10p. So a grand total of 30p to add to my sig. :j
  • Very true, I realised today that A*d*'s own organic cannellini beans are cheaper per KG than their basic range!

    I havent got my reciept to hand but must report two spends one of approx £5.60 last night in Mr T's but did find that Philly 300g family pack is on offer for 97p, also got YS bananas for 52p as well as the rest of the ingredients i needed for a lemon and lime cheesecake. OH says its the best thing he has ever tasted!

    Last night I also made the sausage, leek and apple pie from the recipe page... now I have to admit I was dubious but it was GORGEOUS.

    Went to Mr A for food for the week for the two of us. Spent £15 but they had run out of beef meat joints. OH has said we can use his M&S vouchers to get one tomorrow.

    Out of interest people have mentioned a £5 off £25 spend in M&S, is this something that can be printed out or did it come through the post?

    Wishing you all a good evening, off to morph chilli into buritos for dinner and then some cheesecake!

    Please can we have the recipe :) Pretty please :D
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    Ninno820 wrote: »
    Welcome - this tread has really helped me reduce my food budget so good luck!

    I have been pondering about this second purse and think that I understand it now. My problem was not having the spare cash in the first place to stock up on the bargains but I have just had a lightbulb moment in the bath:T
    Upstairs I have a small stash of winter warmers - ie tins and packets to tide me over if we got snowed in. My plan is to make a list of this stash and find out the current price - gradually paying the cash into my second purse as and when the items are used - thereby creating a second purse from nothing - what do you think? It should work shouldn't it?:p

    I think that's a great idea, I only started last week and had to use some of my grocery budget, I bought some BOGOF items to start me. This week I have managed to up my 2nd purse to £7 cash left and £13 spend on store room stuff for a later date, so it soon takes off :D:D
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  • Have not been on here for a week but Iam please to report things are going well.

    Grocery spends this week total £81.74. so the total is £16194 for the month. This includes a top up on my shampoo as it was on offer in Wilkinsons and an unplanned pork loin that I will cook a dfreeze sliced as sandwich ham.

    Meal planning and stopping food wastage is all going well and helping to reduce the grocery spend.
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  • Please can we have the recipe :) Pretty please :D

    You certainly can although it was a partial experiment!

    100g NICE biscuits
    200g digestives
    100g butter
    2 tsp golden syrup
    250g mascarpone cheese
    100g Philly
    175ml condensed milk
    2 limes
    1 lemon

    Bash the biscuits in a bag until they turn to dust
    Melt the butter and golden syrup and then add the biscuits
    Push the biscuit mixture into a loose bottom tin and stick in the fridge for one hour

    Put all the cheese and milk in a bowl and blend ( I gave up and did mine with a hand blender )
    Add the zest and juice from the fruit and stir until blended
    Smooth the mixture over the biscuit base and stick back in the fridge

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    Last night I also made the sausage, leek and apple pie from the recipe page... now I have to admit I was dubious but it was GORGEOUS.

    Ohhhh you've reminded me of a sausage & leek hash that I used to make a long time ago - it was one of these one pot things that was fab (less washing up!) and had mustard in.

    Must have a hunt for that recipe tomorrow!
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    i went to the wholesalers today and spent a shocking £85, £5.50 was fil tho, i have a years supply of dishwasher tablets and laundry liquid and 3 montsh worth of toilet roll, aswell as 5kg of chicken fillets (the nicest chicken ive ever tasted and no added what or shrinkage so i wasnt even that annoyed it had went up in price by £2) then £2 in lidl on 4 bags of chips

    so im now way over but well stocked up so not too bothered :)
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