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January 2012 Grocery Challenge

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  • majjakmajjak Forumite
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    Ninno820 wrote: »
    Welcome - this tread has really helped me reduce my food budget so good luck!

    I have been pondering about this second purse and think that I understand it now. My problem was not having the spare cash in the first place to stock up on the bargains but I have just had a lightbulb moment in the bath:T
    Upstairs I have a small stash of winter warmers - ie tins and packets to tide me over if we got snowed in. My plan is to make a list of this stash and find out the current price - gradually paying the cash into my second purse as and when the items are used - thereby creating a second purse from nothing - what do you think? It should work shouldn't it?:p

    Sounds like a plan Ninno :idea: :T
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  • Been to Mr T, Mr S, Fa*mfoods & Hom*bargains & the market today. Stocked up on tuna in Hom*bargains at 4 tins for £2.99 and luckily had enough cash to pay as it was really busy in there & just as I got to the checkout they announced over the tannoy that due to an electrical fault, they could accept cash only. Wish I had got more fruit though but a) I had used most of my cash in Hom*bargains & b) I really couldn't carry much more. I did 3 trips to & fro back to the car, once for Mr T, once for Far*foods, Hom*bargains & the market and once for petfood & hay!
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    Second shopping spree of the month which came to £223,90 for me, my cats and bunnies. Won't need much rabbot or cat food next week but will need laundry liquid. Enjoying this challenge.:j

    Think that must be a typo as its almost double your budget.
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  • it looks like theres an extra 2 in there to me
    SPC~12 ot 124

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    Spent a whopping £107 today:eek: this did include quite a few things for stock though.

    M&S for dine in deals, got £45 of food for £20 so very happy. I got the chicken deal twice and managed to find chickens work £9.08 and £8.68, both over 2kg. One will do several meals and lunches this week and the other is in the freezer. I used a £5 off a £25 spend voucher and a gift card so I never spent any money. I'm adding the amount to by total and popping the £20 in my holiday fund though.

    Went to L*dl for the rest of what I needed and spent £43 but this included 8 pork chops which were on offer at £1.90 for 4, 5 bags of bread flour for my new bread maker, 10 cartons of juice, 8 beers and 2 bottles of wine, 6 mozarellas as I now make my own pizza and a 7.5kg bag of potatoes for £2. I was amazed at how much stuff I got for so little!

    Called in Sainsbobs as I needed cornmeal for a recipe and only spent £3. Thinking of going back tomorrow though as De Cecco linguine in half price and I should have got more than 2. Kicking myself for not getting about 10 of these.

    Got home and decided to go to As*a for yeast and the 50p tomatoes. Ended up spending £33 but got 20 cans of tomatoes to stock up on as I'm going to be making my own tomato sauces for pizza etc, some soup and a couple of months stock of fizzy drink cans that were on offer at 8 for £2 for us both to take to work. Spent about £18 on these but it's much better than us both paying 80p each for a can while we're at work.

    I'm now up to £153 this month out of my £250 budget but I've got loads more food in stock and don't need much for the rest of the month now.
  • hi...cold here today had to have a hot choc with cream and marshmellows earlier to warm me up.....went to lidl earlier and spent £20 but got quite a some of the chocolate that was 22p,some lemons and yogurt...oh and some dishwasher tabs

    going to costco on monday to stock up on a few bits so that will cost a bit

    take care tess
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  • jo84 wrote: »
    Should really enter quote but can't remember who said it earlier in thread but SM are not our friends. Was reminded of the today when one swiss role with 12 servings is £1 and 2x6 servings comes to 88p. Discovered this in Mr Ts today while shopping for trifle ingrediants. THis is not the first time I've seen this and I'm sure others notice it to...also 4 individual tins of Mr Ts own brand beans cheaper than 4 pack. Shoppers beware...thought it would be worth bringing to others attention.

    Anyway, enough from me. I'm really enjoying this challenge and the support from the threada. Thanks to all.:j

    Very true, I realised today that A*d*'s own organic cannellini beans are cheaper per KG than their basic range!

    I havent got my reciept to hand but must report two spends one of approx £5.60 last night in Mr T's but did find that Philly 300g family pack is on offer for 97p, also got YS bananas for 52p as well as the rest of the ingredients i needed for a lemon and lime cheesecake. OH says its the best thing he has ever tasted!

    Last night I also made the sausage, leek and apple pie from the recipe page... now I have to admit I was dubious but it was GORGEOUS.

    Went to Mr A for food for the week for the two of us. Spent £15 but they had run out of beef meat joints. OH has said we can use his M&S vouchers to get one tomorrow.

    Out of interest people have mentioned a £5 off £25 spend in M&S, is this something that can be printed out or did it come through the post?

    Wishing you all a good evening, off to morph chilli into buritos for dinner and then some cheesecake!
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    Thanks guys. I had antenatal depression because I had spd, then postnatal depression because my ex was having an affair (started while 8 months preg with my 2nd), then I had full on depression two years later because he was bullying me. I've been on loads of courses, and have come to realise I am a nice person who didn't deserve that, contrary to what he told me (!!), but it takes time. Work were really good, but thought I would go a bit funny again, as I had a miscarriage last year. Lots of the behaviours I have shown are a result of the bad times (like major stocking up), and although my youngest is now 5, it takes a long time to be ok again. For example, my weight fluctuates by up to 3 stone, depending on my mindset...

    Anyhoo, onwards and upwards!! I am planning on shopping tomorrow, with 6 things on my list! If I stay out of sms today, this will be nsd number four-in-a-row! Nowhere near as amazing as JackieO, but great for me! Actually, just looked at my spending diary, and I've only been shopping three times this year, so that means 11nsds so far!!! I'm so proud of myself! This may have to go into my 'little book of positives' tonight!!

    Have a good weekend all,

    PG x

    Ah sweetie hugs to have been through the mill, other people can be so cruel. My postnatal was bought on with 2nd child, our 1st died when I had pre-eclampsia and he was born early. It was when the consultants told me I could not have a baby naturally cos of my hips, went to pieces inside, then DD had whooping cough at 3 weeks old and stayed in hosp till she was 9 weeks, don't remember much of DD's first year

    PS you DO sound a nice person, sh*t only happens to the best people :grouphug::grouphug:
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  • Just popping in to report my weekly spend of £55.18 - taking me ever nearer my total for the month. I had a bit more time and was shopping in the town where my mum lives so went to H B'gains, @ldi and [email protected] to do my shopping today. I seemed to get an awful lot for what I spent and I'm really hoping I'm done with cleaning stuff for the foreseeable. As I got into [email protected] they were just doing a 3rd reduction on the whoopsies so I got lots of meat so shouldn't need any more at all for the month. Fingers crossed I stay in budget because although I only grocery shop at weekends (unless serious emergency) there are two more before I get paid and I'm already at £169.50
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    minipenny_2minipenny_2 Forumite
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    Hi all, sorry for not being around I've got a job interview next week so Ive been manic about that and just too busy to stop lol I havent read back far but hope everyone is ok and this month challenge is going well

    some totals to add
    £21.86 - C0stc0
    £1.89 - forgot my lunch so had to buy :(
    £8.18 - Tesco
    So another £31.93 all in all

    bought a couple bits from boots too (nappies mainly) but used my advantage card points so not going to add.....hope thats right..

    Brings my total to £123.58 and we're halfway(ish) through the month......I think I may be on target here!
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