you know when all you lovely people give advice...

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and someone doesnt take it... well i am that someone... and i feel such a stupid idiot... and its all my fault :mad: it can be put right in less than 4 months though :o but i dont think thats the point... sorry for ignoring you all :cry: hope i am forgiven...

i didnt close one of my creditcards... as told to do by all of you... put it into my drawer and didnt close it... knew it was there but didnt bring it out... well my brother used to to renew his xbox subscription (one reason i didnt close it) well then i just had a bad week this week in work... etc etc and this is when my spending takes over to make myself happy again.... only i had none :o so i dug out my c/c now i have a bill of £477.85 :mad: i can pay it off in nearly 3 months (but it will prob be 4) why have i been so stupid :o anyways... if my own stupid fault i just couldnt supress that desire...

i dont expect help this time... you have helped me once... the card is now gone (cut up) and i am writing a letter to close the account to put next to my computer... as soon as its all paid that is being sent off... i am just so happy i didnt spent up to the limit this time (nearly £1000.00)... sorry to have used you all and gone back to my old ways...

i dont think i should post here now... i dont feel worth it... good luck with all your milestones... sorry again :cry: pap

*young reckless and stupid*


  • First of all we all have glitches, this is yours! You are worth it and don't you dare go anywhere!!! We are all here to support you as you are us, and in times when things go wrong we will help you, as you will us. You realise what you've done thats obvious from your post. Now pick urself up cos you can carry on. HUG HUG HUG for you.
    Just trying to be me.....
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    Don't worry! We all have weak moments, but now you've done it once, you can't do it again!

    Don't worry - that's what the boards for - more support when we need it not just when we're doing good!

    Keep smiling

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one!!!! DOn't be too hard on yourself, it's good that your feeling like [email protected] now, it may make you think twice next time. Go and cut the card up now, this minute.
  • Just thought can you take anything back?If it was only this week you have got time Im sure. This may help you bring it down quicker?
    Just trying to be me.....

    What did you spend it on? and stop beating yourself up!

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    Hi Posting,;)

    I've seen your posts around the place and you give more than you take from this forum.

    Falling off the wagon is a common experience, what ever it is you're trying to work towards. We all have our issues we need to deal with and sometimes we have a bad day.

    Don't be so tough on yourself, forgiving yourself is an important part of the journey. Next time you get an urge to spend you might remember this low point and think again. A sort of aversion therapy.

    So chin up, smile, celebrate the good things you've got and keep on posting.

    Best wishes

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    Aww PAP, everyone has their blips! Don't leave us :(

    We forgive you and will help you be DF once more
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  • thanks all i didnt want any replys to this i just wanted to confess... i have removed parts of my sig untill i can start again or be a true dfw...

    i spent it on rubbish... a holiday for april... stuff of ebay... a present for my friend... gas and electric for mum (yes i even got money out of the wall :doh:)... presents for mum... i just feel like all my posts since being debt free has all been one whole lie as this week as but me back there... we live and learn i suppose :rolleyes: btw card has already been cut up (did that before posting) and i have transferred £180 (all of my savings for this year) out to pay some money off... i must be so stupid
  • We wanted to reply to support you as you have supported us all from one time or another! Its sounds like you feel a bit better, now please don't leave us we need you on here! And besides I'd miss the penguin!!!
    Just trying to be me.....
  • Gemmzie wrote:
    Aww PAP, everyone has their blips! Don't leave us :(

    We forgive you and will help you be DF once more

    Absolutely, just a false start.

    You can do it.

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