MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Should little sis get a holiday too?



  • Re-numeration for effort, based upon goals. That’s not bribery.
    Sounds like any paid job to me. Good standing for the future.

    I use bribery, with my daughter, all the time as my parents did with me.
    Don't see what the fuss is all about.
  • sooty&sweep
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    The reward should be for working hard not the grades she gets
  • my parents did the same thing to me when i did my GCSE's though it is good to give them motivation it is however unfair to put such preasure on someone of 15/16.

    they should be praised for there good work and achiement and the grades they get.

    if they dont get the grades you expect of them they don't get a "prize" is like punishing them.

    however in this case the first child has been given a prize for achieving the grades expected of them, the second child should have the grade lowered to what they are expected to acheive.

    you never know how these things are going be till you actually do them.

  • Yes! Parents shot themselves in the foot/feet by offering a bribe in the first place without thinking it through. Be fair to all, but think it through thoroughly first.
  • nej
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    She should get the holiday, but it must be carefully explained to Jessica, or else she will think it unfair that she did better than Ashley, and got the same reward.
  • What a ridiculous system! Give the girl a holiday as she needs a rest and stop bribing your offspring! Bribery and corruption is against the law, in whatever form! We learn from our mistakes in life - who wants an employee who says ' well if your not going to give me that, I'm not going to do this!' - life's hard enough!!!! Lets get on with it!
  • I've never heard anything so ridiculous as bribing kids to work hard at school. If you have to do that to motivate your kids, then you're obviously not taking enough interest in them, talking to them, encouraging them & getting them to see that working hard at school brings it's own rewards in the form of better college places or better jobs.
  • She ought to be offered the same opportunity as her sister.

    The reward should be offered for reaching or exceeding HER target.

    Obviously if she doesn't have the natural ability of her sister, her target can be lower to reflect this, but she must have to put in equivalent effort to achieve it.
  • I agree that there are more positive approaches to encourage children to do well but seeing as they've already started down this road.. They rewarded Jessica for doing as well as she could have done in her exams. It is exactly the same for Ashley. Ashley might not get the same grades but if she puts in the same (or more) effort that Jessica did, then why shouldn't she be rewarded?
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  • Hi Folks,
    Call me mean, but imho parents should neither bribe nor reward good results at school. Praise and the child's own satisfaction should be enough. I never got anything for doing well at school, just praise when I did well, and encouragement and understanding when I struggled, and it's seen me through life so far! Otherwise, where do you stop???
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