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  • Apologies if im repeating anyone ese!
    I just used stardrops on my pushchair after leaving it folded up damp (doh!) its had gone green and mouldy. I think ive got rid of every trace thanks to stardops! I've done it neat on some bits which are machine washable and they are washing now - but its looking fab!

    I bought my stardrops in Wilkinsons. Hidden on the bottom shelf after searching in loads of shops!

    Im converted!
  • Also Stardrops is very effective used in a carpet wet vac - rather than the expensive carpet shampoos around!
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  • Just bought my very first bottle in Tesco today -58p. So far the grimey depth of the oven have been done plus the hob top and they came up great with minimal effort. The rug in the kitchen had a few dirty marks on it - not no more!

    Will give it a go doing a wash next!
  • i got some yesterday at morrisons in lincoln but i paid 75p for 600ml but wont be using it till finished all other cleaning products up got it as a reminder for next time
    i have an intermittant connection so sorry if i dont reply straight away
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  • It's great at cleaning off burnt on food in roasting dishes and trays, who needs fairy power spray when you got stardrops! :D

    But just a word of caution about leaving things to soak for too long (5-10 mins is all it needs) I soaked one of my roasting pans and forgot about it, oooops, so it was on the side all day and when I went to rinse it out some of the non-stick surface also came off :(

    Now I don't know whether stardrops caused this or whether it would have happened anyway after being left to soak for so long, but I'll certainly be more careful in future!

    PS I've found it in Savers and Sainsburys so far :)

    OOOh I got several baking sheets that are really, really black, burnt n yuckie - how much stardrops to how much water do I need ?

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  • sadiedoll wrote:
    Nightmare - which shops are nearest to you? I've seen it in most of the main supermarkets, also Instore, Wilkinsons etc.
    Two tesco superstores, one sainsbury's, and no stardrops :(
  • WirenthWirenth Forumite
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    Its very difficult to find in the midlands. I got mine from a Morrisons in Lancs.
    Good, clean fun.... :D
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    morrisons 74 p there, I love it xxx
    misspiggy wrote: »
    I'm sure you're an angel in disguise Victory :)
  • I got mine in Morrisons, Walsall. Now all I've got to do is actually use it! :rolleyes:
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  • Wirenth wrote:
    Its very difficult to find in the midlands. I got mine from a Morrisons in Lancs.
    Ohhhh I don't wanna go to Lancs just for a 74p bottle of stardrops! :rotfl:
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