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  • I find Star drops ace for handwashing face flannels in hot water with. I'm in Lancs, do you want me to post you a bottle :confused:
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    If so how do you use this 30mls and soda crystal mix? Does it go in the tray or the machine?

    Could someone advise on this? I would like to know too!
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    We have a local small `bits and bobs shop` you know the sort sells buckets and bowls,a few cheap toys ect, and they stock 3 different types of spardrops 69p, original,the pink on and a white one that has amonia(spell?) in it.
    I have tried original which i love and the white one, which has a very strong smell so i tended to use that for cleaning the loo with.
    Does anyone know what the white stardrops is for.??
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    stardrops is tiles are shining as is kitchen sink,so easy no scrubbing suits me fine. I hate housework so anything that makes it quicker or easier is a Godsend I now use it for everything
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    meant to say white one is for "serious" cleaning
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  • i put some stardrops in an old squirty bottle (well rinsed out) and some water and use it as a spray for work tops, table etc
    also tried it on my patio furniture as suggested on another thread and it was amazing!! all the green youcky stuff came off no problem, didnt have to scrub at it either! :T
    I love stardrops!!
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    Is Stardrops safe to use around birds?

    I have to be careful using chemicals in my flat as I have two cockatiels. A lot of products give off fumes that can be fatal to birds (Febreeze, for example). Is Stardrops safe to use? Does it say anything on the back about how it affects pets?? :confused:

    Please can someone advise me?

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  • I use Stardrops on my car. Its the only thing that brings the chrome up sparkling (and that's including the stuff in the kit I was conned into when I bought the car!!).

    Plus, in the summer it gets "bug splatter" off too! :T Sometimes it does need to be used neat on a cloth for this, particularly on the number plates.
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    Why oh Why did nobody tell me about Stardrops before... it's just brill.
    I brought my first (of many) bottle's on friday 75p @ sainsburys and I am really impressed I cleaned my bathroom using it and it's great. It even got hair dye of the wall, cleaned the window, shined the taps up lovely.. all without leaving me wheezing for fumes... and saving me a fortune no more £2 bottle's of cleaning fluid's for me whoooo.
    Almost forgot it also got the mud out of my DS football sock's so I don't even need to buy vanish/oxy anymore. I can't be more pleased i'm going to attemted to convert my Mum and Sister!!:D
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    I love stardrops but am I using too much - it seems quite soapy even with a little squirt in the water.
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