MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Jack claim cashback at his company's expense?



  • I agree with both sashacat and edna_bucket (and all the others I read on the way through from page 1 to page 4 who said the same or similar).

    Ask the company, get their answer in writing, and if they say it's OK, go for it!

    Otherwise I think you could be on dodgy ground.
  • dannahaz
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    If they are using the same companies over and over, why doesn't Sam's company negotiate a better price direct with the company?

    Sorry, but Sam should NOT be benefitting in this way.
  • Swishter
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    From my point of view I use my car for work, I get paid for miles I do, some weeks none and some weeks loads. Our Sainsburys is always the cheapest, I get nectar points for the money I spend on fuel. Should I declare these points as a perk on my claims?

    A few people have mentioned airmiles, my Dad used to get loads of Airmiles and Hilton Hotel points that where all for personal use, his company where fine about this, and why shouldn't they be, it was him that got up at 4 every Monday to fly to his job abroad (where they put him or lose it at age 50 and with 4 kids) and spent 4 nights a week in a hotel away from his family. As far I was aware most companies are excluded from using airmiles, it can only be individuals. As it is those hotel points where almost exclusively used by me and my brother (I was the most popular backpacker ever, every night in a new place meant the Hilton for me and the friend I was with - the look on their faces when they valet parked my VW Camper - classic) as my Dad hated staying in them because it meant work to him, not the best place for a holiday.

    I agree that you should not use a more expensive company at the expense of your employer to get cash back, that is wrong and is Fraud as it is depriving your company for your own gain.

    Like most people that claim company expenses I make sacrifices to my personal life that are not reimbursed. Someone at work once complained that it was unfair that my team where able to claim work for hours out of the 'core' 8-7, yes that is such a perk, I love dragging myself out of bed at 3 a.m. for extra flexi time - at single time of course. I also notice that no one was interested when we told them that essential work on a Satuday was not time and a half - we got single time them too, but they where just interested in the 'perks.' I love leaving the house at 7 in the morning and getting home at 7 at night to go to a training course in liverpool and only getting credited for 7.5 hours a day cos thats all you get for training courses, its just our team that has to attend training sessions out of town so that 'perk' is exclusive to us. The reason it takes so long is cos I have to get the train as it costs more to pay mileage and park. But some of you think that claiming a small amount back through Quidco is Fraud? One girl I used to work with was in dire financial straits when her husband walked out ended up cashing a cheque at Cash Converters to pay her business expenses before she got them, would they have reimbursed her costs there? When she asked for an advance she was told it would negatively impact her work record as she could not handle money. He'd walked out and then withdrawn all the cash in their account - and thats her fault?!

    As a respected Fraud Investigator I disagree.
  • harryhound
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    For those of us working in a profit making enterprise, that is a reasonable rule.
    ( a message for the buyer who went on holiday at a suppliers expense), and your master should agree this guide line.

    For those of you not trying to make a profit, those spending the taxes created by the above or working for charity; then almost every benefit should be handed over to your employer because you are in a position of public trust.

  • We can expense the interest/credit card fee's caused by late payment of expense. Yay to expenses
  • JayD
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    His credit card - keep the points/cashback
    Company credit card - discuss with boss and do whatever he says.
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