MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Jack claim cashback at his company's expense?



  • Noooo!!!! Goods purchased by companies AND ANY BENEFITS OR BONUSES THAT COMES WITH THEM are usually the property of the company. I know of someone who ordered goods for the company that came with free air miles - he kept the air miles but later an audit found that the air mileswere unaccounted for. He was immediately suspnded and it was only his long service record that stopped him being sacked! Be very careful with perks like this and always check with your employers!!
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    As long as it isn't costing the employer any extra go for it. You're saving them the time, trouble & therefore cost of having some central purchasing section book all this, raise purchase orders, process invoices, etc.

    I used to have a company car, and always filled up at a place where we had an account which gave Tiger tokens (read Peter Kay's autobiog if you don't know what they are). I collected tools, and all kinds of bits & pieces - didn't cost me employer any more though.
  • GeorgieW wrote:
    Isn't there a tax implication to this?
    No, I don't think so. I seem to recall that the cashback is seen as a discount, not a payment, so isn't seen as income. B*ggered if I can find the article on HMRC's website however...
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  • I think yes he should feel able to do it. However if the company is regularly buying the same things etc perhaps they should set up suppliers and start invoicing. I regard personal credit card/expenses routes to be for adhoc or irregular purchases.

    No ethics at stake here, after all if buying petrol and claiming back the mileage surely we all use our reward cards at the pump?
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    I am currently in a similar situation, the only difference being that I use a company card to make purchase. Surely in that situation it is wrong for me to keep any cash back as I am purchasing on behalf of the company with their credit, not my own.

    Maybe I'm overthinking this but that is how I see it. I would love to keep any cash back but my conscience is telling me that I have to hand it over.
  • Water tight!! LOL
  • OK... I had to drive about 60 miles from work yesterday, I made a mileage claim (they pay 30p per mile, cash, regardless of who is driving and what car) should I declare that I am getting cash back on my credit card when I buy fuel... is it not irrelevant since they pay the same regardless of how much fuel the car uses/how much you pay for the fuel.

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  • I don't have a problem with the cashback cards or sites with only one proviso. That the goods can't be bought cheaper elsewhere. I think that it particular applies to public bodies that the taxpayer pays for i.e. NHS, the forces and councils.
  • I used to do a bit of odd driving for my old company. Sometimes this could be a quick 10 min trip or a 15 hour round trip with another driver.
    The boss would give us cash to pay for fuel and food, but my mate would use his cashback card (I didn't have one then), and always fill up at Tescos using his clubcard.
    The boss was fine with this as long as he got a receipt.
    Everbody was a winner.
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  • I did this just before Christmas......boss wanted me to order something from from the internet and i knew that I could go through one of the cashback sites to that particular website.

    Do I feel guilty - no.
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