MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Jack claim cashback at his company's expense?



  • scottw_2
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    If you're using your own funds (taking the risk on the company's behalf and extending them credit) then there should be no issue - any cashback and points etc. should be yours.

    The obvious proviso here is if there are company guidelines to the contrary. You have to ask yourself though: Is a company that is prepared to take these benefits (worth fractions of a penny in the pound) and spend money administering the recovery of these benefits really worth working for?

    It seems to me that they would have neither sound financial sense or an understanding of how to manage and motivate their staff - get out while you can!
  • Chuffy
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    I work for a charity and we've set up a quidco account to benefit from purchases. We've told the funders how we spent the money and about the cashback and they think it's fine - it's effectively a donation into the coffers.

    I buy the stuff with my credit card and I get to keep the credit card rewards - I've declared this at work and the boss is fine - it's my perk for using my card. Everyone is happy, and everyone knows the full story. I get the CC rewards, the charity gets a donation and the funder has an audit trail of expenditure.
  • I do not believe it is an issue of what you think as an individual. You must consider what would happen if it went to court. They may argue that you shopped at company X (10% cashback) instead of company Y (2% cashback) purely for your personal gain. Filled up at texaco for points, rather than tescos which is 4% cheaper...etc. If you didn't declare it to the company were you misleading your company?

    Assume that I was the travel manager for a medium sized company and bought £5M worth of flights a year. If I pocketed £50k through Quidco, would this be acceptable? I would suggest not, this would be deemed (by some - probably including the law) to be fraud because I did not offer the money to my employer. Is £5k acceptable? £500? £5? - when does it become acceptable? Is taking a £50k incentive to buy a plane from Boeing acceptable or is this a bribe...? Large employers have rules which typically rule against you personally profiting from their operation through your day to day duties, unless the arrangements are formalised (exc tescos points etc, which are specifically excluded).

    If it went to court, I think you would be on sticky ground. The question is...would it go to court....erm....

    Finally, case law is probably sparse, but I would not wish to push my luck. Personally, I'd stay away from Quidco etc.
  • lamp
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    If you have to pay for expenses with your own card, then it's fair game. You are losing out by not having that money in your account. Indeed I know of people who are in perpetual debt because they have to use their own card to pay for expenses.

    In no way, shape or form is this wrong as the company is not losing out
  • We are not allowed to do this where I work (public sector financial regs) - it specifically states this in the rules - we cannot even use our clubcard or nectar card when buying things for work at Tescos or Sainsburys which seems like a great waste to me......
  • lamp
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    If you had £5M to spend on travel flights on your expenses, then what the hell are you doing as a secretary booking flights? God knows I would have retired!
  • 1. Company pays same price regardless of which type of payment card used.
    2. Employee gains rebate.

    No brainer.
    This space has been intentionally left blank
  • Abso flaming lutely, go for it. I'm vry drunk but if we little folks at the bottom have to prop up the whole house of cards, why shouldn't we make extra? Remember, illegal theft is theft, legal theft is tax. Buy a house in Spain, take nice holidays and cruises and buy new cars, cos when you need the government they'll scr*w you for everything you ever earned for your kids inheritance and throw you in a hole they calla nursing home. Whoa, bed time
    Student loan no more ;) paid off
  • Isn't there a tax implication to this?
    If you are gaining a benefit because of your job shouldn't it be declared on your P11D and therefore you should be taxed on it?
    I'm no expert btw!
  • esuhl
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    I can't see an ethical problem as long as your choice of product or retailer is not affected to the detriment of the company.
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