MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Jack claim cashback at his company's expense?



  • KatC_2
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    Of course you should keep the cash back from the site for yourself as it is your initiative that has enabled the extra discount. :T
    :rolleyes: Money doesn't grow on trees, so until it does theres M.S.E :T
  • misspoppy
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    I use MSE to save my boss (my Dad) money, now I've discovered quidco I will make purchases via there if its the best option, I haven't told him but I'm sure he wouldn't have a problem with this.

    In big business too right you should get some extra benefits where you can - legally of course, using a cash back site comes under that rule and lets face it how many times have we done free overtime and worked our breaks are they not taking advantage?
  • Any purchaser for a small company will know that whilst you are buying things on behalf of your company (and ultimately your customers) its you that gets your bum kicked should anything go wrong. You don't get a bonus for getting better deals as you are not "sales" so i see no problem in reaping what benefits you can.

    Coffee beans from nescafe jars are quite good - if you like the cinema and or bath robes lol

  • JayD
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    His card - his cashback. Company card - company cashback.

    That's the way I see it :)
  • All I can say is... hilton points! It's a game in my office about who has the most points. I've had a very nice free night out of my points and the company knows everyone does it. Now i've discovered i can get 4% cashback via quidco i'm even happier.

    Even the company card (you can have a diners card if you want) gives you points that you are free to use. They know that employees work more hours than they are paid for and won't make a big deal about someone getting a little back that doesn't cost them anything.

    I'm slightly upset that out of the 500 pounds I spent this week on expenses, all i could manage was 1.30 back on quidco for my train fares. I did work 50 hours though....
  • Pammur_2
    Pammur_2 Posts: 29 Forumite
    I agree with Ringo_24601, people at my work travel extensively, and they all have frequent traveller cards - and in fact you must include these details on our travel forms - my Company knows/condones that people are using flight airmiles etc for their own personal use. We have preferred airlines and travellers have to justify their journeys so there are controls in place. I don't think there is a tax problem with this, but guess that might occur in due course.
  • xsteele wrote:
    Also reimbursing individual claims cost the company money estimated £50 a time to process an expense claim.

    A bit off-topic, but can i just make the point that if it costs the company you work for £50 to process an expense claim then i'd strongly suggest finding a new employer as yours will very shortly be in liquidation!
    if i had known then what i know now
  • If jack uses his own card then its effectively his anyway? If he uses a company card he should ask the company but doubt very much he would lol
  • I can't help thinking that some of the posters on this thread don't read the business news very often!

    We're in an age where corporate honesty (and dishonesty) is in the spotlight as never before - quite rightly.

    All employee and employer dealings should be absolutely transparent, so in my view the Golden Rule should be:


    i.e make sure your employer knows and is OK with this. There have been many cases of people assuming something was a "perk of the job" as someone posted here, only for it to bite them on the posterior later on.

    For the small sums involved, I don't think anyone can afford to play that sort of roulette with their career.
  • sashacat
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    I agree with Edna bucket. I think it is dishonest not to point out to the employer that this is happening. In fact I would report someone if I knew this was going on. It's not that the employer is losing money but that Jack would have money that eally should go to the employer. I employed over 1500 people for many years ( as a chief exec) and all airmiles etc had to go to the company. It was regarded as stealing otherwise. I don't believe I am the only person on here to think this way.
    If Jack is in any doubt then let him tell his employers, in writing , and if they write back and say "go ahead" then he is in the clear.
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