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A FROG a week equals a special treat!



  • abwsco
    abwsco Posts: 979 Forumite
    Just had a thought after reading other peoples Frogs. Was ours of sorting out of a cupboard really a Frog as it didn't take long at all but we kept putting it off.:o
  • abwsco - that`s exactly what I understand a frog to be - something you hate doing or keep putting off.
  • Hi Daphne - glad we have hit a nerve with you. Wow a whole book!! of froggies how exciting. I have done exactly the same as you, set myself deadlines and that just doesn't work me either. What is the incentive of a deadline? Not sure there is one! Good Luck with your frog - a really sweet one - but also very emotional. Make sure you award yourself a lovely treat - OK?

    Thanks :) frog almost eaten, and actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It's just hard to be strict with the sentimental things when you're short on space. I find owning 'things' too much responsibility and think 'it must be able to go in a box that's small enough to save in a fire/flood...' but lots of small boxes of course add up... and somewhat contradictory I need a bigger box for the special bits to go in :o one more to add to the list!
    squeaky wrote: »
    I posted this elsewhere a few days ago...

    Different approaches work in different ways for different people....

    Ones I use to different degrees and with varying effect are...

    alpha1.gif Treat it like a job and have "working hours per day" and you can use any flexi-time type approach that suits you.

    alpha2.gif For jobs that you are definitely putting off:- Make an appointment with yourself. (if you make an appointment for the doctors, or dentist/solicitor/friends) you will be there. So make an appointment with your "self"... on Thursday morning at 10am I am going to clean the oven / tidy that cupboard / do that "thing!

    alpha3.gif Some jobs get put off because they are TOO BIG. You take one look at it and somewhere inside yourself decide that you can't cope/deal with it right now; so you put it off. The way to deal with that one is to break it down into smaller chunks. So "De-cluuter the whole house" is a HUGE task. So break it down and pick a single room. If THAT still feels too big... break down the room to - I'll start with "that" cupboard". If THAT feels too big - break it down to one shelf or drawer. (I've been known after really bad times to start in on my kitchen worktop one square foot at a time!)

    alpha4.gif The "busy-bitty" approach... if you've got the box on and are loafing in front of it.... deliberately switch to a commercial channel. Every time the adverts come on, get up and do something... such as start putting things in the dishwasher or washing machine or tidied away into their proper homes. Don't worry if you don't finish before the adverts ends - by all means go back and loaf. Next adverts... carry on from where you left off... It's truly amazing how much you can get done in three minutes stints every quarter hour or so. :)

    alpha5.gifalpha6.gifalpha7.gif ... Anything else that works for you :)

    This is all really wonderful advice, especially I think treating things like a 'job', I do this a lot. Shame about the pay though! And breaking jobs down into little chunks is precisely why I have a whole books worth :rotfl:but hey Rome wasn't built in a day...
  • You do know that if you do a tiny job because, if left, it will get bigger and bigger and bigger, you've actually got in at the frogspawn stage?

    The more spawn you deal with, the fewer frogs later.......
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    colinw wrote: »
    Yup you are officially Rock n Roll :D
  • squeaky
    squeaky Posts: 14,129 Forumite
    First Post Combo Breaker
    Following on from my earlier post:-

    When making appointments with your "self"... ideally that should be two to five days in the future, and again it's my own practical experience and (mis)behaviour that led me to this.

    You need time for your brain to get used to the idea that you have "an appointment" and get comfortable with it and ready for it. So making an appointment for this afternoon or first thing tomorrow (for me, anyway) is just too soon. As for not going more than five days ahead... again it may just be me; but too far ahead and it disappears into the "mists of time" never to be seen again. I guess those froglets find a brand new pond to play in :)


    Are a great technique. You don't have to religiously keep them up and cross things out (though most people find that a good thing).... but keeping a list in your head is a bad thing... here's why...

    If you have a list of say, six things - fine and dandy... except for the fact that your brain will run round and round the list in a circle, so instead of six things in your head you have twelve... or eighteen... or twenty four... so despite the fact that the list only contains six items - it feels a lot longer.
    The trick to writing down a list is that it helps to concentrate your mind on just how many things there are - and as you write each one down you are essentially "pinning it in place" so that it can't keep wandering round in the circle. Also - the act of writing it down puts you in control since you are the one deciding what goes on the list to get pinned down.

    I.e. YOU are the BOSS and YOU are IN CHARGE!! :)

    If you find yourself in bed with your brain spinning with your next day's/week's job list - even if you have to get out of bed to do it - find your trusty jobs list notebook, or any old scrap of paper, and write them down! You'll find that you will be able to go back to sleep much more easily because your list has been dealt with and you are in charge.

    As with everything I've said previously - these are outlines of techniques, so try them "as written" and then tweak them to fit the way that you find works best for you. There are no "rules" for this stuff, there's no "one way"... there's only "what works for me" :)

    And finally... DON'T BEAT YOURSELF UP

    If you haven't achieved a target goal for the day, or just done nowt at all, or you've come to realise that you've really let things slide... do NOT beat yourself up. Don't call yourself... well, whatever rude/nasty/unkind words that may spring to mind. The thing is - that is all in the past. It's done! (Or not done). But you cannot change the past. There is not a darn thing that you or anybody else in the world can do to change the past...

    ..but the future...

    ..well yes - NOW we're talking :)

    If you find yourself blaming yourself, calling yourself names, feeling guilty... REMEMBER - what's done is done. So stop beating yourself up, tell yourself that you WILL sort things out (no matter how far ahead in the future that might be) and RELAX.

    Deliberately "change the subject" in your head and think of something else much nicer. And if you find that this lasts for about ten seconds before "the nasties" creep straight back in... don't tell yourself off - just change the subject back again :)

    Something to try... try and control your breathing and deliberately slow it down. Make it slower and deeper. Now... imagine to yourself that every time that you breathe in - you are breathing in "peace and tranquillity". Every time that you breathe out - you are breathing out all the crud / carp / negative rubbish that is "poisoning" your system.

    Breathe in the peace...

    Breathe out the carp...

    Breathe in the peace...

    Breathe out the carp...
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  • What a great idea! I've been lurking on the flylady thread but it's too scary to contemplate at the moment! :eek:

    My frogs are:
    - clean washing baskets (I spilled bold liquid in them a couple of weeks ago and they're all sticky) not sure why they've just sat on the kitchen floor ever since but i WILL tackle them today
    - do an hour's ironing - not done any through the whole six weeks holiday and determined to have the pile down by the time i go back to work
    - wash down kitchen, lounge and downstairs loo door paintwork

    Later date:
    - Get on top of ironing
    - Sort out boxes in spare room (recently decorated my bedroom and got rid of wardrobes so slowly working my way through the carp that was in them and finding new homes/ebaying/freecycling - will do this one box at a time
    - Sort out walk in cupboard upstairs - huge hot spot
    - Sort out front porch - another hotspot, full of stuff to ebay etc
    - Sort out tin and packet cupboard in kitchen - something falls out every time I open it at the moment!
    - Sort out cupboard under sink in kitchen

    Think that's enough for now - hopefully will get these all done slowly over the next couple of months
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  • beemuzed
    beemuzed Posts: 2,188 Forumite
    Mortgage-free Glee!
    I'd love to join this please! I'm totally incapable of starting on my frogs as a rule so they just grow and grow and grow until I try not even to think about them. I was overcharged on my tax last year ( just a few weeks of tutoring in addition to my pension) and i still haven't chased it up...because I know I need to find the relevant payslips and related paperwork first ...and the bureau where I think they are is stuffed full so need to sort that first...get the picture?? And this is money they owe me!!!
    I have lots of other jobs that should be done too, but just can't get round to starting...
    Oh yes, life is very frogful just done each week would be great!
    off to find a notebook to make a list!!!
    Think twice before spending anything!
  • Thanks :) frog almost eaten, and actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

    Don't you just find that ... you worry about doing something and then it is never as hard as you think it will be.

    Have you thought about taking photographs of things rather than trying to keep everything. I do this with with my DD's creations from school and at home. I take a photo of it and when I have a few I print them off and then stick them in a scrapbook. You can then put other things in too i.e bits of drawings, tickets to cinema etc. You can't keep everything can you?

    Squeaky fantastic advice - thank you :T. Especially on the timing of the appointment - going to give that a go! Sometimes I try and trick myself by not writing a chore on a list then I think I don't have to do it, but it just sits at the back of brain then!!

    spendaholic chick welcome and it is great that you would like to join us. Don't try and do to much and make sure you reward yourself for what you do, even if it is sitting down for a while with a cuppa and a magazine - ok? You have a long list there so just take one frog each week and settle on doing that then once that one is dealt with you can move on to the next. I tend to try and sort things if they are beginning to annoy me - like your cupboard, it is amazing how stressful little tadpoles like that become. Let me know when you tackle the cupboard under the sink and I will do that the same week as you - that will be interesting as haven't dared to go in there for a while!!

    JoJo love the frogspawn analogy I never thought of that and so true - :T
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  • I `traded` a treat this weekend. I was going to go and browse around the car boot yesterday, my most self-indulgent activity - I regard it as a treat because it`s `me` time when I get a Sunday off and OH is working. Yesterday, I didn`t go, but stayed home and did upstairs carpets.
    This is a complex task. First I gather the loose dog-hairs, as my dog moults for Britain, Olympic class - by `pawing` at the carpet with my flip-flops on. This gathers an amazing amount of yuck without raising a dust, and saves having to empty Henry Hoover after just one room! Then, I hoovered said carpets.
    I was a GOOD girl yesterday, didn`t go buy more junk, got a big frog munched up!
    So today, as OH has an early finish at work and we`re both off tomorrow - going down the pub this afternoon!
    I have also taken a large `Whoopsy` piece of beef out of the freezer, and will bring home a `takeaway` beer container with a couple of pints of malty Real Ale today. That`ll go into my big slow cooker (I have 4, different shapes & sizes!) tomorrow and that`ll be evening meals for the next 3 days so I won`t have to do much after work next couple of shifts.
  • lollyfin
    lollyfin Posts: 299 Forumite
    Hi all
    well today so far i have squashed a tadpole by dying my hair, I hate doing it but it has to be done or else I end up looking like a little old lady and im not even 40 yet
    i have also half squashed a frog, i have sorted out the paper work downstairs. it was in the i suppose you would call it the pan drawer, the biggest drawer in the kitchen, its been annoying me for months because i could nt shut the drawer properly without catching my fingers (shoving things in!)and then when i opened it again everything fell out grrrr
    but now i have 4 folders in there and everything is organised...........just have to do the drawer under the bed thats full lf paperwork now then thats a totally squashed frog
    konMarie and fabbing all the way
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