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A FROG a week equals a special treat!



  • OberonSH
    OberonSH Posts: 1,792 Forumite
    Well, the frogs are still in the pond, but I do have an excuse!! Unfortunately OH has decided to leave me and move back to his mothers (totally out of the blue!) so my FROG list has just tripled -I want to have a fresh start and redecorate the house, de-clutter and generally get everything the way I like it. Got a friend coming over to make sure I'm not sobbing my little heart out (oh purlease...since when did a man hold us ladies back?!) so might not get any tadpoles - but I do get to show off my new halogen oven! If only I knew how to use it....oh oh another frog - 'Learn how to use new gadget!'

    Hope everyone else has got their frog-stompers on!
    This year I'm getting organised once and for all, and going to buy a house with my wonderful other half. And that' s final!

    Current Pay Off Target : £1500 :mad:
  • Welcome mineallmine - hope the hunt for the light bulb goes well! And that your hair takes!

    iamsalt how big is your tortoise? We have a tortoise called Bertie but he is only 3, so he is indoors. When it was warmer he was outside in a guinea pig run that we have adapted for him, but he decided last week it was time to hibernate so buried himself down, had to dig him out and bring him into the warm. He is my continual frog! I stress about him all the time!!!!

    Don't worry monnagran we all have days like that - thanks for popping in.

    Well I did a little froglett today. Had to list up some stock that someone may buy off me. Don't know why I kept putting it off? Anyway gave myself permission to have half an hour on the lap top before I get dinner on the go. Might try and do my self assessment tonight once DD has gone to bed, but we will see . . . watch this space!
    Football Widow :footie:

    Why are frogs so happy? They eat whatever bugs them!
  • OberonSH OMG! Hope you are ok? Thank God for your Holgen Oven! That'll keep you occupied :T. At least your frogs will be your own! x
    Football Widow :footie:

    Why are frogs so happy? They eat whatever bugs them!
  • OberonSH
    OberonSH Posts: 1,792 Forumite
    I'm doing better than a thought, which tells you something about the relationship, doesn't it!! I'm sad and a bit empty, but I'm sure I can find a tub of ice-cream to fill that right up! lo, thanks for the concern, but worse things happen every day. I'm just going to pull up my socks (hand-knitted, natch) tape a big sign saying 'MINE!!!' on the tv remote and get my frog stompers on. The world isn't about to end, and I've still got my home, my kids, my health & my friends. And at least now I can marry Brian Cox. Mmmm, physicists....
    This year I'm getting organised once and for all, and going to buy a house with my wonderful other half. And that' s final!

    Current Pay Off Target : £1500 :mad:
  • iamsalt
    iamsalt Posts: 295 Forumite
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    OberonSH - glad you are doing ok.

    Football Widow - Tina is about 35 she really belongs to OHs sister but is residing at his house for now. i am completely besotted with her as i have always wanted a tortoise and now i have (sort of)! but she puts houdini to shame. She isn't hibernating yet. I think i may have to do one of those self assessment thingamys - i was employed until June, been doing a little bit as self employed and now going back to employed. that will be fun trying to sort tax out!

    Monnagran - don't worry about not getting the garden bits done, any garden advice needed just shout - wouldn't it be wonderful if we could swap frogs!

    Have smashing evenings

    S x
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  • mineallmine
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    Hi, great thread. I began working out the major frogs. Did one today which involved going onto a website to check eligibility. Not good news but at least I've now checked.

    Thanks to Buffy for the image, shamelessly nicked and used below!

    frog%20eating%20bug.gifMy next frog is to get a replacement bulb for a table lamp which blew about a year ago! It's a funny shape/size so I need to go to an old fashioned hardware store.

    :AMy reward will be to do the patch test ready to dye my hair. I bought the hair dye about 6 months ago and keep forgetting to do the test!
    I found and bought the bulb! I know it's daft but this something that I've struggled to get done, only because I needed to go to a specialist hardware store. 65p, bargain! And this uses less wattage, ideal for a table lamp.
    Just need to (1) do my hair dye test and (2) decide my frog for tomorrow. Thanks for the welcome football widow and hugs to those who need em.
    :) Declutter 300 things in December challenge, 9/300. Clear the living room. Re-organize storage
    :cool2: Cherryprint: "More stuff = more stuff to tidy up!"
    Less things. Less stuff. More life.
    :heart: Fab thread: Long daily walks
  • OberonSH
    OberonSH Posts: 1,792 Forumite
    Evening all - I did a frog. It was a little one, kind of a tadpole,. but I did read up on using my halogen, and baked a pie, plus veggies. Veggies were a bit hard, but the pie was awesome. Tonight is going to be beer and TV - just cos I can. Then starting tomorrow there will be a frog every night - just to stop me moping. There's going to be little green puddles everywhere, and I will have an awesome house and everything will be fab and I'll marry Brian Cox. Well, a man who looks a bit like him in any case.

    Now all I need to do is learn how to skim a wall and the redecoration can begin. The whole house is an eyesore and needs skimming, as the cretin who decorated put backing paper onto fragile plaster and then applied textured paint to every surface he could reach. I say he, because a woman would never have applied such filth in the first place. I can't get it off without removing 90% of the plaster, so a thin layer of plaster should at least make it habitable. It's a rental so not keen on major work. So first frog is learn how to skim a wall....and sell whatever my errant hubby has the short-sightedness to leave in the care of an Ebay fanatic with silly....
    This year I'm getting organised once and for all, and going to buy a house with my wonderful other half. And that' s final!

    Current Pay Off Target : £1500 :mad:
  • monnagran
    monnagran Posts: 5,284 Forumite
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    Aw iamsalt, you are going to be so sorry you said that! Gardening advice? Where do I start? When I survey that weed-choked patch of earth with its lacy cabbages, runner beans leaning at a drunken angle, (we live in a wind tunnel), sad roses struggling to survive amidst the brambles and bindweed, radishes as big as turnips because I forgot they were there..............I realise that what it really needs is a good flame-thrower. Never mind, I'll bravely soldier on.
    OberonSH: Thank goodness you haven't lost your sense of humour, blossom. It'll carry you through a lot of rubbish. You don't sound exactly heartbroken so get in there girl and sell, sell, sell.
    As to the plastering, believe me, I've tried it and it's impossible. Suggest you advertise for a plasterer who will come and do a quick job in return for a few awesome, halogen-baked pies, darned socks, sewn on buttons or anything else you have to offer that's not illegal or immoral.
    I'm off to shine my sink, (salutations Flylady!) and go to bed.
    I believe that friends are quiet angels
    Who lift us to our feet when our wings
    Have trouble remembering how to fly.
  • Oberon I'm so sorry :grouphug: You sound like a very strong person, I hope you have lots of support around you x

    I need to settle on what my next frog will be. I am trying to do so much that it often feels like I'm running around in circles and not actually achieving anything. I have to phone the dentist and book an appt for an extraction under sedation :( The phone call will take me all of what, five, ten minutes? But oh it is a heck of a frog. I'll dig the number out and think about it :procrastinate smiley:
  • 166million
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    Hi FW: Just looking at your first post, I thought to myself - one of my FROGS is cleaning out my TOADS tank! lol

    Will try to get it done this weekend, if I can join you all?
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