MSE News: Tesco Bank online log-in pain 'now over'



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    I gave up on Tesco Bank savings when I worked out that my "regular pc" had been identified by a cookie, which of course had been deleted because I regularly clean my cookies and (apparently) there was no way to re-create the cookie without a mobile phone which I had opted out of, and having been on holiday I had forgotten *my* answers to the "mickey-mouse" questions.

    That said, my letter of account closure was actioned promptly. Quite surprised that the cheque was "hand written". Err... systems still faulty?

    The former RBS platform log-on was perfectly adequate. The Tesco platform log-on no advance at all, in particular the need to employ phone "security" readily "guessable" by anybody with a modicum of personal knowledge.

    Not the worst security ever but the worst 2011 security, and that is the point. Backwards progress.

    And on "call-back" - evasive. The call-back was because the overflow call handlers didn't have access to the banking system. But they didn't tell you that did they?
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    Is any one else out there still having problems with Tesco Bank.
    I posted fri 22/7 when they said they would close the account and send me the cheque in the post(internet bank !?!).
    Told cheque would go in the post Monday. Nothing received! Rang customer services and spent 30 mins with the helpfully hopeless and got nowhere. They are now saying 7-10 days.
    Total waste of space.
    Just wanted to know if I was on my own?
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    At the end of the week following the changeover I wrote a letter of complaint to Tesco and instructed them to close my account (fortunately containing a trivial amount). I received two holding letters and then an actual response dated 17th July saying "I confirm that the account has been closed today and a cheque for the closing balance will be sent by separate cover." I am still waiting.
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    alanq wrote: »
    I am still waiting.

    A hand-written cheque arrived this morning (29th July) dated 18th July but the covering letter is dated 27th July. So someone writes out a cheque and it takes 9 days for it to be put in an envelope?
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    A hand written cheque (?) from a HSBC account arrived today (2 Aug)
    Cheque written 25/7, As I was told they would, letter with the cheque dated 28/7 then 5 days in the post.
    Letter thanks me for my recent request to close the account and thanks me for choosing Tesco Bank (?).
    Not a word of explanation and not a word of apology.
    Still.... Bye Bye Tesco's....unless the cheque bounces !
    Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water..........
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