MSE News: Tesco Bank online log-in pain 'now over'



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    Moptop1 wrote: »
    The phone line just cuts off dead at between 1hr 3 mins and 1hr 4 mins.

    1hr 1min, 1hr 5 mins and 1 hr 6 mins for me. And they told me they have a 20 min call wait at present!

    Clearly they are systematically cutting people off who don't just hang up out of frustration.
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    The call wait times and non-answering sound terrible. Good luck to all in getting thing sorted.

    They are now suggesting here that you email them to arrange a callback probably worth trying


    I can’t get through to you on the telephone to discuss my issue, is there a way that I can contact you by email?


    You can arrange for a call back by sending an email to [EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL]. We will try our best to call you back as quickly as possible, although please be aware that we are currently experiencing a high volume of demand. In order to help us to solve your issue please provide:
    · Your name
    · Your postcode
    · Your account number
    · Up to two telephone numbers that we can reach you on
    · A brief description of the issues that you would like us to assist you with
    · A recognisable word that you can use to identify us when we call you back
    Unfortunately it will not be possible for us to enter into any dialogue via email or commit to calling you back at a specific time.

    I came, I saw, I melted
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    @AFCBDave, thanks very much for information about clubcard plus, I couldn't figure out why that wasn't working. Now I know. That's decided me.

    That was a good little budgetting tool that served us well for many years, but no more. I've had enough. That and listening to that robotic excuse for a CEO on Moneybox has decided me.
    I did transfer most of my savings account to my other bank late Thursday. Once I see that has arrived safely - which is supposed to happen tomorrow - I will close the savings and the clubcard plus. I guess I'll have to leave the fixed bond savings with them until its term is up. At least I've got evidence of that on paper!
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    Day 7 , still locked out - queues on the phones still very long 'experiencing long delays' according to the voice message.
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    I sent an email complaint to The Financial Services Ombudsman about Tesco Bank.
    The reply

    Thank you for your email to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

    First of all – we handle complaints only about financial businesses (like banks, insurance companies and finance firms).

    Is it that they don't even consider Tesco Bank to be a real bank??
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    rtoobtoo wrote: »
    Is it that they don't even consider Tesco Bank to be a real bank??

    I'd go back and specifically ask them to confirm that Tesco Bank are subject to their control.
  • I have been locked out of my account for a week, because my PC is not registered! theres no help as to how to fix this, been on the phone today,and every day since, cant get through, MSE wake up to this scandal!!:mad:
  • Just to create a little balance. I was away until Friday so I was not aware of the problem till then. I managed after about half an hour to upgrade my security details, but my problem then was that I was told I was not using my regular computer to access my account, which was not the case. I did try several times to telephone but gave that up. I would add that I had not added my mobile number so I could not get an access code. I emailed the CEO (thanks to the person who left the address on here) yesterday. At 9.30 this morning I had a call from a helpful man from Tesco Bank (not the CEO, but he perhaps ought to be!) who took my mobile details, arranged for it to be inserted into my account details. When I next tried to access, I was sent an access code by text which enabled me to access the account. When in, I merely ticked the yes box to say that I would be using this machine regularly. Everything seems fine. I managed to transfer some money in from another account just to see if it was working ok. Fortunately, I had not needed access to withdraw money in the period I was locked out, as,since the financial problems started in 2008, I have always made sure I have more than one avenue to accessible funds. I would add that I have not had any problems with Tesco Bank over the last ten years whereas I had numerous problems with Santander during that time.
  • The 'online pain' is far from over. Has taken me five attempts to finally get through to Customer Services (this time after waiting over an hour) only to be told that no-one can deal with the query at the moment and someone will call me back tomorrow. This just isn't good enough. Its time for everyone to vote with their feet and dump this appalling bank. Act now before its too late.
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    Tonight, after holding on for 50 minutes I got a person. That's 4.5 hours waiting time in total.

    I actually feel very sorry for the people manning the calls as they must be getting so much abuse from irate customers so I sympathised with the person at the other end before I got going about the unacceptableness of all of this. She sounded genuinely interested about my wait time tonight before I got to speak to her and was very apologetic about my wasted Sunday afternoon.

    I too must wait for 5 wds to get a new temporary PIN to activate an account I have had online since 1999. Bonkers! Why can they not splash the cash and send it securely with next day delivery as this a major !!!!-up of their making?

    I have been promised a £20 gift voucher to spend in-store which in no way compensates for the hassle I have had trying to free up other ways to finance things I should have been able to access my Tesco savings account for.....I am not sure that I would have been offered it if I had not been a pleasant complainer?! As I work in the Customer Service field I know that it is never the fault of the person on the other end of the phone.

    I will still seriously think about moving elsewhere. When I finally get in to my accounts.

    Very, very disappointed in Tesco. What a specatacular own goal on so many levels.

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