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MSE News: Tesco Bank online log-in pain 'now over'



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    Rubbish....tried to log in and apparently my computer is not the "original" computer and is not recognised so I need to call them to service my account:mad: I have used the same computer to setup the new security details so how come Tesco fails to recognise it? MSE please reflect in your article the frustration and difficulties that the forum member are facing - right now it comes across as supportive of Tesco spin.
  • kremmenkremmen Forumite
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    I still can't log in and am awaiting a call back from this morning.

  • theoderictheoderic Forumite
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    Fixed my *rse.
    I'm one of the "lucky" ones - I don't use IE9, so was able to change my login early on Monday morning in the brief window between the system's going live and its crashing. So I've been able to log in any time the system is actually running.
    And that is where the real problems start.
    On "Money out", I'm told I have no future payments set up. A week ago, on the old system, I had six, for dates between June 27 and October 1.
    To see what would happen, I set up the June 27 payment again. A message appeared telling me that the payment had been accepted (but with no date). The payments pending list was, and still is, empty.
    So on Monday I shall find out whether the payment goes once, twice or not at all.
    I then (this was on Tuesday morning) made a couple of £1 test payments, one by FP and one by BACS. Both worked as expected, though the FP payment took a couple of hours longer than usual.
    "Money in" showed eight DD transfers pending. They correctly reflected thae state of affairs about a month ago, but did not show changes, additions and deletions made in recent weeks. I deleted one and amended another, and both changes showed up on the list.
    Which, I have to assume, is no indicator of what will actually happen. The next transfer (not shown on the list) is due on Monday 27. Will it happen?
    Transfers scheduled for last Monday and Wednesday went as expected, but of course they would have been triggered last week. On the old system these would have shown up as "recent transactions" for a couple of days before they actually hit the account. Now they just vanish.
    The much-heralded distinction between "linked" and "linked 3rd-party" accounts appeared on Wednesday (DD transfers in can be made from the former but not from the latter, in case anybody's wondering). Of the two DD mandates I had set up on the old system, only one - the one I use very rarely - made it across as a linked account. The other, which I need to use 4-5 times a month, appeared as a 3rd-party account only.
    I attempted to reinstate the missing linked account, and was invited to post an "original monthly statement" to Glasgow. That's not going to happen. As an environmentally aware and computerate citizen, I dispensed with paper statements long ago.
    I'm guessing that the new system is unable or unwiling to detect that Fred Bloggs and F Bloggs are the same person.
    On the positive side, the trainee programmer error that dropped leading zeroes from the account number seems to have been fixed, and payments in by debit card appear to work - though that's litte comfort to someone like me, who needs to set up payments well in advance and then go chill on a phone-free beach for 3 months!
    Above I've listed the most serious post-login bugs I've found so far. Of course they render the system unusable, but I'm assuming they'll be fixed one day. Following are the factors that make the account permanently unusable, for me at least.
    (1) Security "improvements". I like to travel, and I like to travel with peace of mind, which means with nothing I can't afford to lose. No laptop, no cellphone. If I can't go "naked" into an internet cafe anywhere in the world and check my account then I can't use the account at all.
    (In fact I threw away my cellphone, along with my television, five years ago when I was told I was going blind. My life is better in consequence).
    A couple of months ago I opened an account with Santander, but closed it as soon as I realised I needed a cellphone to make online withdrawals.
    (2) Customer "support". That there is no e-mail customer support is perhaps the most serious failing of all. Of course, this has always been the case with Tesco, but until last weekend I was prepared to live with it. But it was always the case that if I ever had to phone them I woud close the account (I will, when the queue has subsided).
    In the good old days (of the GPCR) in China, the manager(s) responsible for this f*ck*p would have been shot by firing squad as the workers cheered. Happy days!
    If anybody's read this far, can you point me to an instant access savings account that allows payment in by direct debit and payment out by FP (preferably) or BACS, both at least 3 months in advance? And, of course, can be operated without a slapperphone.
  • 1) Eleven calls - of more than 2 h in total over 3 days - and still unable to speak to anyone. Just annoying music. No explanation, no apology, no emergency free 0800 number, no proactive communication with me.

    2) Despite the crisis Tesco Bank office hours have not been changed. Looks like everything is fine to them because a special message to customers was placed on the website after three days of total mess.

    3) While in the past I could see/manage both my credit card and savings using the same login/password and interface now it is not possible - does not look like an improvement to me.

    Can anyone be so kind and let me know the name and position of a person responsible for all this ? I would like to be compensated for my wasted time and cost of telephone calls.
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    [EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL]
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    Their freephone message now states that you should seek help by logging on via the website because their phone lines are over stretched - no idication of how you actually might log in if you PC is not recognised and you have not set up a mobile number.
    Wow Tesco keep digging !!
  • Former_MSE_DanFormer_MSE_Dan Former MSE
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    Hi folks,

    I can assure you we are monitoring the forum and had seen an improvement in log-in issues, but the reports here are worrying

    Do the Tesco Q&As help?

    Please let us know

    Former MSE team member
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    BedsdriverBedsdriver Forumite
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    MSE_Dan wrote: »
    Hi folks,

    I can assure you we are monitoring the forum and had seen an improvement in log-in issues, but the reports here are worrying

    Do the Tesco Q&As help?

    Please let us know


    No they don't help, I am still unable to log in and I use Google chrome.

    I am told

    Sorry, there’s been a problem
    It’s our fault, not yours. You could try again.

    If that doesn’t help, contact us and mention the reference "Credential Set Up General Error"

    This is not funny, i need to transfer some money out to my bank account soon.

    Gave up on the phone helpline after 38 minutes on hold being repeatedly told Tesco advisors want to speak to me and listening to that extremely annoying music. £6 phone credit totally wasted.
  • kremmenkremmen Forumite
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    [EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL]

    My email & reply.

    Dear Mr Clarke,
    Whlst I am aware that you are unlikely to actually read this Email I
    thought I would let you know that I am disappointed at the saga that is
    going on with the changes to Tesco Bank.
    I have been unable to log on to the bank since last week ( yes I have
    followed the compatibility instructions and also used firefox)..
    The really annoying part is the fact that I had to pay a premium rate to
    be "held" in a queue for almost an hour.
    I will not pay you a premium rate to NOT be helped.
    I phoned customer services yesterday ( an 0800 number) who took my
    contact details and promised a ring back.
    As I didn't get a call I phoned again this morning and the young lady
    read a statement but refused to contact Tesco bank on my behalf.
    I do understand that technical glitches occur but please remember the
    damage that is being done to Tesco bank reputation ( See moneysaving
    expert forums).
    Tesco needs to respond in a positive manner.
    Could I suggest that you authorise Tesco to release a freephone No for
    people having problems or at least offer to refund the phone calls. I am
    a retired member of staff and am worried what this does for the company



    Dear Mr XXXXXX
    Thank you for your email addressed to Philip Clarke, our Chief Executive, to which I have been asked to reply.
    We would like to apologise unreservedly for the difficulties you have experienced in accessing your online savings account in recent days.
    The problems led to an increase in call volumes to our call centre and we were therefore not able to answer your calls as quickly as you would expect, or we would like.
    We are committed to the highest levels of customer service and on this occasion we have clearly let you down.
    Tesco Bank are working hard to resolve any remaining issues and have significantly increased the number of call centre staff available to handle customer calls.
    Our Tesco Bank team are also focused on resolving your concerns as quickly as possible and I have passed your correspondence to their Executive Complaints Team. They will call you as soon as possible.
    I enclose a leaflet which gives you details of Tesco Bank’s complaints procedures and guidelines.
    Once again, I am very sorry and thank you for bringing your concerns to the attention of our Chief Executive.
    Kind Regards

    Nikolas McBride
    Customer Service Executive

    Ah well...Nothing new

  • rtoobtoortoobtoo Forumite
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    The pain is most definitely not over despite claims on the BBC that all is now well and the vast majority of customers can get at thier accounts.
    If this is true why are their phone lines still reporting very long queues.
    Why can't I get at my account using my 'regular computer' - 12:00 today radio 4 FM an interview :

    Paul Lewis interviews the chief executive of Tesco Bank about account access problems .
    I have an idea what that executive is likely to say .......:(
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