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MSE News: Tesco Bank online log-in pain 'now over'



  • pmdukpmduk Forumite
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    I suspect the Financial Ombudsman is expecting a surge in complaints.
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    SnowManSnowMan Forumite
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    I have suddenly not been able to log in this morning. I was one of the few who successfully registered on Monday and had been able to log in and use the account (up to now).

    Get the message that implies my computer is not recognised as the one I registered with (even though it is), it says I haven't registered a mobile number to send me an access code (even though I have).

    I have the latest version of flash player, don't use Internet Explorer and the FAQ don't help at all.

    About 1 hour 5 minutes for call to Tesco to be answered. They are going to arrange for someone to call me back but can't give me any indication of when that will be but sounds like it won't be today.

    'Now over' not

    Edit: update they did call me back at 6:20pm and set my mobile phone number into the system. That meant I could log back in with an access code, choose the setting that it was a regular computer and that means I can log in normally.

    One thing I found out was that someone without a mobile can't change their password without completely locking themselves out of being able to log into the Tesco website. This is because changing password deletes the flash cookie that identifies the computer making the computer unrecognised and with no mobile phone code back up option.

    Edit: I'm using firefox 5 and latest version of flash and realise that what caused my computer not to be recognised was deleting cookies in firefox through tools, clear history, that unexpectedly now (it didn't used to be the case until very recently) seems to clear flash cookies as well as normal cookies.
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  • eagukeaguk Forumite
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    No, the FAQs do not help. They clearly don't understand the Catch-22 nature of the problem.

    When you re-register, at one point in the process, you have a choice whether to check a box that says something like 'I will always be using this computer' or a box that says something like 'I want to use other computers'. I and I'm sure lots of other people thought that meant, if you checked the first box, you wouldn't ever be able to use another computer to do banking, when on holiday etc. So fatally, I checked the second box. I noticed, puzzlingly, that it then showed my the last 4 digits of my LANDLINE number rather than any MOBILE number. I have never supplied my mobile number to Tesco Bank, only my landline number, many years ago when I first started a 'Clubcard Plus' account - before the days of Tesco Bank in fact. I think it then asked if this number was correct. I knew it wasn't a mobile number but didn't want to give my mobile, which is a PAYG and is often switched off, out of juice etc.

    It never occurred to me that this would be a fatal and uncorrectable mistake which would mean that I would be unable to access my account. WHY? Because by checking that box and oking an 'incorrect' mobile number I made it impossible to login again. WHY? Because by checking that box I was telling the system that the computer I was using was NOT my normal computer. This was never what I intended, I only wanted to be sure I COULD use other computers if I had to.

    When the system doesn't recognize your computer as the one you use, it texts a temporary pin to your mobile number. I never received this, though I am sure I have received text messages before on my landline. But apparently this was not recognized as a valid mobile number (well, it isn't, to be sure). The ONLY WAY to change the mobile number if you are not logged in is - you guessed it - to call the helpline. I did get through a few times, after near one hour waits every time, but no one ever suggested I make this change; I never actually talked to anyone who was part of the online banking helpdesk.

    One of the Qs in the FAQs is now something like, How can I correct my mobile number? Do you know what the answer is? Login and then you can change it. But - you CANNOT log in if the system does not have a valid mobile number for you, if you have ticked the wrong box.

    You really couldn't make it up.

    Btw I have no browser issues, no Flash issues, etc. This is purely about a really, really poor explanation of choices in the registration setup, and really, really poor software design that chooses a phone number whether or not it is correct.
  • rtoobtoortoobtoo Forumite
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    rtoobtoo wrote: »
    The pain is most definitely not over despite claims on the BBC that all is now well and the vast majority of customers can get at thier accounts.
    If this is true why are their phone lines still reporting very long queues.
    Why can't I get at my account using my 'regular computer' - 12:00 today radio 4 FM an interview :

    Paul Lewis interviews the chief executive of Tesco Bank about account access problems .
    I have an idea what that executive is likely to say .......:(

    I hope he gets his multi million pound bonus at the end of the year - surely he deserves it for this fiasco.....:rotfl:
  • Now on day 5. Website says ring for a new temp pin which will be sent In the post. Hey - we ring and all we hear is that they would love to speak to us so stay on line. But they never materialise. So still in situation where I need to access my funds but can't. Why can't they just e mail or send pin out. Other banks seems to manage this. Just off to do my monthly shop - will wave as I pass Tesco on the way to Sainsburys. :mad::mad:

    Has anyone been able to access their funds when locked out?
  • Yorkie1Yorkie1 Forumite
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    According to Radio 4 schedules, Money Box just starting now will include an interview with the Tesco chief re the access problems.
  • anniecaveanniecave Forumite
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    I just phoned up and I've just been told the "sending us a pin" message is an error, if you are getting it at the point of trying to upgrade between the two systems. It just means the website is down.

    The tesco staff can't get into the website either.

    I've been told that I shouldn't need a PIN. But the member of staff I spoke to didn't know that the customer number included my date of birth so I'll wait and see...
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  • BedsdriverBedsdriver Forumite
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    Your selected question and answer

    How can I claim compensation for costs I've incurred as a result of Tesco Bank's system issues?

    We are very sorry if any customers have been affected and will seek to address any loss on a case by case basis. We would encourage customers with a claim to contact us at :

    Tesco Bank
    Complaints Department
    PO Box 27010
    G2 2DR

    or alternatively email us at [email protected] or you can call us on our freephone number 0800 015 3198.

    I have e-mailed them at 1pm, not holding my breath though.
  • Still not fixed!!

    After holding off to update my details, hearing the BBC this morning that the problems were over, I thought it would be safe to no try...WRONG!!!!!!

    Logged on using my old details, went through all the questions, even ticked the "I wll be using this computer", then entered the additional security questions and clicked "complete"

    Bang!!! it completely kicked me out, back to the Home Page with the Login boxes. Tried entering my new Unique No and it cam up with the following:

    General Error

    Sorry, there’s been a problem

    It’s our fault, not yours. You could try again.

    If that doesn’t help, contact us and mention the reference "Credential Set Up General Error"

    Phoned the Help Line, hung on for 45mins only to be told a "Technical" geek will phone me So far, two hours later, still not heard anything.
  • There appears to be no end in sight to the Tesco bank fiasco, no explanations just a lot of insincere apologies, reminds one of the apologies found on road works eg 'we are really sorry for the delay'. I suppose it is inevitable that with many of the customers who can get access withdrawing their money that the bank will be unable to fulfill its' obligations. Does anyone know the procedure regarding the FSA who guarantee savings in the likely event that Tesco's bank goes belly up?
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