Little Miss Mortgage Free Wannabe

Hello, I hope you don't mind another MF diary over here?!

I have been reading through these threads and have found all your postings so inspirational! I want to be MF even before I have paid my first mortgage payment!

I have always been pretty good with money well I thought I was till I found this site! I'm in my early twenties, I have a part time job working in education, I am hoping to gain a full time position some time this year and Mr Big has a stable full time job in the forces.

Me and Mr Big will soon have our first house! We are due to exchange next week so fingers still tightly crossed! We will have a mortgage of 121,000 due to expire in 32 years- 2043! I'd love to knock this down!!!

I am determined to pay off my mortgage asap as we would love to buy a small flat or house to rent out eventually, being a part of this site I feel is really going to keep me going and make me reach my goals.:)

Thank you all or all wise words I have already read!
Mortgage at Highest:£145,000
Penny Challenge #39: £221.26 / £667.95
Make £10 a day: Feb: £300 / £280
March: £2.95 / £310


  • goobergirl
    goobergirl Posts: 119 Forumite
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    Welcome Little Miss and good luck!
  • LilB_3
    LilB_3 Posts: 135 Forumite
    Welcome to the forum Little*Miss :)

    I see in your signature you have an overpayment target of £11,000 - is that for the coming year?

    We are also in our twenties but I'm officially out of the early 20's bracket :(;)

    Good luck with your journey!
  • Ayeshalush
    Ayeshalush Posts: 636 Forumite
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    Welcome Little*Miss. Congratulations on your first house!

    Looking forward to following your journey.

  • Little*Miss
    Little*Miss Posts: 199 Forumite
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    Thank you for all your comments!:D

    Hey LilB I know I have put £11,000 in my sig, this is how much we are allowed to OP a year, I know we will get no where near this but I always remember a poster we had at school which read, aim for the moon and you might just hit the top of the trees.:) For me if I set a really tough target it somehow motivates me more than a more realistic one. Strange I know but it works for me.

    Have had a little news from the house! We are all ready to exchange once a completion date is set. I'm hoping I will have dates by tonight.

    So what have I been up to?
    1. I have created a OP mortgage tracker on Excel, which I love and I feel this is really going to help motivate me!
    2. I have continued with my blog but now have made this into my MF diary which again I think will keep me on track and I may be able to get some ads on there too! :D Its called little miss creative on blogger.
    3. Chased a £25 amazon voucher I should of had for setting up a joint account, called a few people and e-mailed a few more and I now have this!
    4. Kept up my running, which is saving gym membership!
    5. Received 8p from Quidco! Every little helps.
    6. Managed to get an interview for a contract job full time hours at the place where I work now. :T I am so pleased I have got shortlisted I think I will get destroyed in the interview it's an all day one, but I've got to go for it haven't I? :o
    Mortgage at Highest:£145,000
    Penny Challenge #39: £221.26 / £667.95
    Make £10 a day: Feb: £300 / £280
    March: £2.95 / £310
  • museumworker
    museumworker Posts: 2,240 Forumite
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    Hello and welcome, good luck with your MF journey. Fingers crossed for the interview, all day interview sounds like a toughie but if you're working there pt already I'm sure you're in a better position than most to know what they expect of you.

    What rate did you get on your mortgage, out of interest?
    Mortgage [STRIKE]16/03/2011: £190K 01/01/2017: £107,729.65 [/STRIKE] 01/07/2017: £95,979.89
    OPs 2011-2016 = £45K 2017 OPs = £9250.20
  • Little*Miss
    Little*Miss Posts: 199 Forumite
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    Hey thanks Museumworker, we got a rate of 5.09% which isn't great but at the moment I work for an agency pretty much no one would touch me so we had to go with that rate if we wanted to move. Although that will be pretty annoying if I get that full time contract now. But hey you win some you lose some. Hopefully after the two years fixed we will get a much better deal. :)

    I can't concentrate as we might be exchanging today or tomorrow just waiting on e-mails! Too excited to do anything useful!

    Hope your having a great day!:D

    Mortgage at Highest:£145,000
    Penny Challenge #39: £221.26 / £667.95
    Make £10 a day: Feb: £300 / £280
    March: £2.95 / £310
  • I remember one of the vain people on the apprentice said in the initial week, "Don't tell me the sky's the limit when there's footprints on the moon"!
    What a nonsense thing to say :) But it made me smile.
    Feb 2012 - onwards MF achieved
    September 2016 - Back into clearing a mortgage - Was due to be paid off in 32 years in March 2047 -
    April 2018 down to 28.00 months vs 30.04 months at normal payment.
    Predicted mortgage clearing 03/2047 - now looking at 02/2045

    Aims: 1) To pay off mortgage within 20 years - 2037
  • Little*Miss
    Little*Miss Posts: 199 Forumite
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    Aww that is quite a sweet saying I like things like that!:D

    Haven't been up to much so far this week, I am aware I have to update with something for Sat, I hope to continue with weekly updates.:)

    I feel like I've just been under constant stress this week what with the house move, it's been oh we are exchanging on oh no were not! All week! Just wish we could hurry up and exchange one less thing to worry about!

    I'm just trying to get down the piles of paperwork I have to do by July 5th, have decided to finish the item I'm working on at the moment then that's it. Interview prep here I come woooo can't wait.:(

    Money wise not much to talk about, just been sat at home working! Good I suppose no money spending there!

    Oh but actually I have applied for Google ads, these are now on my blog, although they look really boring I wouldn't click on them!

    Anyway I'm waffling on,

    Hope you have all had a good NSD:p
    Mortgage at Highest:£145,000
    Penny Challenge #39: £221.26 / £667.95
    Make £10 a day: Feb: £300 / £280
    March: £2.95 / £310
  • Little*Miss
    Little*Miss Posts: 199 Forumite
    First Anniversary Photogenic First Post Combo Breaker
    Another day over, no closer to exchanging! It's starting to really annoy me now considering we were meant to exchange on the Monday no one seems to know anything! I don't mind waiting I just hope their arn't problems at the other end. So I'm sitting in at the moment waiting for a call from the estate agents.

    If they do call which I'm doubting at the moment, then after I can put tea on and I might go outside get some fresh air, as I feel really grumpy right now!

    OH has been away training, he should be able to call tonight which is good! So I'm looking forward to this.

    I have prepared for the interview, well I'm not doing anymore. Dreading that tomorrow, but I'll do my best.:)

    I apologize for being a moody mare I'm just so fed up!

    Apart from interview prep I haven't been up to much, I have been trying to catch up with SmlSave's dairy I thought I would read it from the start but then checked how many pages and I spied SmlSave now has a little one, so I've kind of ruined this for myself now lol. :o I plan to eventually try and read up on a few diaries. :)

    Not sure what to do tonight I might have a bath, chill out a little do some more work on my cross stitch for our new house. :)

    Hope everyone has had a better day than me!:D

    Little Miss Moody
    Mortgage at Highest:£145,000
    Penny Challenge #39: £221.26 / £667.95
    Make £10 a day: Feb: £300 / £280
    March: £2.95 / £310
  • hastie
    hastie Posts: 87 Forumite
    just remember, the estate agents are not really the players to speak to at this stage. Drive your solicitors, and if possible speak to the people you are buying the house from direct. You are paying them, not the other way round. Moved last time in 6 weeks, with a chain, due to persistance and being bit of a control freek. Once had both solicitors on the phone and had them both agree that they had sent and recieved documents.
    Good luck with your future plans to be MF and remember to make your goals acheivable. It is definately a marathon, not a sprint, especially in the first years.
    Good Luck. Will keep an eye out for your diary.:)
    2007 started 25 yr mortg @£105,000 balance,
    2009 started 20 yr mortg @ £99,000 balance
    DEC 2010 @ £77700 Nov 2011 £66500, 2012 56500 balance
    4 (ish)year plan to get be mortgage free
    :)keep overpaying!
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