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Great 'Isn't it obvious?' MoneySaving Hunt revisited



  • I_try
    I_try Posts: 126 Forumite
    If you do not have debts to pay off - any time you get a pay rise or any extra pay (from commission/bonus etc) divide it in half and have half in your normal account and transfer the other half directly into savings. You still get a bit extra and the rest go into savings without you missing it, it soon adds up! If you have debts to pay off, get them paid off as quickly as you can.

    Different accounts for different things and standing orders and direct debits set for pay day so you know exactly what is for spending, bills, savings and so on. Shop around for best bank accounts and don't be afraid to move accounts.

    If you can't afford it - don't buy it!!!!!!!!!
  • MsHoarder
    MsHoarder Posts: 410 Forumite
    If doing something in the oven, make a quick cake/tray of biscuits to put on the other shelf. Except when cooking fish!!!

    Use Aldi/Lidl if possible, with occasional big supermarket shops/orders to get any other things you can't cope with out. And always read the price per 100g to check if something is a good deal.
    "Every single person has at least one secret that would break your heart. If we could just remember this, I think there would be a lot more compassion and tolerance in the world."
    — Frank Warren
  • jenblackrod
    jenblackrod Posts: 48 Forumite
    We have a 'family' magazine subscription for Good Housekeeping. My mum has the subscription and then she passes it on to me, I pass onto sister number 2, she passes on the sister number 3.

    We each pay one quarter of the subscription to mum!!! Works great for us, but you have to be careful not to get it too tatty for younger sisters!!! We did share clothes as kids...:T
  • natstally
    natstally Posts: 35 Forumite
    Gangster MSE?!

    OMG, PMSL, Love it!
  • Angel_of_Tomfoolery
    I agree with the taking lunch to work/days out. It saves an absolute fortune...particulary handy for venues with outrageous prices for awful food! I also got a travel mug for xmas so can take hot drinks with me to save money. I don't like the taste of tap water so I buy 4 packs of 2 litre bottles (supermarket brand) and fill smaller bottles to take out and about with me. A 500ml bottle of water costs £1.20 at my that's in a hospital canteen!

    Another tip is to pay attention when supermarket shopping rather than just putting items in the trolley/basket without thinking. Checking for the best deals etc is obviously a good move but also look at quantities. I find things like boxes of tissues vary a fair bit (even though the boxes are the same size lol). Also check the use by dates and ensure you can use them in time. I've been caught out before when doing the shopping for the week and finding something's gone off before we can use it. It's worth spending a minute checking.

    I usually wash my clothes at 30 degrees and double spin them (i.e. start the spin bit again at the end of the cycle). It seems to make a big difference in terms of drying time and means there's less need to use the tumble dryer.
  • natstally
    natstally Posts: 35 Forumite
    I also take water to work with me from home, usually end up buying a new one every week or two.

    It always amazes me when i'm in Boots and hear someone say "No" when asked "Do you have an Advantage Card?". Seriously, most people buy a bunch of essentials type stuff in Boots, there's surely NO reason not to have an Ad Card?!!

    I can also recommend TopCashback, great site for many online shops, they also list a lot of voucher codes on each site's page for even more discount.
  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 17,413 Forumite
    First Post I've been Money Tipped!
    I like to cook stuff from scratch,probably easier for me as I am retired and live alone,but nothing is nicer than home made soup and its so cheap to make and you know exactly what's gone into it.Great way for using up veg that is past its best and looking a bit wilted.I love to streetch a meal out if I can to several portions, and have one to eat fresh and at least one or two for the freezer.I stocked up on single portion brown earthenware or pyrex dishes from boot sales where you can find them for 10 or 20p each.Nothing but nothing edible gets binned in my house food is far too expensive to buy to throw away.If you can't find the recipe you want then adapt one that has most of the ingredients that you have I never buy expensive Vanilla extract at £5 + a bottle when I can use the little bottles of essance at a fraction of the price.The best thing of all is right in front of you the internet ,its the best money saver you can think of especially receipewise, and this site in particular is invaluble .I guarantee if you get stuck on something if you post a query on here someone will know the answer for you
  • girllikeme1
    girllikeme1 Posts: 207 Forumite
    edited 11 May 2011 at 10:00PM
    1. Using cashback sites (Greasypalm) for car insurance (after checking it's the best insurance deal available by shopping around online!)
    2. Restaurant vouchers
    3. Megatrain for £1 fares to & from London
    4. Advance fares on my own rail network provider (Southern Railway)
    5. Just discovered Network Railcard @ £25 per year giving a third off to me and 3 fellow passengers - wow!
    6. Using credit cards in the RIGHT way for cheap overseas spending and cashback
    7. My latest love is Travelzoo. Recently stayed in a 4* hotel in the Cotswolds for 2 nights which cost £98 per person (for the whole weekend - not per night) including champagne in room, dinner both nights, breakfast both mornings and 20% discount in the spa.
  • ASLK
    ASLK Posts: 240 Forumite
    Buy expensive clothes in the sales. I have loads of designer clothes-mostly 80-90% off-and I've never earnt more than £8,000pa or ever been in debt apart from university loan debt. They last longer, wash better, look nicer and you'll pay the same as buying full price high street clothes.

    If you need to buy a drink at a shop, look at the bigger versions of the drinks. Eg. M&S sells still and sparkling water much cheaper for 1l bottles than their 500ml versions.

    Reuse wrapping paper and gfts bags. If bags are damaged, turn them into gift tags. If paper is damaged or you need to trim it down, use it to do decoupage. You'll probably have cardboard boxes you can use to cut into stars, angels, eggs, etc. and decoupage to make hanging decorations. Or cut out letters to spell out your child's name and hang them in their room. It's fun, free and quite environmentally friendly.

    Put a brick in you toilet's cistern to reduce the water volume used to flush your toilet.

    Buy things second hand. In particular, furniture and baby things. Pushchairs are sold on the likes of eBay for much less than the original price and are often in very good condition. Baby clothes are worn so little that you can get good quality clothes really cheap online or in charity shops. I buy furniture in my local auction house. I furnished my one bedroom flat completely for less than £250. I love my old and antique furniture as well it being good for my bank balance.
  • SCFC1961
    SCFC1961 Posts: 157 Forumite
    hamsmith wrote: »
    Loads of ideas. here is a few.

    Use fairy liquid on offer but fill an empty bottle 1 third fairy and 2 thirds waqter. my nan taught me this years ago and it works well and lasts longer.

    I break dishwasher tablets in half unless it is after a roast. if the pan is burned on and unlikely to come up good in the dishwasher just soak and wash it by hand.

    Take a lunch to work- this is sometimes difficult. my boyfriend has a fridge at work and buys all his bread, fillings and yoghuts on a monday and makes his lunch at work. i keep crackers, jam and tinned soup in the cupboard. i generally don't like them as much but cheap snacks if i have not had time to grab anything else it is cheaper than nipping to the shop.

    Take a drink out with you in summer. the cost of bottle of water is 80p easily. i buy evian on occasion and fill it with squash everyday to avoid having to buy drinks. i pop the caps in the dishwasher. i do the same with the kids. i buy an 8 pk every now and again and re use the bottles as long as possible.

    write exact weight etc of items for the shopping list. what is the point of multi-buy cream if you aren't goin to use it all.

    Cook double amounts of spag bol sauce and chilli and freeze. If i haven't planned a meal or lost for inspiration i can defrost it in the microwave in 10 mins and simmer is whilst i cook the rice and pasta. you can throw frozen garlic bread or pittas in to make it a fuller meal too. avoids take-away buying. also large packs of minced beef are usually on offer too.

    rent dvds from the library. i can take the kids on a thursday and rent dvds for £1&£2 for a week. at those prices i can afford to allow them 1 each( i have three). still not a weekly treat.

    don't spoil the kids! don't let them eat all the lunch box food!This seems a common complaint on shopping costs among friends and collegues. The top shelf of the fridge is a no-no. my 5'5" 12 year old respects this. the top shelf is where the frubes, biscuit bars and occasional pepperami's and cheese strings are kept for lunch boxes. they are pricey and are NOT after school snacks. i keep cream crackers in the house which they can add cheeses, jam and chocolate spread to if they are peckish. Crisps are unhealthy and are generously limited to 5 packs a week. if they want a pack at the weekend then they will have to miss one in a packed lunch. junk food should be a treat for health and financial reasons.

    god, i sound bossy don't i? lol.

    days out: my girls are 12 and 11. i don't see the point of paying £35 for my 9 year old to go to thorpe parks and not be able to do much. i took the girls on their inset day(with vouchers etc) and took my son to a smaller, local theme park too young for the girls on his inset day. saved me money, pleased all the children and was a great chance to spend time with the girls alone and same with my son.

    walking along the river on a hot day? i buy multi-pack ice-creams at a local tesco express on the way and avoid the queue and cost at the ice-cream van.

    pets? foil trays and pouches are a rip off, most of it gets stuck and it is lazy. my cats(2) were having a pouch each twice a day. that is the equivilent of 1 tin in weight. i now buy a £2.79 6 pack every six days as opposed to 2 boxes at 2 for £6 every six days. they like it just as much and can hear me tap the side of the tin meaning they come immedietly before it turns in the heat. :)

    hope these were useful

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