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Great 'Isn't it obvious?' MoneySaving Hunt revisited

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Great 'Isn't it obvious?' MoneySaving Hunt revisited

edited 10 May 2011 at 8:19PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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Former_MSE_PenelopeFormer_MSE_Penelope Former Editorial Assistant
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edited 10 May 2011 at 8:19PM in Old Style MoneySaving
Great 'Isn't it obvious?' MoneySaving Hunt revisited

Three years ago we asked you in the Great 'Isn't it obvious MoneySaving' Hunt about your MoneySaving ways which you thought were obvious, but weren't necessarily to others. We reckon it's time to revisit this hunt and get loads of new gems.

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  • edited 12 May 2011 at 4:25PM
    namakemononamakemono Forumite
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    edited 12 May 2011 at 4:25PM
    It's got to be cashback sites for me- nobody I know has heard of them really, and a couple have even insisted they must be a scam even though I've shown them that I've been paid from them!
  • edited 12 May 2011 at 8:41AM
    MaggieBakingMaggieBaking Forumite
    964 posts
    edited 12 May 2011 at 8:41AM
    Tesco Rewards - I still know lots of people who don't know about converting them into 3 times their value!!

    We love the cinema tickets and restaurant vouchers!! :)

    A friend got married a couple of years ago. I realised her hotel was included in Tescos Rewards so for £30 in vouchers I was able to have a 2 night stay there for FREE! I just couldn't believe it at the time.
  • oldtractoroldtractor Forumite
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    Growing your own fruit and veg,making homemade hearty soups,keeping chickens.
  • espresso21espresso21 Forumite
    196 posts
    I stumbled across a cashback site last night and thought it must be a scam; however, I've still signed up as it sounds like a good idea. It's good to hear someone say they have used them and really got money back!
  • LadyhawkLadyhawk Forumite
    2.1K posts
    I was telling some colleagues today about topcashback... they also thought it about scam. I think they may have come round to my way of thinking!
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  • boots_babeboots_babe Forumite
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    Shopping around!

    So basic, yet so many people fail to do so. Whether it's clothes shopping, food shopping, or bigger things like utility bills, cars, loans, mortgages, etc.

    My mind boggles when I think of how much money people waste simply due to buying from one place all the time.

  • Simply using leftovers in inventive ways

    the left over mash potatoes dont have to be mash for the 2nd night they could be fish cakes/shepards pie/bubble & squeak it doesnt have to be boring!
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  • espresso21espresso21 Forumite
    196 posts
    Using credit cards with money-back rewards. I always pay my credit card back at the end of the month to avoid debt, but I get quite a bit of money back. If you're going to spend the money anyway you might as well be rewarded for it, and if you also use a cash back website, then that's a bonus!
  • Patr100Patr100 Forumite
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    Get a bike!
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  • rachbcrachbc Forumite
    4.5K posts
    Not buying stuff you don't need! And having a strict definition of need!
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