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Great 'Isn't it obvious?' MoneySaving Hunt revisited



  • Beate
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    Watch new films at the cinema in free previews before anyone else, for free and without ads beforehand. My colleagues always think I am kidding them...
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  • quintwins
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    leave your purse at home if your just doing the school run or walking the dog, if you have no money with you, you can't spend it
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  • kippygolf
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    When the weather is fine DON'T use the TUMBLE DRIER!!! Or, if you don't need items to wear/use at once, put them on the airer overnight. If they're not completely dry in the morning, put in the tumble drier, and they'll dry much quicker than starting from scratch.

    As mentioned earlier, TopCashBack - By just registering & clicking through to Ebay, JS, Debenhams, M&S, Next, and others, you get money back for purchases you would have made anyway. Good friends are curiously resistant to this idea! As I've been doing a lot of decorating in the past 2 years, I've got back over £200 on items I was buying anyway!!!
  • PollyFlinders_3
    PollyFlinders_3 Posts: 115 Forumite
    edited 12 May 2011 at 4:30PM
    Take your own tea/coffee in a flask when you go out for the day - saves a fortune in cafe bills.

    Always use a body puff when showering to make the shower gel last 10 times longer

    Limit your shopping trips by grouping tasks together (shop, bank, library etc) and only going once or twice a week rather than every day. Saves on petrol, parking fees and temptation opportunities!

    You can only wear one outfit/pair of shoes at a time. If you have so many that they are out of fashion before they are worn out you have wasted your money, whatever way you look at it.

    That fluff that you clean out of the tumble dryer each time you use it used to be your clothing. Drying clothes outdoors saves electricity and makes your clothes last longer.
  • newgirly
    newgirly Posts: 8,934 Forumite
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    I think the biggest tip is to join MSE!

    Other than that planning ahead, for meals , holidays, emergencies. Put time and effort into reserching everything you buy to get the best price, use cashback sites, cashback credit cards, haggle a bit if you can for larger items.
    I think food is my biggest savings yet, always having something in the freezer for days when you don't fancy whats planned or you just feel lazy, and baking for the kids instead of the pre-packed cakes and biscuits full of chemicals.
    It takes time and effort to start with , but soon becomes a way of life.
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  • culpepper
    culpepper Posts: 4,076 Forumite
    Look at review sites when thinking of buying new contraptions. The amount of times we have discovered shortcomings in things we 'nearly' bought, because we remembered to read up on them first, is crazy.

    If you have a recorder(video/dvd/pvr) use it to stock pile some interesting viewing for days when you would normally hire DVDS or go to the cinema.

    Dont go to the cinema anyway! Films are usually on DVD very quickly after they have been on the big screen. If you are patient,they will come to the TV which you already pay for anyway.

    Wait for new books. They nearly always come out in hardback first, most expensive,then about 6 months later, paper back. The library is the cheapest option of all.
  • hamsmith
    hamsmith Posts: 72 Forumite
    edited 11 May 2011 at 11:40AM
    Loads of ideas. here is a few.

    Use fairy liquid on offer but fill an empty bottle 1 third fairy and 2 thirds waqter. my nan taught me this years ago and it works well and lasts longer.

    I break dishwasher tablets in half unless it is after a roast. if the pan is burned on and unlikely to come up good in the dishwasher just soak and wash it by hand.

    Take a lunch to work- this is sometimes difficult. my boyfriend has a fridge at work and buys all his bread, fillings and yoghuts on a monday and makes his lunch at work. i keep crackers, jam and tinned soup in the cupboard. i generally don't like them as much but cheap snacks if i have not had time to grab anything else it is cheaper than nipping to the shop.

    Take a drink out with you in summer. the cost of bottle of water is 80p easily. i buy evian on occasion and fill it with squash everyday to avoid having to buy drinks. i pop the caps in the dishwasher. i do the same with the kids. i buy an 8 pk every now and again and re use the bottles as long as possible.

    write exact weight etc of items for the shopping list. what is the point of multi-buy cream if you aren't goin to use it all.

    Cook double amounts of spag bol sauce and chilli and freeze. If i haven't planned a meal or lost for inspiration i can defrost it in the microwave in 10 mins and simmer is whilst i cook the rice and pasta. you can throw frozen garlic bread or pittas in to make it a fuller meal too. avoids take-away buying. also large packs of minced beef are usually on offer too.

    rent dvds from the library. i can take the kids on a thursday and rent dvds for £1&£2 for a week. at those prices i can afford to allow them 1 each( i have three). still not a weekly treat.

    don't spoil the kids! don't let them eat all the lunch box food!This seems a common complaint on shopping costs among friends and collegues. The top shelf of the fridge is a no-no. my 5'5" 12 year old respects this. the top shelf is where the frubes, biscuit bars and occasional pepperami's and cheese strings are kept for lunch boxes. they are pricey and are NOT after school snacks. i keep cream crackers in the house which they can add cheeses, jam and chocolate spread to if they are peckish. Crisps are unhealthy and are generously limited to 5 packs a week. if they want a pack at the weekend then they will have to miss one in a packed lunch. junk food should be a treat for health and financial reasons.

    god, i sound bossy don't i? lol.

    days out: my girls are 12 and 11. i don't see the point of paying £35 for my 9 year old to go to thorpe parks and not be able to do much. i took the girls on their inset day(with vouchers etc) and took my son to a smaller, local theme park too young for the girls on his inset day. saved me money, pleased all the children and was a great chance to spend time with the girls alone and same with my son.

    walking along the river on a hot day? i buy multi-pack ice-creams at a local tesco express on the way and avoid the queue and cost at the ice-cream van.

    pets? foil trays and pouches are a rip off, most of it gets stuck and it is lazy. my cats(2) were having a pouch each twice a day. that is the equivilent of 1 tin in weight. i now buy a £2.79 6 pack every six days as opposed to 2 boxes at 2 for £6 every six days. they like it just as much and can hear me tap the side of the tin meaning they come immedietly before it turns in the heat. :)

    hope these were useful
  • O.W.E.I
    O.W.E.I Posts: 413 Forumite
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    Take a bottle of home filtered or tap water when you go out.
    I even take one when doing the weekly shop, as the shopping centre and supermarket (we don't have a proper market nearby) I usually use always seem to be overly hot - it's saved me from buying expensive brand bottled water many times.

    Bake your own bread - it's easy and far more tasty than alot of shop bought. Same goes for biscuits and cakes!
  • O.W.E.I
    O.W.E.I Posts: 413 Forumite
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    And just to echo culpepper - I'm a big fan of the local library...if it's not in stock, they can usually reserve it or order it!:T
  • foxgloves
    foxgloves Posts: 11,094 Forumite
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    For us, I think it's the following:
    *Stop wasting energy. (Monthly payments now £66 for gas & electricity combined instead of over £150).
    *Plan menus. (Also helping with weightloss....27lbs lost since New Year)
    *Shop around, particularly markets for fruit & veg, & use loyalty schemes to the full (i.e Co-op Dividend which can be banked as cash & pays a Christmas bonus too)
    *Batch cook & freeze
    *Don't waste food. Know what fresh stuff is in your fridge & even if it's a case of making some soup for the freezer, do that, don't throw food away. If I don't need chicken stock, I'll freeze the carcasses until I do & make one big panful. Be organised & you will spend less.
    *Use breadmaker for loaves & rolls. (Shop around for bread flour....Lidl's gives excellent results)
    *Wash clothes at 30 unless v dirty & line dry as much as possible.
    *Visit charity shops regularly. (Recently found 100% linen shirt for husband, looked like never been worn...£4.75 instead of £35+ new in shops)
    *Spend time looking carefully around your pound shop to work out which things are bargains & which only look as though they are. Our chain is the 99p shop. Have had some great finds in there...i.e some Christmas candles I later saw in garden centres for £6.99 each, excellent toothbrushes at 5 for 99p, 4 packs of seed for 99p, etc, BUT there's lots of stuff in there that isn't worth 99p (guess that's how they make their money?) For instance, a bag of cotton wool balls....I can get elsewhere for 49p, some of the branded toiletries are also cheaper in independent cheapo shops i.e Boyes. It pays to look around.
    *Make do & mend. I love shabby chic & vintage, which helps. Just revamped all my odd bathroom towels & bath mats by machine-dying them fuchsia pink, looks like new set!
    *Be organised about cards & presents for people. Lots of people like to receive hand-made presents into which a bit of thought & effort has gone. Buy things when you see them & make things to put away all year, then you won't have this mad splurge everyone seems to have in December which is as much about lack of organisation as anything else.
    *Think creatively about what you can recycle. As keen vegetable gardeners, we save marge pots to make plant labels, yoghurt pots, plastic meat trays, etc, & compost everything possible as home-made compost is free. We use half & half with potting compost to make it go further. Tie up plants with strips cut from old tights. Amazing what can be recycled in a veg plot.
    *Last of all, sit down & think about what things really make you happy.....( We are both reformed 'spenders')....and you will probably be surprised that lots of things on the list are free or cost very little. Once you really understand this, it's much easier to keep it in your purse!!
    "For each of our actions there are only consequences" (James Lovelock)"For in the true nature of things......every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold & silver" (Martin Luther King Jnr)
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