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Great 'Isn't it obvious?' MoneySaving Hunt revisited



  • shazzprozz
    shazzprozz Posts: 39 Forumite
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    take packed lunch to work..simple but effective...just look at the price of those limp lettuce pre packed sandwiches!
  • shazzprozz
    shazzprozz Posts: 39 Forumite
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    rachbc wrote: »
    Not buying stuff you don't need! And having a strict definition of need!
    dont buy stuff in poundland just because its cheap...think do you need it or are you buying because its cheap...false economy.
  • Patchwork_Quilt
    Patchwork_Quilt Posts: 1,839 Forumite
    Look in the wardrobe before buying new clothes.
  • Buy all your fruit and vegetables in the local market rather than supermarkets. I did a price comparison recently here in Wood Green, and everything was at least 30% cheaper in the market. Some produce like broccoli, carrots and Pink Lady apples were 50% cheaper. They probably have a shorter shelf life, but it just means you buy every few days rather than once a week.
    COOLTRIKERCHICK Posts: 10,510 Forumite
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    I cant get over how some people still dont know, or look at the prices they pay for things in the supermarket, they havent got a clue how much they pay for milk etc
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  • Legion90
    Legion90 Posts: 28 Forumite
    Dont understand how some people just settle for a low saving interest rate such as 0.5% variable because "all rates are crap just now anyways" Shop around and get best value!

    Also compare, compare and compare some more until you know you getting the most bang for your buck. This should range from everything such as energy bills, TV to your regular shopping :)
  • Sheepster
    Sheepster Posts: 120 Forumite
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    1. Put on a pullover if it's just the tiniest bit colder than usual.....instead of banging up the heating and walking around in your underwear or similar.

    2. When the washing up liquid bottle seems empty, squeeze it to get some air out, put it underwater, then let it fill. Give it a shake and you might have to put in a little bit more of the soapy water you will have a bottle load of, but you will get at least four more washes out of this.

    3. COMPARE GAS/ELECTRIC SUPPLIERS REGULARLY. So obvious but it almost scares me the number of people who will be paying 00's more than they need to just through inertia of thinking "oh they'll all be the same"

    4. A bit of a tricky one, but worth I think considering - there is money saving, and there is money saving which in the long run is money wasting. What I mean is the old saying "buy cheap - pay twice". It may be worth paying just that little bit extra (not necessarily that much) to get a better more reliable brand of washing machine. In the longer term - you will save a lot more.
    Of course - shop around for this better brand
  • Essex-girl_2
    Essex-girl_2 Posts: 3,503 Forumite
    edited 12 May 2011 at 4:28PM
    Menu Planning

    This makes so much difference to my shopping bill it's untrue. Pre MSE I bought the same things at the supermarket week in week in week out and then wasted so much. Also menu planning stops that mad rush thinking about what to have for dinner at 5pm then ending up getting a takeaway.
  • Have a look at the "buy 2 for" deals carefully, sometimes you will get a real bargain - others aren't worth it at all!! Don't assume just because it has a big yellow sign in front of it it's going to be cheaper!
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  • tootoo
    tootoo Posts: 681 Forumite
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    turning plugs off at the socket and anything not being used. Also showing hubby the latest electricity bill so he does it too!
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