Real Life MMD: Should I pay the fine?



  • awehla
    awehla Posts: 109 Forumite
    It's up to you to pay the fine since it's your car and next time set your alarm. Your friend probably should have offered to go halves though since you both overslept. As other people have pointed out you would have got fined whether on a single yellow or in the carpark if you didn't get up on time to re-feed the machine.
  • mungaman
    mungaman Posts: 32 Forumite
    Pay the fine, ditch the cheapskate, get an alarm clock!!!
  • Looks like you've just found out he's not a friend after all. Pay up, tell him you're not happy and move on to a new friend. Funny how money helps us find out who our real friends are.
  • bogwart
    bogwart Posts: 117 Forumite
    You'll have to pay it, but I suggest you use this opportunity to reassess your friendship.
  • Any
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    I don't think there is a question about whether you "should" pay the fine... you must pay the fine, it is your car and by not paying you will just make matters worse.

    Where you get money for it is different question. If your "friend" refuses to pay, there is nothing you can do about it.

    However I would very quickly ensure this is my ex-friend, as the whole story is ridiculous and I cannot believe that someone is cheeky enough to make you drive around the place to avoid paying parking and then refuses to take any responsibility for paying a fine.

    Get rid off him. Quickly!
  • z4harry
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    Have you considered an assertative course. After all you allowed your friend to bully you into parking somewhere YOU would have preferred not to.
  • Unlike some of Martin's dilemmas, this one is a no brainer - You have to pay the fine - its the law. So ask your friend for half the fine - if he pays, you are still friends - if not, get rid of the friend. They probably didn't pay for the petrol to get to London and back either, with friends like these, you don't need enemies as they say - So, if they refuse to pay, this isn't a friend and its bye bye, so the dilemma doesn't actually need to be addressed.
  • Gotrek
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    Have to agree with what's been said several times on here: Pay the fine, dump the "friend" and consider it a lesson learned.
    The trouble with common sense is... it isn't really that common!
  • ebonylight
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    Whatever the outcome re the fine - do one thing - stop being friends with such a selfish stingy person.

    that is all :)
    End of 2010 I was £8,007.66 in debt :(
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  • ilesmark
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    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] Not sure what I can add to what has already been written on here, except to say it really does depend on the situation and how much input the person you were with had into it. If I got flashed by a speed camera and someone happened to be in the car, for eg, I wouldn't expect them to pay for that. If on the other hand I'd got flashed because I was giving them a lift to the airport and it was their fault we'd left late my expectation would be very different.

    In this case the soon-to-be-ex-friend DID have quite a bit of input (telling you where to park and oversleeping just like you did) and so I would agree with the answers that said 'legally it's your responsibility; morally the friend should share the cost or stop being your friend'.
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