Real Life MMD: Should I pay the fine?



  • Losinmoney
    Losinmoney Posts: 79 Forumite
    A costly lesson in not trusting that someone else will do the right thing where money is concerned! Paying half the fine each might be the right thing to do, but it's your car and your fine. You should have set your alarm and got up!
  • Losinmoney
    Losinmoney Posts: 79 Forumite
    PS why is the fine £70 and won't it only be £35 if you get a move on and pay it within 14 days??
    Your "friend" might offer £17.50 where he balked at offering £35!
  • nhampson
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    edited 27 April 2011 at 1:34PM
    Personally I would have offered if I was the friend but......

    As its your car, you should pay the fine. If you needed to pay to park you should have.

    As you overslept I hope you didnt hurry back and get caught speeding, you may have wanted the friend to pay half the fine, half the increase in insurance, the list goes on.

    There is responsibility that comes with driving that is part of being the driver. I wouldnt have put myself in this position to begin with.
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  • What a despicable, cheap skate "friend". Do not ever take advice from others. Do what you think is right. I bet the pay and display was considerably cheaper than the fine! Did you ask for fuel money to take this mean person to London? Do they ever do things for you or are they just takers (like every so called friend I have ever had?) They should definitely pay half the fine and I would have pointed this out immediately on waking or said "you can find your own way home". Dump this scrounger immediately as you deserve to be around better people who share the good and bad. Appalling behaviour. Some people do not deserve friends.
  • Beate
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    Unfortunately there will always be people who trample all over you if you don't become more assertive, as you will have "victim" written on your forehead. It's YOUR car, YOU decide where you park. Don't get bullied into things you don't want to do. Make sure you park where it's safe and make sure you don't oversleep. Also, from the outset, make sure your friend knows all car costs like petrol and parking will be shared. If he is not willing to do so, he can stay home. If he is not willing to share a fine that he caused in equal parts, he will have to take the bus home. That's how people learn not to treat you like a doormat.
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  • laofu
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    It would be nice if your friend offered to split. However, I would NOT expect him to do so unless it was his fault why you overslept. He would still be my friend if he did not pay half.

    After all, it is your decision to park where he suggested. You would have got a similar ticket anyway even if you parked on the Pay and Display spot you spot. It is not his fault you got a ticket and it is not his fault you overslept. Just like he does not have to remind you not to speed or to drive on the bus lane, why does he have to warn you not to oversleep? Would you expect him to split the fine if you speed or drive on the bus lane? You should pay the full fine legally and morally.
  • MadMom
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    I can't get over all these people on the forum telling you what a "rubbish friend you have" / "cheapskate" / "dump the dude" etc.
    It's so typical of everyone to always find another person to blame (whatever the situation may be).
    You're an adult. Step up to the mark and just accept responsibility for doing something dumb, (you're human, you're allowed to be less than perfect), and stop looking for someone else to blame.
    Pay the fine and learn your lesson.
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  • minicooper272
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    I hate paying for parking because money is seriously tight, and if it's the same for your friend, it's maybe up to you to be a good friend and let it go. If he's just tight fisted and does this all the time then tell him to pay up. I mean, if it had been his car and he'd got the ticket, he'd probably expect you to pay up.

    Don't let someone's tight money situation ruin your friendship! But if he is tight fisted I agree with the 'ditch him' comments. Constantly having to put up with someone quibbling over money they can easily afford anyway gets tiring. It usually fizzles out after a while anyway.
  • David12
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    The consensus is that your friend should share the cost of the fine and generally I'd agree, but there might be a serious difference in your financial circumstances. For example, if you have a well-paid job and your friend is a young, cash-strapped student - which might be why you were giving him a lift in the first place - then it might be more sensible to discuss the situation without putting on any pressure for him to share the cost.
    Forget the friend for a moment: you parked beyond the time and you got fined. End of.
    Many here say ditch the friend, but friends aren't all that easy to come by.
  • Kyle_2
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    £70 is cheap to find out who your friends are!
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