Real Life MMD: Should I pay the fine?



  • Dump your friend but not before you've sent him the URL for this page. Maybe he'll see what an !!!! he looks to thousands of people who read these pages.

    Don't scratch his car/slash his tyres/smash his headlights/put sugar in his petrol tank/tie a kipper to his exhaust/put a nail under a tyre/jump on his bonnet - its not worth it.

    No don't, don't.
  • Primrose
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    Your car. Your rules. You should have asserted yourself and decided to opt for the Pay & Display option as it's the car owner's responsibility for attending to parking issues. As for your friend - he/she was happy enough to have your services as a chauffeur to get to London, so if that had been me, I would have at least offered to pay 50% of the fine, even though it was probably both your faults that you didn't get up in time to move the car soon enough to avoid a fine. Next time they suggest a joint excursion somewhere I think your response should be " After London? No, I don't think so!"
  • VoucherMan
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    his car

    He has a car??

    Now what I'd like to know is why they'd want to drive to London, not knowing where they were going, not parking until 11.00pm and then leaving again first thing the next morning.
  • tallgirld
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    Pay the fine it's your car so your responsibility.

    Just avoid going anywhere with that friend again!!
  • Puffer
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    What I don’t understand is why the question of using ‘pay and display’ parking for a late evening or overnight stay ever arose. Unless there was a concern about security, the sensible thing to do is to park on the street free of charge, if restrictions allow this. You did so, as your friend sensibly suggested, but for reasons unknown you overslept and failed to move your car before a penalty charge arose. Your mistake; your liability – unless the delay was your friend’s fault. Even if you had a clear understanding that all expenses were to be shared, I wouldn’t expect your friend to contribute to the fine unless he also contributed to the delay.
  • Did the friend contribute to fuel costs? If not, they should definitely split the fine with you - they can't have their cake and eat it. Even if they did contribute to fuel costs, they should still contribute half unless it's purely down to you for being late back to the car.
    Very easy for people to say dump your friend but it probably isn't worth falling out over if it's a one-off incident. If they didn't contribute to fuel costs you could ask them for half now that there's this added expense to the trip.

    Good luck.
  • _nate
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    Can somebody explain why it is the friend's fault that the driver did not get up in the morning? Why is the friend a cheapskate for not paying a fine that has really nothing to do with him?
  • marich
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    You seem to have poor taste in friends , but then...

    a) your car , your responsibility ,
    b) you will be legally liable ultimately ,
    c) it doesn't take two to get up in the morning ,
    d) you could have bitten the bullet and 'paid and displayed' without your friend's help ,
    e) remember this episode - the next time you do a 'friend' a favour make a point of setting some ground-rules prior to the expedition ,
    f) find your backbone , do you always have to do what somebody else wants ?

    Put it down to experience , let go of it (probably a good idea to let go of this 'friend' too) .

    Sleep easy .
  • They stuck double yellow lines outside my place of residence. I've recieved 4 parking tickets and binned them all with no comeback. Once you sign the ticket and send it back you've committed yourself to pay.
  • ERR its your car? you drove? is your " friend " such a powerhouse you cant make decisions for yourself?
    You ought to grow a spine and pay the fine and dont drive your friend anywhere ever again
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