Real Life MMD: Should I pay the fine?



  • Really I do wonder about some people's choice of friends!!
    Yes, it is your responsibility (I'd have hardly slept through worrying I'd risk the fine), but any decent friend would offer to split the fine.
    Next time ensure the financial arrangements are quite clear beforehand, DON'T listen to other people when it's YOUR car and potentially YOUR fine, and, yes, get an alarm clock! Why didn't you set your mobile phones/use a watch alarm/book a wake-up call on a landline or radio etc etc ?
  • Sublime_2
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    Pay the fine, and take a different friend next time. I personally would have paid half, even though legally the ticket was yours.
  • Cimscate
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    Obviously you have to pay the fine as it's your car and you who will get taken to court. When I got a parking ticket at Kew Gardens my sister who I was with immediately gave me half the fine as neither of us had seen the charges. I didn't EXPECT her to though as it is of course the driver's responsibility where the car is left.
  • McKneff wrote: »
    Pay it and dump your friend, it will be cheaper.

    Your answer is here...
  • JayD
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    Well of course your 'friend' should split the cost with you - but from what you have said, I doubt if you will be able to persuade him/her to cough up!

    Apart from their moral responsibility to pay half to you, you are legally responsible to pay the whole fine no matter what.

    They don't sound much of a friend, so I would push them hard for a contribution. Make a stand on it and ditch them if they still refuse after seeing how seriously you feel about it because they will have shown that they are not a friend.
  • I would say, a pat on the back for your friend, finding free parking! This is a money saving forum, right? He found some free parking for the both of you saving you money. You didn't get up on time, if I was him I wouldn't pay half either, unless I felt it was my fault we didn't get up before free parking ended.

    But as has already been said, the driver knew when the parking ended, and should have ensured themselves that they were up in time. If I was the driver, I would do this, and if this happened to me (It wouldn't) I wouldn't expect the friend to pay unless it was their fault we overslept.

    As an aside: If you do make them pay anything, make them pay half MINUS the money the driver saved from not parking in Pay and Display, to reward them for being such good money savers!
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    Not really a dilemma here. You have to pay the fine. But of course morally your friend should pay half.

    Just pay the fine and tell him he can make his own way home.
    Of course, I may just be talking b****cks!
  • Talent
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    Why are you still calling him your friend? Oh, but still pay up without any more whingeing, you should have sorted all costs before setting off.
  • Maybe I am missing something but would any amount you put into the pay and display meter have lasted all night, from 11pm until the morning. I've never seen this with any of the meters I've used. It seems you would have had to wake up anyway even if you had parked at the pay and display meter you saw earlier, to put the money in it. Therefore it makes no difference wether you parked where you did or not as you would have been fined either way.

    Sorry but this means your friend is not too blame. Would be nice for him to offer to pay half although sadly I know many people who wouldn't.
  • I don't know if this is still the case, but you used to have to send off the name and address of the driver of the car if you ever got a ticket. If it is, you can always write his nmae and address on it!
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