Real Life MMD: Should I pay the fine?



  • As the driver and car owner it was YOUR responsibility to choose where to park. It is YOUR responsibility to pay the fine. I had difficulties with family members who always wanted to park as close as possible to the destination even though it was easier to park a few yards further away, and they were quite capable of walking. I now just ignore their comments and, as driver, take on the responsibility for choosing the location. If they don't like it they don't need to come with me.
  • With reference to your difference of opinion about the pay and display spot, it is implied that you were sharing the costs of the trip. You were both equally responsible for not getting to the car in time to avoid a parking fine, so you should share the cost - poetic justice for the friend as he or she was unwilling to contribute towards the first parking spot.
  • dannahaz
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    If I had been your friend - the one who persuaded you it would be OK to park there - then I would have felt terrible that you got a ticket and I would have paid the whole £70.

    The very least he could do is to pay half.

    He's obviously a selfish *rudeword*, he doesn't sound much of a friend.
  • M9bhs
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    Pay the fine. Ditch your friend.

    He's not a friend is he?
  • lordswood
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    And you call this person a friend!
  • You call the person you were sharing your car with a friend??? Like most of the other replies I would pay the fine and dump the mate, who needs mates like that?
  • sabz3008
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    Pay it, then...Know how to pick your friends next time...
    Might be worthwhile investing in an alarm clock too
  • kevanf1
    kevanf1 Posts: 299 Forumite
    That's one less person on the Christmas card list. Friend? Huh!!!!
    Kevan - a disabled old so and so who, despite being in pain 24/7 still manages to smile as much as possible :)
  • I dont think that you have any choice but to pay the fine as its your car, and if you dont pay it then the costs and aggro will increase.
    Your friend doesnt sound like much of a friend to me, so I would think twice about calling them a friend if it was me and get rid.
  • nilrem_2
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    If he is a friend I would hate to see one of your enemies! :eek:
    Pay the fine and show the receipt to your friend, if he is your friend he will share!
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